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  1. really pumped for the home opener always a special night at le centre, if we can stay out of the box we can run with the canes OLE OLE OLE OLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE OLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE OLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
  2. dandenault is going to prove people wrong this year, he never got over his hamstring injury lastyear and it killed his play
  3. pre season is always very interesting, and this camp will be the most competitive in recent memory..... looking forward to monday night, hopefully a price and halak tandom
  4. right on the ball man eh? lol i imagine price gets the start in this one get him in there right off the bat, halak come in to play the 3rd or somthin then tuesdaynight huet and desjardins.. some where along those lines
  5. work? haha the habs are a fulltime job... shouldnt be passing up the chance to see camp medicals and conditioning tests tommorow at the bell centre, then the fun starts friday.... going to be interesting
  6. hopefully we will be a team that sticks up for one another.... when a situation arrives knowone is backing away ya know. as for crosby and his little buddies we aint worried
  7. we should be in no hurry to dump halak or huet.... we need to give this time and figure out who are goalies of the future are why does he have to go? this is the right decision by Guy, no reason for carey to be here sitting on the pine
  8. we dont need a 'goon' we need tough gritty guys who will drop em when the situation arrives. Komisarek,Boullion,Begin,Kostopolos, smolinski,lapierre.... we have some tough guys here
  9. tomas is a 2nd line center at best, saku has 4/5 years left in him yet
  10. gillet said they had alot of imput in keeping the orignal jersey, RBK wanted to change the jersey but gillet said no. la presse
  11. Saku's C is over his heart thats all that matters
  12. we have a 6 game xmas trip which is back breaking enough
  13. Just hope when the unveil that its our Jersey the best in sports and not some new age crap
  14. we cant part with markov yea Eklund has updated his trade rumors with horcoff now getting an (e2) marleau still at (e3)
  15. the 2 alternate captains should be Begin and Komisarek
  16. haha yea i would say it has lol
  17. tommorow brings uselessness, mediocrity as has been the case for 14 years nows with no end in sight
  18. he scored 25 in 03-04 playing with ribeiro, no doubt playing with saku the past 2 seasons helped him get 30 but he is a natural goal scorer and will score anywhere
  19. oh believe me ryder loves playing for the canadiens and would be dissapointed if he got traded. i live a few hours from ryders hometown and he thinks alot of playing for the habs.
  20. i believe higgins would be on the other side of that conversation,
  21. so god damn useless, big part of why we missed the dance lastyear.
  22. we were runner up to Briere and Smyth yesterday, talking is as far as it ever goes for us
  23. Lang over Teemu? good lord man decisions like that are why we suck
  24. Fans of this franchise usually know what tommorow brings. Loosing,Frustration,Disappointment,Never getting anyone,Knowone wanting to come here............................ Its not just you who sees it that way, there isnt any winning days ahead for us
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