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  1. You're right, he isn't a problem...he's a major problem! Maybe if he had some grind it would go a long way. the problem is he's a wuss that doesnt enter dirty zones in the 2nd season....
  2. read all comments since page 1: I feel like so many of you are demoralized because you weren't condifent about this team going into game 1 of the playoffs the real questions lie around the trade deadline: IMO: I) Plex's days are numbered as a CH [doesnt come up big enough when it matters] II) Parenteau for Briere was a horrible trade from the get-go III) Powerplay has become way too 'Subban Oriented' IV) This organization doesn't believe in a proven playoff veteran like Gonchar [not like Gilbert has done a whole lot...he is worse than Brisebois] V) **I think MT needs to shake the PP up (like i stated last round...put Subban on high left circle for the umbrella) VI) MB not getting a difference making player at the deadline Next game is a must win..firmly believe they will get the job done...but will bishop have lady luck beside him again..law of averages says no. GO GO
  3. Half-way desperate at this point: I feel like Sergei Gonchar [who was booed continuously in Ottawa as a Senator] will rise to the occasion and haunt the sens in place of Gilbert if MT decides to do the switch for gm6 As for the Forwards...another dry showing. Tidbits for Sunday: 1) firmly believe Lars Eller deserves to be on first PP unit..he is overdue to explode 2) if Gilbert plays: pull a Claude Julien and use Gilbert's size as a screen like Chara does on Boston: camp out front for 2nd unit of PP 3) enough of this markov subban rotation rubbish....put subban on LW and possibly go with Pleks on the right point with Eller and DSP down low (umbrella) 4) Lastly, keep the shots to the perimeter....Price will stop it if he can see it 92% of the time
  4. does the organization not study tape on where Craig Anderson is weak? 7 Hole Blocker side all day long! Shot attempts tonight on that specific area: 0. What's more concerning is the anemic offence from the top 6. To put in perspective, Dale Weise has the lone 2 goals in L3. I personally don't care if tonight's a loss because a 3 goal deficit with 20 to play is virtually insurmountable; but at least get some bad blood and tires kicking offensively to build off for next game. They cannot, and I repeat..CANNOT go scoreless in the 3rd.
  5. I was looking at the Canadiens Online store...not looking very promising. As for the CAC jersey with cammy's #...i'll pass. Mainly because people would think the jersey number/name would stink more than the actual stench of cheap beer.
  6. Referring to the following: 1909-1910: turquoise one with the C 1910-1911: red with the green leaf and CA 1912-1913: CAC barber shop 1915-1916: CAC 1945-1946: Vintage White any information leading to where i can purchase all of these jerseys from would be much appreciated (excluding Ebay/Kijiji) (yes, i have plans of creating a designated habs area for a man cave in the future)
  7. wasnt sure where to put this, but TSN690 radio out of Montreal is reporting MT says something "big" is in the work with the Habs
  8. Every shot he took coming down the RW in the 2014 playoffs was directly into the goalies stomach. Could have sworn I was watching a replay every time he took an attempt. It was a good run, but it's a win-win situation for both sides. MB is cap smart. Another step in the right direction.
  9. Why do people on here keep forgetting that Jared Tinordi is NHL ready...and Beaulieu is good for at least 40 games? Cya gorges! Great move MB!!! Weaver and Gilbert with a growing defensive core!
  10. Not trying to throw grenades here, but didn't we sign Mike Cammalleri, Brian Gionta, AND Scott Gomez to long term deals years ago; who all have point production way beneath that of Vanek, who competed on mediocre organizations throughout a majority of his career? IMO, he is worth a shot and is better than 85% of the current nucleus on Montreal. I understand those signings were under a different GM, but one still remains as Captain, who Vanek is theoretially better than. In terms of cap hit, you face that with a majority of modern day UFA's...Marc Bergevin isn't really rolling the dice on a proven performer; that's like overlooking Jaromir Jagr because of his age (41 yrs old, still lethal/ we wish wearing a CH with Plex). Reconsider the number crunching
  11. I really don't think it's the coach at this point. Add Carey Price back into the lineup and we will be the Montreal Canadiens prior to Sochi 2014; with that being said, the sky is falling down threads will recede and everything will go back to normal. And with that being said, KEEP CALM and HAB ON
  12. if Price isn't expected to return I think Dubie could be worth a look for a start next game .
  13. Very small sample size to judge Thomas Vanek. I think he is worth a look into inking the next 3 seasons.
  14. are you still content it didn't go through?
  15. Brian Gionta should go back to New Jersey and retire when this season is done leadership skills are 0.001%...and even the 1 at the end is being friendly. Subban for captain in 2014-2015; at least he plays with emotion. PS: for those saying fire MT, is that your only solution? How many frigging coaches have we rolled over in Montreal in the past 7 seasons? give your heads a shake and realize its not the coach, it's the TEAM. Here's to hoping for a Carey Price return in the near future.
  16. Yes the above statements are facts; but with age comes more wear and tear on the human body, meaning he could be a ticking timebomb and potentially be on LTIR sooner than later. The point is, he's already lost a few strides in his step, and despite being top 10% in offence, he could be a very expensive defensive liability in the coming seasons if he were to re-sign. I wouldn't mind seeing him getting shipped out of town for assets like stated in my previous post, but if he were to remain a Hab, my biggest fear is MB re-signing him at 6 million+ for 3-4 years. I think we all can mutually agree that if MB made some noise and somehow landed a top 4 d-man (possibly Alexander Edler), Markov's asking price would likely drop saving us cap space for replacing depth up front for next season...so here's to hoping for that.
  17. Bourque to Avs is the recurring theme. Names involved are PA Parenteau or Ryan O Reilly. I am assuming MTL would need to give up possibly Markov or Gorges to get this deal complete; but figuratively speaking, it's a W for the Habs if it goes down.
  18. Ya...u might see that one coming in the near future. trade thread or not. The Dane ain't so great.
  19. crunching numbers, I don't think it would be equitable to keep Markov unless he signed a 1 yr extension and accepting a role of being bumped a pairing both on regular units and PP. With Markov being so injury prone and losing steps from a substantial list of injuries suffered from the past; I, for one, hope MB sends him packing for some assets.
  20. might be a month or so too late...but if this doesn't put an exclaimation point on matters I don't know what will. Pacioretty: Sochi 2014 USA olympian Gorges: some piece we got for moving CRAIG RIVET. with that being said...i believe the answer is obvious. Gorges....ps: he's not a fan favorite of mine whatsoever...no slapshot...just good for +/-...heck; Mark Fraser from TOR led the league last season in that so he's virtually a dime a dozen player. Can't forget to mention his value is diminishing every game he continues to play in a CH sweater for the 2013/2014 campaign.
  21. Briere is the second coming of Sergei Samsonov...the ugly ending has yet to come.
  22. speaking of concussions, any word on Diaz and when he's going to be back?
  23. lol JMMR just saw you on TV..unless you have some identical twin
  24. Kovalev is skating on a line with Peter Mueller and Jonathan Huberdeau... he could be a fantasy hockey sleeper gem!
  25. i think Gomez getting told to stay home is pretty good indicator that Galchenyuk is ready
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