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  1. Lehkonen has the series winning goal. I almost hope we somehow resign him this summer.
  2. I dont want us to trade caufield but that is what NJ for sure wants for 2nd pick.
  3. Would Caufield + Andersson be worth it for us to draft Slafkovsky? Im sure that is at least the pricetag. NJ gets a small 30 goal scorer and a powerforward ok for 2nd line. We get a potential future superstar winger.
  4. Is there any stats or info on the drafted players who grew most in length after being drafted?
  5. Why all hatred on Dvorak? I want to keep him for the rebuild. Might even flourish under Marty as coach.
  6. Lets draft Wright and then trade him to TB for Sergachev because we need D more than C atm. 🤪
  7. I want Wright for sure. Im thinking him and Suzuki as our version of Bergeron and Krejci. Just need to find a young Lucic copy and a behemoth on defence. 😁
  8. I hope Dvorak becomes a good productive "Plekanec"-ish C as well.
  9. If Price is not returning next year maybe we can take on Mrazek from the leafs in exchange for some of their picks or prospects?
  10. I never thought I would say Lets go Rangers... But this is the time for that.
  11. I dont want any signing of 29+ aged players longterm for caphell contracts at the moment.
  12. Dichow to Frölunda HC is now official. https://www.frolundahockey.com/play/video/168400?provider=staylive
  13. 3rd would feel a bit like a kick in the nuts concidering the season we just endured and then losing Lafleur. Cmon forum ghosts! We deserve 1st!
  14. If we need stopgap goalies like Huet or Hackett for the coming couple of years (Price to injured) there could be a few to chose from the khl. Alot of players boycotting that league now.
  15. Im even thinking it would be a good idea to trade #3 (if we sink there) to the yotes for their 1st rounder next year. 🤪
  16. This attitude is what scares away players from signing with the team.
  17. Thanks, didnt know I was the most pessimistic of us all. Haha Next year its back to bubble team but with a future with nice prospect pool. I hope.
  18. Vignault our next headcoach? Read something on habseyeontheprice... Read now that its an april fools joke. 😁
  19. I dont think he is good enough to make the team for World championships. They will make their picks from the players joining team sweden in the european tournaments.
  20. This Xhekaj, is he a bit like Tie Domi?
  21. I hope he becomes a decent 4th line WINGER potting 20ish pts per year overpayed by 3.5 M/year.
  22. Drouins contract is very manageble and if he can stay healthy and be on 50pts pace next year he could fetch a nice deadline deal.
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