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  1. I noticed that people have been saying we have been "bad for so long"... we were awful for a while but lets just look at some facts. In the last six years... Won Division 2 Times (07-08, 12-13) Won Conference 1 Time (07-08) Made it to the Conference Final Once (09-10) Missed Playoffs Once The Six Years before lockout we missed the playoffs 4/6 years. We were bad back then but we have come along way and have had some serious success. Obviously we want cups, but we be proud of what the team has accomplished. More then any of the other Canadian teams recently (other then Vancouver).
  2. I am going to assume thats a typo and you meant to say patches? Last time I checked Gio, despite his best efforts, doesn't have the size to be a powerforward haha.
  3. i hate that trade. Pleks is the best player in the deal and the second best is likely going to be Beaulieu. I would love to have those guys but not at that cost. No way.
  4. No. We are the same, which isn't that bad considering guys like Eller might improve play.
  5. the SEL name change is screwing with my head so hard because I've been in a hockey player sim league named SHL for years...
  6. i eat my words i thought he had no desire to play here. Not a fan of this unless future moves change something
  7. those three plus Komi, Ribero, Hainsey... lots of ex-habs out of a job now
  8. Dont Want: Clowe or Cooke. - Clowe showed he was only a product of Jumbo Joe, Cooke is Cooke. Don't Think We'd Get: Briere or Jagr. Briere won't sign in Montreal, Jagr just pretends he wants to sign here. Though I'd like Jagr for cheap (could be possible after those playoffs). Want: Ballard (could be a steal if we play him on his actual side). Don't really care/know enough about the rest to have an opinion.
  9. actually the hate has turn more on Gilles tbh.
  10. after his chop on staal in the worlds i wouldn't want him.
  11. yah i'm not a big fan of the first round pick but the 2nd round picks were home runs imo
  12. If I were Lu I wouldn't want to play in Vancouver, I say this as a Vancouver resident, the hate is awful. He won't ever play with confidence there.
  13. Maybe Bergevin maybe should have taken Subban's deal last year
  14. Drouin at 3, Seth Jones is slipping
  15. Thats probably just hot steam generated by Vinny L. rumors
  16. Pheonix moves to Quebec and Quebec signs Vinny
  17. He didn't say that he is good now he said he could be in the future.
  18. So Commandant how would you rate this draft looking at it now? Normally I hear a lot about a draft being weak, deep, or lacking top talent. Haven't heard anything about the general caliber of the draft, only hear about the big three.
  19. I'm waiting for his address to Vancouver fans
  20. Same here haha I can't get anyone to go watch at the pub either.. I'm in Vancouver and no one wants to see a Chicago-Boston final
  21. I think you have this backwards. When Briere came into the league he wanted to play for Montreal but we weren't interested in another small forward. When he became a star we came knocking and he turned us down just like Montreal did to him when he started out.
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