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  1. I want Gardiner. If Canes dont match and we also get Aho then great! Lets trade some other forward so we get the caproom. If canes match and we dont get Aho thats also ok because I think we have good depth on forward anyway. That LD is what we need most and that is Gardiner.
  2. What is the chance they not matching? Slim to none?
  3. Read on tsn that Lee wants 9M/year. Thats alot for 50-60 points/year.
  4. Im sure Molson would sell alot of jerseys and MB would get alot of happy fans seeing pk back, what would happen in the lockerroom among the players I dont know. Maybe there is something to it that pk has been traded twice and also Gallagher didnt sound like he misses pk alot in an interview before.
  5. Colorado traded Söderberg. Their capspace is over 38 Million. Will they try to spend to the cap? If so no UFAs will be left. Maybe they should offersheet Marner.
  6. Happy to not see pk in a leafs uniform as tsn mentioned. Wish mb wouldnt be so butthurt about pk and wouldve made the trade for him.
  7. Look like NJ already picked their first overall pick. Australian guy named Lemieux. ?
  8. Even he must know that Weber and Price is getting older and that if he wants to have a chance for a cup he better get the pieces needed while those two players are still elite.
  9. ”We want to move back closer to my wifes home...” = not so important after all...
  10. About the habsworld draftpool, cant roll the list to pick for example kaapo kakko on my iphone...
  11. Its like ea sports trading. 5 thirdliners for one top 4 dman.
  12. The strength of allsvenskan has gone up alot the last years. Before it was only like two-three teams that could give the bottomfeeder SHL-teams a hard time in the qualifications but now there are teams placed 3-8 in allsvenskan who regularly play evenly and beat the SHL-teams.
  13. Crazy money for 30+ goals and 50-60 points player. So this means Panarin will get max money?
  14. Niemi going home to finland and Jokerit in the khl. http://www.hockeysverige.se/2019/06/05/antti-niemi-klar-for-jokerit/
  15. What if we add our 1st rounder? is that overpaying?
  16. In the 80s all the benchclearing brawls increased the average gamelenght with 15 minutes. ?
  17. Lets trade him back to vegas for pacs! ?
  18. Vancouver trading away Jonathan Dahlen way to cheap in my opinion...
  19. What dirty pics MB have of the caps gm to make him trade for alzner?
  20. MB managed to finally do this with Tatar och Domi... But he tried out alot of garbage before.
  21. Any news on Byron? Broken finger/hand?
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