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  1. The Habs really let me down, but I did call LA Kings in the final. The crystal ball is a little tarnished, I could have sworn it was Carey holding the trophies but Jon Q is a handsome dark haired lad too so you can see how the mistake was made.
  2. Give me a break.. JM is not the problem. He finally put Max Pac and Cole on a line. That shows he isn't completely ######ed.
  3. Exactly. The news doesn't surprise me one bit. Its almost comical at this point. The fan boys keep thinking this guy is going to come back and help our team?
  4. guess you will have to wait a bit longer for me to be wrong about Andre's return..
  5. haha, Markov NOT playing tonight? what a surprise.. I said it before and I haven't been wrong yet.. He is done. He will never be a meaningful part of our team again..
  6. haha. you guys sure do dream big eh? Markov will be lucky to make it to the all star break without 'going down awkwardly' again Not sure how much mentoring he'll be capable of from the IR...
  7. atta boy Kirk! http://www.google.com/hostednews/ap/article/ALeqM5hvFyerEpIVfBjrDMiDGDpiuJimmQ?docId=00459ce5afa64aa8bf9287a9a7f1f10b
  8. We will win. we better since I have money on this game in ProLine.. The odds were just too good to pass up.. what can I say.. I'm addicted to SPORTSBETTING
  9. Wow. What is going on here? Sutton gets 5 games for hitting Landeskog and Wolski gets nothing for the Alfredsson hit? I have been all for Shanny so far but I think he really messed up on this one. Wolski should have got something in my opinion..
  10. Haha. where are all those people who wanted to keep Halak? too funny. Price is the man. I can tell you for certain that he doesn't give a crap about this 'award' and would be the first to complement his team for their elevated play of late.
  11. Markov Skated today for about an hour today apparently
  12. This thread has changed.... i don't even know you anymore. You're all dead to me
  13. I find it laughable that there are so many posts on here about firing Martin. Its like a ritual. How long have you guys been Habs fans? you should know the drill.. Oh ye of little faith.
  14. I was secretly hoping that Subban and Simmonds were going to get into a fight last night...
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