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  1. MOTHER######ING REFS :puke: :puke: :puke: Burn in hell you bastrads. That one ref had only one game of experience and hadn't reffed since October of 2007. BRUTAL. Keep ######ing us over refs... Blast 'em Carbo
  2. 1st on our team in hits. 43rd in league. I'd like it if he hit more (top 20) but he is doing fine. Kosto has played more games but is 98th in the league..... He has to step it up. BTW, I read Habs are 2nd in the league for hits Lucic 1st in league, man that is who Gui should take hit lessons from.
  3. As good as Boston is, I would LOOOOVE to see another playoff series with them. Exciting, spirited playoff hockey. With BGL to tone Lucic down and both teams fast paced offenses, it would make for an incredible 7 gamer.
  4. We are expected to contend for the Stanley Cup, and so far we are playing like shit, and if we continue to play like shit, we will fall in the standings. The Hockey Gods have been with us so far because our record really shouldn't be so good. Imagine our record if A Kost, Plex, Kovy line was good and if Higgy and Sergie would have played decent.. we would have a record like the Sharks. I ain't giving up faith :ghg:
  5. The blame lies on Carbo. BG gives him players and it is the coaches job to get the most out of the players he has, and Carbo is not doing it. Because of Carbo's mistakes, it might force BG into making deals that weren't in his future. It's hard to blame Carbo because I feel he has tried almost everything he could have tried. The players aren't playing for him and that is when you make a coaching change and sometimes it isn't the coaches fault.
  6. Over react much This is more than a slump I agree, and if your players won't play for you any longer, you need to be moved. I love you Carbo but I too think it is the right time... And it prolly isn't your fault.
  7. Unbelievable how this team even makes games close. Laps, Begin, Kosto, Diago were the only guys who gave two shits out there. :puke:
  8. Wow, I did not know that Well I change my thoughts on the stat now
  9. The reason he is plus 9 is because he is one of the few who plays the PP, and not the PK. That's why I hate plus/minus, it always favors PP players and gives a disadvantage ot PKers.
  10. If that's gunna be Gui's role that would be outstanding! He should start by removing the visor
  11. When did Chipchura play??
  12. That's just Habs fans for you. We (including myself) always can find a negative in every game and sometimes blow it out of porportion. Not every single player will have a good game on the same night. One guy has a bad game, and we talk bout him. I can't blame you for you abandoning the threads but you need to know and accept that Montreal media and fans hate to lose, and always seek out the flaws.
  13. He leads team in hits w/ 55
  14. I heard Komi set his comeback for Dec 18th Belle or Weber
  15. I agree, and when Lats and OByrne and Komi come back, and if Kovy gets on a roll, the chemistry will be huge. Lats and OB will be playing with heart I guarentee you.
  16. I agree. I think that unless there is another injury or Carbo wants Breeze to have a rest, then why have Belle in the Presser? He is useless there and it might shoot his confidence. If I were Gainey I'd say, listen you've done great in Hamilton, keep it up, and you may hear from us soon.
  17. I agree about the Ole. But I love the nah nah nah nah chant! Imagine if the Leafs fans sang that to our habs, how devistating would that be? I love it even more when the Habby faithful sings it on the road
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