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  1. Didn't we trade Theo while his ankle was hurt..???? I CHINK SO!!!!!
  2. Be careful who you call a rookie. I simply just changed my name on a new computer I bought. Mark my words, I'm never wrong..........
  3. You know this is the new NHL. Sure we went from fourth to eighth in a month, but we still have the same record as all those teams and coulb be in fourth again next week. Those teams slumped early and we slumped late. It all evened out. We just can't continue slumping anymore. Enough is enough. We have a good team. 1 player away from Cup contenders. I only say Cup contenders because all the top teams usually get knocked out early and then it's anyones game. This years playoffs should be good. Quit bitching everyone. Let's say we had Gagne and Forsberg.....Would you rather have their record or ours with samsonov and koivu........ Habs win tonight 3-1 streit, higgins,begin
  4. We will win tonight boys. This is how the habs have done it all year. Play like shit and lose to the shit teams and beat the big ones. Funny enough, I'll bet the habs actually blow them out tonight. Tomorrow's headlines will have Broduer saying. "They're a hungry desperate talented team and we weren't ready. They just kept coming at us."
  5. I'll be at the nashville game so the habs will win that one. No giving up on them. They can be a good team, they've proven that.......
  6. AHHHHHH what a refreshing thread!!!!! You know what? I'm wrong ....it's not refreshing. Check-out us Habs fans.....Just when I thought we had bitched about everything......Carbo, Gainey, Kovalev, Sammy, Refs, Rivet, Whether we should get a center, Or should we get Forsberg.......How the hell did I forget about the GOAL SONG!!! ALLLLLLRRRRIIIGGGHHTTT!!! BITCH ON! Ya that is a pretty hurtin tune......... How about Come on Feel the NOISE- QUIET RIOT...LOLOLOLOLOLOL I'm laughin so hard right now.....
  7. ALLLLLLLLLLL RIIIIIIIIGGGGHHHTTTTTT I'm back....this is more like it... Maby I should leave again.....
  8. Sammy will lead the comback..... I'm outta here!!!!!!! I can't waste another night on these terds.
  9. I'm betting on seeing an inspired performance from SAMMY. Kovalev is a Senator killer when he feels like it. Tonight he will feel like it. I still don't get the constant benching of Perez. Why not put him in with Koivu and Kovalev. They did so well, when Julien had them together for a short time, and I remember Kovalev talking so highly of him(perez) I'm not against Carbo. it just seems he's trying everything but the obvious. Can anyone explain this? Does everyone on the team hate Perez?
  10. Why is he so devoted to the Flyers? Who cares....... Well if not Forsberg...then who do we bring in that will really help this team. Who will come in and potentially score 80 to 100 points. That's the real problem. With who's available it ain;t going to happen. So let's fire Gainey and Carbo and bring in some new blood to rant against. Hands are tied across the board. I wouldn't know what to do If I were them. Everyone on this board is fuming with disappoinment, but I can tell you about two that are fuming more then any of us. My bets are on the Chicago deal, which may end up being big. Killer power-play. Double shot from the point. Put perez koivu kovalev back together and smolinski, higgins, and ryder on the second. Might be kind of fun.
  11. What a bummer.... Rivet woud normally play through the Flu. The guy is a warrior. Somethings up........... Maby a trade?
  12. I don't get it ....if no-one claimed him how is he up already. Doesn't he have to come though again and thern a team can pick him up and Habs have to pay half his salary'... What happend?
  13. Maby Sammy isn't listening and not putting much effort in practices. Maby he's depressed and Carbo's thinking " We don't need that around here right now, your getting the night off" Carbo will get respect. Yes he's a rookie, but he knows what everyone in Montreal wants and he knows how to get it...... I don't think Carbo's making rookie mistakes either, In the simplist coaching form Carbo is saying "I'm not F&*KING around"..."I want to win" ...."NOW"
  14. I see your point, and i don't mean it in a racist way at all. I grew up with a lot of native indian friends and I love them dearly. I hope no-one takes it the wrong way. I just know that when they(my friends) get pissed LOOK-OUT. I see similarities in Souray, mostly his eyes......and then the gloves come off. That's all.
  15. Colby "CHICKEN SH**T" ARMSTRONG I know it's stupid but I've always hated that guy. In games when the players get mic'ed, his voice on the bench just drove me nuts. Crosby too. They are both good hockey players but I'd slap them out just because they're voices annoy me. Good on Souray!!!!!!!! For those that say it was "Bertuzzi Like" must realize that Souray is an Indian. Indian's snap and scrap. I don't think it was vicious. True honest loyalty and emotion pumping through that guys viens. I love him for that. Higgins and Ryder? Jumping in? and do what? although that would have been fun to watch.
  16. Word out of Florida according to Spector is Olli isn't happy.That was said today. I wonder if Gainey is trying to land him. How great woul that be?
  17. It sucks when your hated just because your a DORK.
  18. Where did you here that? What happened?
  19. Man, I didn't know he had kids. Too bad they didn't play hockey. Anyways, here's some news I'm surprised hasn't made the forum yet........ The Flower's Son
  20. Long time listener, first time caller.....God I hate when people say that........... Sammy is going to get going now. Brand new season for him...................................Feeling HOT HOT HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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