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  1. Right cheap probably, but he doesn't have the size/physicality to make up for his low scoring. I always am a fan of signing french players though.
  2. That would be funny, lets take him back from Boucher!
  3. Pouliot to Boston, I hope he continues to be a dud and doesn't pull something on us
  4. Price is a stud, we really do not need to draft goalies for a few years, not like New Jersey drafted many Goalies with Brodeur. No need, we can sign back ups and others for this position.
  5. Good thinking, of all the people in available I believe he really is the best fitted. I just never thought we would actually sign him, I`m happy I was wrong
  6. Kami Ramo still is overseas and Robert Mayer is not at all able to be the starter... There are a few goalies out there anyone you think would be a good fit, another strong older player like Sanford or a younger player who we could develop into a backup role for Price perhaps?
  7. Well, looks like Curtis Sanford has left for Columbus, does this mean Drew McIntrye is here to stay...
  8. I`m very happy with this signing, we arn`t the small team anymore! Kosy, Pac, Eller, Cole. We are building a bigger team my friends! haha, I`m looking forward to seeing the other signings Gauthier makes Bit sad to see Talbot signed
  9. I have the free agent signings up from nhl.com I have the free agent signings up from nhl.com
  10. Well that is a no brainer that Montreal would be in on him, people are getting picked up quick hope we sign someone else soon.
  11. Thats a wild trade! Not like Varlamov is even a really proven number 1!
  12. Who will washington have in net the Neuvith guy?
  13. I agree! The more picks the better
  14. I agree, it would look bad if Lats became twice the player Pouliot did. However, it really doesn't do much good complaining and throwing more pressure on Pouliot to be better or on the GM too do better. Thinking that that sort of attitude absolves them of pressure... well everyone has too remember they are also trying to keep their job. If the gm starts doing a bunch of random stuff... he gets fired. Enough bad trades add up. He gets fired. The owner won't forget a tonn of bad trades because well... they costed him money. The GM will always try and do the best decision.
  15. When I saw that deal happen I was stunned... Elliott has never been a starter and Anderson had a great season the year before and I didn't think deserved to be traded at all!
  16. Yeah, Laich is locked up for 6 years at 4.5 or 4.75 depending on the sources. Gomer is here, we keep his salary, i don't think there will be a trade that would include any good return. I still believe he will have a come back year of some kind
  17. So Montreal is picking puck moving defense men,,, I like this a lot
  18. A streaky player that dies at important parts of the season really isn't a great solution... I mean, Gomez's salary is one of the most ridiculous in the NHL if not the most.... but anyone else think he is going to have a much better season this year? I believe he will head into this season with the objective of proving all the haters wrong, he probably (i only say probably to be nice) won't put up the numbers to earn his salary, I really do think he will be a much better player next year though.
  19. It would be a shame too lose a promising young goaltender to the KHL...
  20. I really like the scouting report on him, I'm all for some more puck moving defense men, who like the physical aspect and are used to winning. The downside of emotions affecting his decision making, that could correct with more maturity plus, whats wrong with a little passion.
  21. bbp


    we currently have the 17th pick no 2nd our own 3rd at 78th Anaheim's 4th at 113th our own 5th at 138th our own 6th at 168th and our own 7th at 198th With the third think Xavier Ouellet will still be kicking around? I would love too get him
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