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  1. The inability to resurrect former players
  2. I wonder how well Leblanc will play this year Looking forward too that.
  3. I like the white one, but... that yellow is pretty rough in my opinion... Reminds me of the Buffa Slug
  4. Does anyone else think that Minnesota won a bit there... I mean I do not like Heatley but look at the stats... plus Havlet`s injury history... Minnesota really has changed their look eh?
  5. I traded Gomer for for Tomas Tatar and a high pick I think In NHL Tomas turned into a 50 goal scorer hahahaha
  6. I love this guy, happy about this signing as well! Liking this off season
  7. I find it strange that people are so worried about the last year of his contract... its not like its Gomez's 7 million this year. His salary will not stop the team from doing anything in his last year whatsoever. I think this is EXACTLY what we needed to do and would was ecstatic when I heard this, you need too take risks in this league if you are going to advance, and honestly this is not a big one.
  8. haha I had him on Hamilton in NHL 11 for a long time I found it kinda creepy when I saw him get picked up
  9. http://video.predators.nhl.com/videocenter/console?catid=739&id=120800&navid=mod-rr-headlines So... they are yellow... they have piano keys along the back collar... and guitar strings on the numbers... humm.... What does everyone think...
  10. I think it was more important for the team too sign Gill due too his leadership and his experience with a cup. He is well liked by everyone and an a class penalty killer.
  11. http://www.nhl.com/ice/news.htm?id=569320&navid=DL|NHL|home Not a rumor of any kind just a little update on Max Pac I have too say he may be my favourite player on Montreal, I just really like him for some reason I really think he is going to have an outstanding year next year, plus I cannnnnot wait for his first game against Boston, I'm going to call a hat trick! ha!
  12. Peter Budaj: He is one of the more intriguing options out there... Its almost like you knew...
  13. Immigrants... I kiiiid, I kiiiiiid
  14. Cannot say I am a fan of Semin. Playoffs are what counts when it comes down too it and AK has as PM Koivu said been hitting up a storm so, not worth it. John Scott as stated above is a uni-dimensional goon, I do not want the Habs having a player like that at all. Leave him for teams who lack a certain... class... that we the Canadiens have always possessed.
  15. What I said was that I do not believe Avtsin will be playing next year in the NHL. Palushaj got called up last year and will be called up again, as he is young, only 21, and his points jumped from 33-57 from his first too second year. I think you can expect Palushaj too make another jump this year too a 30 goal scorer. Will Avtsin be better the Palushaj in the future... probably, but I would not trust to call him up next year. I would also like too stick out another fact that may play a part. How well a player makes the transition to a higher level of play. If you look at these stats... He smoothly made the transition from High School too Uni leagues and from Uni to AHL and one can expect a smoother transition from AHL to NHL... Compared to Avtsin who as you have said has had trouble making the transition from Junior Russian too the KHL and from the KHL too AHL... He needs another full year in Hamilton. Players development gets hurt when they are brought up too early. This was shown time and time again with Bulldog players having great years moving up too play a game or two and coming down and not being the same player whatsoever after being shell shocked by the NHL. He also still is learning English which would make it even harder too move up too the NHL level. 2006-2007Des Moines BuccaneersUSHL5622456762 2007-2008Univ. of MichiganNCAA4310 34 44 22 2008-2009Univ. of MichiganNCAA39 13 37 50 26 2009-2010Peoria RivermenAHL44 5 17 22 22 Hamilton BulldogsAHL18 3 7 10 8
  16. With the remaining free agents Spacek's departure would go a long way
  17. I agree, if a guy does well why not sign him again.
  18. Palushaj made progress last year and Avtsin drowned. Avtsin could make the team in the future, but NO WAY will he play in the NHL this season. Palushaj is going to be the go too guy for offense in Hamilton and I think he is most likely to see a call up.
  19. Good news if true. Montreal has needed some more aggressive action in the front office
  20. This was mentioned on the Halpern Replacement thread, but why didn't we just sign Halpern considering we are looking for a Halpern replacement? Age? Money? The fact JM didn't use him right?
  21. I have been wondering that myself... He didn't sign for much and was an ace faceoff man (when playing center) I do not know why he left.
  22. Plus Stalberg has potential as he is young.... Moen just should go.
  23. Tim Connoly signs with Toronto... ha. Toronto really would get a overrated injury prone forward to help them rebuild
  24. Well Richards in New York. SO, Flordia, Philly and New York are looking stronger... or atleased different in some cases. LA seems like a power house, but they are out west. What do people think?
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