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  1. Of course, sorry, still braindead from long weekend.
  2. Galchenyuk was a #1 selection for OHL, so he didnt really come out of left field and like you, i like all the mention of "hard work" that i just dont hear in Grigorenko descriptions, but eastern europeans can come across as 'laid back, inconsistant', but when look at scoring race every year; there is a Gaborick/Hossa/Kovalchuk/Malkin always near the top. When they are "On" they are awesome, when not they can be invisible. But i would take a hard working guy over a "slightly" more skilled but inconsistant prospect, every time. But there is a chance Grigorenko is another Malkin and if Yakupov and Galchenyuk are taken, i would bet Timmins would have grab Grigorenko next. But still am quite anxious to see if Yakupov will be at Habcamp this summer!
  3. That would be cuttin it close for UFA/RFA resignings/negotiations wouldnt it?
  4. Why is he still at 75 (of just North American skaters) in the ISS list that just came out?I love the Habs having 4 picks in first 60some and may have a chance to land at least a couple dandy prospects. I wonder if Weber might be traded for another pick (2012 or 2013) as the Habs seem to have 1 too many smallish d-men for next year and he would be obvious choice to go.
  5. He is a good size and i did see him in one game, but Griffin Reinhart was the one who really stood out on Edmonton and Dumba was also playing so i totally overlooked him, till the father connection was noted. But i did see him throw a big hip check in some game and brought back memories of the dirtiest player to ever play and i think the Apple dont fall far.. For some reason he is ranked quite low, maybe even 3rd round by ISS, not sure if going from USHL to SEL to WHL has any impact or not? ?? cause on paper he looks pretty good for size and production and moving around to different leagues?
  6. Is there a wild guess how soon a GM is likely to be named? Or when one will really be needed to be in place (besides ASAP)? Mid-May?
  7. Again, I am a bit sketchy on his track record, and not to be smart about it, but the GM hires and fires scouts dont they? And his seemingly rigid stance on francophones importance in Habs hires, is just so off-track from the goal of team success on the ice, that makes me worry about his priorities. So as a VP/consult or whatever role he has or is called, i am not sold on him being involved at all being as biased as he seems to be, but hope for the best and only time will tell. Most seem to like him and are happy with his posting, so what the heck do i know.
  8. I hear taking the BPA is the smart way to go? And Murray and Dumba must be fairly high on Timmins list, but Galchenyuk, Forsberg and Grigorenko are likely targets i would guess. Beaulieu & Plekanec package, may get you an upgrade at centre possibly (Getzlaf?), or a Gomez-like bust and a repeat of McDonagh trade?haha
  9. Tis fine, 4th pick would be a super pick as well and that is worst case scenario.
  10. He crapped the bed on draft days though didnt he? Habs had one flop after another and if Patrick Roy was not the saviour the pipes, he would of been a very bad GM overall wouldnt he? I dont have as much faith in him as most i guess, but i cant remember his whole track record that well?
  11. i think it was answering basically the same question several times from different reporters was irritating him and who can blame him.
  12. As far as 2nd/3rd round picks i have several favourites that seem to be good for the 3 Hab picks between 33rd to 64th picks, i do have a WHL bias but; Lukas Sutter is 28 goal scorer with 165 PIMs and is heavy tough centre who tripled offense from rookie year and has what is lacking in the Habs system. A Ryan White with scoring touch. Tim Bozon is skilled Swiss 36 goal scorer, up for rookie of year in WHL, skilled and Swiss, perfect fit for Habs. MIke Winther is another scoring centre that could be a good 2nd rounder, solid centre who can score. Stefan Matteau is not the most skillful they say, but a nice possible power forward? Or any of the 3 or 4 Czech forwards if they fall to 2nd round.
  13. Is there a more schetchy draft pick than a goalie? Especially when a half-decent goalie can be traded for, if Price happens to get run over by a bull or something this summer.
  14. I would just as well use the top 4 picks on trying to stockpile some quality forwards and maybe not waste an early round pick on a goalie. But i have faith the Habs will pick smartly once again and will maybe just draft a Makarov (Dietz;s goalie) in 4th round, and not goi after Subban or Dansk in 2nd round.
  15. Any word on Habs possibly getting the North Dakota goalie signed as a free agent?
  16. I think many might argue that simply taking the BPA is the correct and only way to go? Many factors would obviously go into your own BPA list/ranking, but i still would put current roster as a minor factor in list. And as with Tinordi, they thought so highly of him they burnt a 2nd pick on him as well, which i still think was uncalled for, with a bunch of super d-men still available and went drafted in the 2nd round, but it was still nice to see Habs get a bit aggressive and make the deal. And Timmins is doing much better than most drafting so I shouldnt criticize him (them) too much. But if Timmins has Murray ranked as 3rd on his list instead of Galchenyuk and takes Murray, i would feel the same as i did last year when Mark McNeill, who seemed to be the perfect nice big centre they could use, fell to 17th, but so did Beaulieu and Timmins just took BPA on his list, i think? It would be interesting to see some of scouting debates and how they do actually prepare for draft and rank em. But with a 3rd or 4th pick, even a Doug McLean shouldnt be able to screw up picking a good one for Habs this year? well maybe he likely could. Who knows, maybe Yakupov could be dressing for Habs come Oct, slim chance i know but keep fingers crossed?
  17. Given the picks Timmins (and mgmt) have made recently, i would almost bet they stirctly go by best player available list and not factor in the current big clubs needs (possibly Leblanc was taken a bit for PR sake, but he was ranked right for a 17th pick anyways), but your guess is at least as good as mine. And as the draft went in 2008, when the #2,3,4 and 5 picks were all d-men taken after a superstar forward prospect (Stamkos), it just seems like a very similar set up with possibly Yakupov going and then maybe Murray, Dumba, Trouba/Ceci/Reilly are taken before Grigorenko, Galchenyuk go 4th or 5th? If they do take a d-man, it might just mean Beaulieu or another d-men might then be available for trade on July 1st for say Iginla?? Which of course wont happen, but who knows what the new GM will want?
  18. Seems a common stance that Habs trade away talent too soon, but i cant think of any at all that i would lose sleep over and likely on par for most NHL teams, McDonaugh is 1 but i dont think he was ever given up on, just a major screw up by Bob. However many scouts or how they scout for the Habs, they are doing well and if something aint broke, dont......
  19. i still am pulling for Galchenyuk, but if they announce Dumba, Murray or Grigorenko and simply take the BPA, that is fine with me. Becasue i had Gaunce or Faksa as my early favorites, as i didnt think the Habs would sink near to a top 5 pick, and picking at 4th, 3rd or 1st is just friggin super. If Timmins sees one of the d-men as a better prospect, then likely should ignore the current team's needs with top pick, because roster could look much different in a year or 2?
  20. Again just FYI: For those who are interested in seeing Draft Prospect video clips, this website has many. http://www.hockeyprospect.tv/
  21. Maybe picking #5 is lucky for Habs anyways! And with 67-51-72 on fire, it could be a battle to stay in top 5? And at least Ducks or Oilers will get 2 points tonight, be nice to see OT game happen.
  22. Gord Miller Ray Ferraro do a very credible job and a couple of CBC play by play guys are OK, like Bob Cole. RDS only because i dont have to listen to them (i can pick up bits and pieces of french but not most) and mostly becasue i cant stand CBC- with Glenn Healy being just a total idiot, so RDS by default and of course because they show every Hab game. The Boston Bruin guy seems the most biased, almost comical. Funniest is John Shorthouse and his non-responses to just stupid assertions by John Garrett during Canuck games, he is just left speachless at some of the biased and kooky stuff Garrett says.
  23. LaPierre is a bottom six guy and i always liked his play, but Latendress is just a bit injury prone and has a total of 8 goals in last 2 years and like the rest was disgruntled, if i remember correctly and he would be quite low on my recall list, i would much prefer to see Andrai Kostitsyn resigned.
  24. Yes i know, but the odds are not in favour. But in worst case scenario; if Habs win all 3 and those close lose all, the Habs can only drop to 6th pick. But likely will end up exactly where are now and 3rd looks pretty sweet.
  25. So did I, but both are now on their 3rd or 4th team and know their nine lives are running out, same as Sergai K., Riberio and Grobovski who all got a wake up call when traded for dick-all. When the KHL is only option left, that can be a good motivational factor in their play. But being a Canuck fan as well, it is nice to see both playing super and they both will earn their ring this year.
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