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  1. A couple of first round picks if we play push and shove in the standings til seasons end wouldn't make fans cringe too much I don't think? Yzerman is likely thinking something now as opposed to future value though and we don't have the assets his crosshairs are on.
  2. Plex is not going anywhere..I have a feeling you forgot him.
  3. Anyone who has played in the NHL can play hockey. I remember coming through Jr hockey development camps and 4th line NHL "dusters" made an appearance looking super talented. Truth is, our bottom 6 have done shit all in terms of production and it would feel nice to see someone who has all the confidence in the world right now to get the call. If we gave George frigging Parros a shot at being in our regular season lineup, why the hell can't we bring Scott up for a couple of games? Lastly, at least he won't pull a George Laraque on the organization if he got the call and we could see some interesting tillys.
  4. The asking price must be too high for Drouin. Trading him within the division is highly unlikely as well for Yzerman; he could be that diamond in the ruff style player that MB is seeking and that mystery top 6 piece that the Habs desperately need. Andrighetto+picks could be more than enough? Very well might be worth the risk if we're going to play tug of war in the standings this season. The difference between a gamble on Semin and a gamble on Drouin is the fact that you can't change skillset (Semin's depreciated) but you can change a players mentality. Drouin has the pedigree and production of a top 6 considering the circumstances he's had in his brief stint with the Lightning thus far.
  5. I know nothing about Lessio but if I were MB i'd give him a short leash and send him down for John Scott if he doesn't produce. I'm sure ghetto will do ok but I think this could be his showcase for a trade near the deadline for draft picks.
  6. Not like Scrivens has fared much better though? 0-4 since being acquired with a juicy 3.85 GAA and a .873 save % It doesn't matter which temporary tender fix you try, it's the team up front that's losing faith game by game the longer Carey is absent. To make matters worse, it's not like the offensive potency is there during the slide. I attempted to retrieve stats when they give up the first goal through the months of December and January but as far as I know, it would be pretty ugly. As fans, we need to mentally throw in the towel on this season and be hopeful for 2016-2017. We are steps behind from being a cup contender in 2016. If we were to face Washington or NYR in a 7 game series today with Price, we would likely get the broom treatment anyway. MB is patiently waiting for the off-season as he rightfully should. The only thing I have hopes for is some dead weight dumping to free up cap space @ trade deadline.
  7. Where to begin? -Fans can't really see through his monotonous pre and post game interviews, he doesn't speak with enough emphasis on specifics. -He decides when he wants to be a difference maker and when he wants to be a ghost. -His inability to go to the dirty areas seems questionable especially when games are on the line. -What is the teams record when trailing after 2? You barely see a collaborative effort and MT can only say so much. True Captians make their team rise to occasions, regardless of circumstances. Throughout this season, I haven't seen Pax put the team on his back being that piece and filling those skates. He seems more low-key and conservative with his attitude; which is fine, but not the type of guy you want wearing the C long term. http://www.sbnation.com/nhl/2016/1/7/10734304/p-k-subban-epic-pregame-lineup-announcement-canadiens I'll let the video do the talking for Subban.
  8. This pretty much summed up what I was going to reply. It really is a venting thread. You are being very results oriented. Mike Condon was playing lights out and filling a major void at the time they picked up Scrivens. Instead of being a knee jerk reaction GM like so many others have been, Bergevin is holding onto his cards tight looking at the bigger picture as opposed to the microcosm of this season. Now if Price were to come back and the result is the same; that is when finger pointing and shake ups happen. Until then, take a deep breath and know longer term this team will be fine.
  9. MB has done a good job as the GM so far. It's not his fault our team went from first to middle of the pack this season. Losing a franchise goaltender does that to any team (with the small exception of Andrew Hammond playing out of his mind good for Ottawa). These fire MT and fire MB threads are such a lull. Much better things to discuss than nitpicking on the easiest scapegoat possible.
  10. This topic is up for debate. I personally think that he hasn't demonstrated the characteristics of a captain. Hope he steps it up soon. Thoughts?
  11. where is dlbair aka brian to shut this thread down?
  12. I personally think John Scott should play games in the Canadiens uniform. Maybe he could help the PP by being a big body presence in front as a screen to allow Subbans shots to go unseen? His goal production dictates that. C'est la vie
  13. don't blame this on the team...single out Greg Pateryn, horrible giveaway
  14. so Jarred Tinordi is sitting in the press box doing what again?
  15. Law of averages can add up. Very impressed with this campaigns compete level despite taking the L tonight! Fact: Prior to this contest, Canucks blew 2 consecutive leads on home ice and were 0-4 in a homestand going into this contest. Needless to say, they were out for blood tonight. The team needs to extract the positives and keep pushing forward through this Canadian road trip.
  16. Gut feeling says that Fleischmann-DD-Weise line might be the one that stands out the most. Keys to victory: Stay out of the box 60 minute effort Keep Price's sightlines unobstructed Avoid 3-on-3 OT (more of a crapshoot than shootout imo)
  17. I'm all for a team in Quebec City as I'm 99.9% sure the Nordiques are coming back. One positive would likely be RDS covering them so nobody would have to watch sportsnet or TVA in games broadcasted there. I'm also all for Las Vegas Black Knights; how can the team fail in the middle of a gambling mecca where casinos comp everything? seats will be sold whether there are asses in them or not!
  18. 17-19. If the team gets lots of special teams situations, 21-24
  19. A lot of fans are overlooking how many SOGs Semin attempts, they aren't low % either; he got really unlucky last couple of seasons. For 1.1 Million and short commitment, I think MB has found the diamond in the rough. When you are on a winning team, all you need is a spark of inspiration then voila. McCarron might be NHL ready but he may also need half a season in Hamilton before making the jump. IMO, the player I look forward to seeing crack the lineup is Christian Thomas (but also hoping Zack Kassian isn't a complete flop). Now..if Michel Therien somehow ends up level-headed by early October, hello deep post-season run.
  20. yay, MB is hoping for the 2nd coming of Steve Begin
  21. A) awesome pronunciation of the word Dumb B) Sense of humour is shot with this team stagnating in both directions up front..might as well get a sense of identity...oh wait..so many of you are blowing up this forum with fire MT threads on the daily C) Why should I read a bias view 3 times when the purpose of a forum is to express opinion? If it weren't for Dale Weise's playoff performance in round 1, we're getting eliminated by the Senators (truth is one hard pill to swallow). With the cap expected to go down, and the squeeze being on to sign galchenyuk and beaulieu, the Canadiens need to look for cap friendly solutions, not silly Briere for Parenteau swaps that accomplish nothing. There's a reason why we have a Vacant 'C' position and a bunch of A's. Nobody is ready to step up and man the ship. For the record..it's been a slow off-season; might as well get the wheels churning with some content! Never said it was the absolute best solution, but I've seen crazier things done by the Canadiens before (Patrice Brisebois comeback?) take a glance at when this username was created
  22. Are fans really that desperate for Soderberg? We have somebody with the last name McCarron coming up in the system; absolutely 0 need to dish a big offer for a player that is far from proven.
  23. Tinordi is washed up.. he can't even punch his own way out of a wet paper bag without feeling concussion like symptoms. trade him! he's a vegetable Please refresh my memory of the goal totals for the Montreal Canadiens from top to bottom in the playoffs? PS: don't sarcastically compare yourself to a veteran NHL that had a hell of a career. AMEN to this, nobody wants to go out on a note like he has..hence the entire premise behind starting this thread! If he takes 1M,plays 3rd line mins and helps people like chucky and the anemic PP why not? For the fans on here that think we're 1 or 2 pieces away from winning a cup...dream on. Save on cap and if he doesn't pan then at least retire a member of the CH [community involvement and charity commitment still exist in MTL..love it!]
  24. http://www.habseyesontheprize.com/2015/5/30/8688903/alex-kovalev-wants-a-nhl-comeback-guy-lafleur-talks-a-lot-gallagher-captain-memorial-cup Francais: http://www.journaldemontreal.com/2015/05/28/alex-kovalev-na-pas-tourne-le-dos-a-la-ligue-nationale Not sure if MB should pass on this offer? IMHO, he would give it his everything and could contribute on the PP and play 3rd line ice time? PS: For those of you wondering, yes I was a massive Kovy fan but I want what's BEST for the organization. Thoughts?
  25. I think Canucksworld is 6 stories beneath?
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