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  1. I think he deserves it... for all the reasons Chicoutimi Cucumber listed...
  2. Faceoff is a FANTASTIC movie... the others: I haven't seen them... Have you all seen Stromboloupoulous's interview with Koivu from a couple of years back? Pretty good.
  3. Yeah, I remember thinking, "but Jose's at the top of his game" when we picked Price. What the heck are we doing with another goalie... SO glad it happened now
  4. Such a positive thinker ecurb. I applaud you. I just don't have the same optimism....
  5. I really admire this guy from a political perspective, and it's totally awesome that he's a Habs fan too of course... KoZed, as for your joke, soooooooooooooooooo corny
  6. Teehee My French language prof says the same thing and he's Quebecois. His French is EXCELLENT, but at the same time, he warns his students not to speak like or immitate a lot of their francophone colleagues because there are so many inherent mistakes in their speech. Truth be told, it's the same in English. some of the ways you hear people say words.... shudder...
  7. Completely agree... If we want to trade one of our "high end D prospects" for a good young centre/prospect, but not Komi. We may not see another Komi for a long, long time... And the scary thing is, he could easily still get better.
  8. Thanks BTH... Busy summer... work, marriage, etc... Now that there's hockey to talk about again, I'm here again...
  9. Guy's tie was sold for $100 000 at the auction a couple of days ago... let's see if he wears an even nastier one this year...
  10. Exactly. If we can't get someone better, see what Chipper can do with some ice time first, and if he's not holding up enough, THEN go after plan B, but give him a chance to see what he can do first, unless we see an opportunity to get someone great we can't refuse.
  11. Does anyone know what's going on with Breezer?? His contract's over, right?
  12. all the camps seem to be starting later. I'm sooooooooooooo starved for hockey. I wish training camp was starting today.
  13. HabitForming, Patches might get a call up or two, but I think the jump from University to AHL is big enough. I hope he proves me wrong, but I think we probably shouldn't rush him too much.
  14. yup. Exactly. That's basically what Bob said early in the off-season (not that others wouldn't make the team but that it was Chipper's to lose)
  15. I'm excited about the guys coming back in better shape, and I can't WAIT for the season to really kick off, but is anyone else concerned about how long it sometimes takes guys to adjust to their new "playing weight"? I'm not sure if this is actually an issue or if I'm making things up, but last season, when Lats came back lighter, he was having a hard time figuring it out for the first part of the season. Did this have more to do with his being still young / at an early stage in his career? would the same thing happen to Kovy/Price? And yeah, 25 pounds!
  16. I agree that these are the lines I'd LIKE to see, but I also think that it'll be trial and error for a while until the different combos are tried out. The other thing, I really want to see Dandy go. He whines too much and there's no room for him. Chemistry is important and he's just gonna be complaining if he's not playing...
  17. Let's hope he's decided by August 1st. It's torture enough waiting. but at the same time, I'm happy with the moves we've already made (we're already much stronger with Tanguay and Laraques) that I'm not suffering as much as if Sundin was the ONLY guy we were trying to bring in. For the record, I voted yes, but I figure he'll either sign with us or retire. If not us, I think it's either TO or the Rags.
  18. I think we should take it further and dress Gainey, Muller, and Jarvis. and since Halak is playing D, Rollie Melanson ought to be the back up goalie... or is that streit??
  19. I'm lovin' the sarcasm (if, indeed, this is sarcasm)
  20. Hi all, I'm sorry for starting a new thread about this, it's just that the only place watching online gets discussed is in the game thread and these are SUPER long, so I didn't want to go wading through pages upon pages of posts to try to weed out the links for online watching. I've recently moved and my CBC connection stinks even with rabbit ears, and I'm trying to get out of paying for RDS. Can anyone suggest good FREE sites to watch online and provide the links to them? I know some of you who live across the world rely on these sites for your games... Thanks in advance!
  21. apparently Price, OB, and Lappy have got Lats giving them Mohawks?? I read it on Habsinsideout.com. Anyone have pics?
  22. Actually, I feel the same way... I'm happy that he's said it and I think it shows a lot of guts...
  23. So do you know which players have done it then? Breezer, Lats, Smoke, Kosto and Beige? Any others
  24. Did anyone catch the little feature on CJAD between 2nd and 3rd period last night? It seems Gorges is giving a bunch of the guys buzz cuts... Lappy's hair is off limits (Surprise surprise) but Begin and Smoke, who are already bald, have gotten Kosto on board and he's buzz cutted or bald by choice... Apparently Gorges' sister is a haircutter out west, and that's how he learned to do it...
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