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  1. Dont see anything as sad? Just natural to be curious what moves/steps he will take, good-bad or neutral. And already seeing Timmins as an important and valued employee and moving Randy to assistant are good signs of things to possibly come. More, glass half-full than opposite. Francophone player pool shrinking is what it is. No big deal, smaller families, aging demographics, who knows, still lots of fine canadian kids from all over making impact in NHL?
  2. I wouild say Murray is better than all 3 now and really these 2 prospects are in a different class than Weber and other 2. These 2 prospects will be top 4 d-men if not top 2, the other 3 will likely never be. Who is coach will have zero impact on draft i think, scouting deptartment gets paid to do a job and they dont rank players by who may be coach. I could be off-base on this, but current roster need will have little to do with which prospect is called in June? In the NFL and NBA they tend to draft more for current roster needs, becasue draft picks go straight to pro contract; but in MLB and NHL they, by and large, need to forecast farther out, a couple years down the road (as they did when Theodore was #1 goalie and former MVP and still drafted a goalie with #5 pick).
  3. I dont know about what Columbus's needs, but just seems a smart fit to get a top goalie in Nash deal and solidify d-core with Murray, just a wild guess. I am like you and Galchenyuk seems best/safest pick at 3, but see Dumba as a more risky but maybe the best player to be available and is a close second in my eyes. Scouting reports on Forsberg seemed a bit more positive than what i saw at the world juniors, but he is a young pick this year and was playing a bit over his head. He seemed to show more at U18s and impressed me for sure. I also thought the same about production in Sweden being a bit unimpressive, but i looked at Mats Sundin for comparison, in 1990 he only had 18 points in SEL (fair comparison or maybe not?), so Swedish low production may not be a good indication of much? If he is like Paajavi (sp??) was as a junior, i dont know and cant remember and have to rely on scout reports; Button is very high on him as are others. But has been a long time since Habs have had a top notch Swede and if his name is called, i would be fine with that. He is a big kid who does seem to have lots of potential. Seems to me that #3 must be one of these 5; Murray/Galchenyuk/Grigorenko/Dumba/Forsberg and any of them should help the Habs in a couple years.
  4. Good call sir. I know dick-all about Bergevin, but he should have a busy next 9-10 weeks.
  5. no i said Dumba wont be full time 2014-15, no way he is ready this fall, but Murray is, my guess Murray will be suiting up and paired with Jack Johnson or Wisniewski.
  6. I would expect Murray would suit up for almost any team in NHL this fall, cept Habs. I would expect Dumba to suit up as a regular for opening game in 2014-15 (if a Hab), same development timeframe as Subban went through.
  7. sorry, i must misremember your comment on Dumba, maybe were just questioning his play or something? And some other article commented his 2nd half was a drop off.
  8. I am sure the Habs scouting staff has had info on Grigorenko going back awhile (couple years?) and as with many prospects they likely have collated reviews from many different sources and playing in Quebec i am sure hardly a game went by that some scout hasnt noted some pros/cons of his play and i would think game video is likely gone over also. As well, i would guess they have had informal chats with him and his coach. So his final play with a sickness would be noted/discounted or however you want to catagoriaze it and not brand him 1 way or the other at this late stage of scouting. With such a valuable pick, Timmins is surely being diligient and doing his homework. Given his track record, he knows what he is doing and i hope he also finds another Gallagher or Dietz with a long-shot late round pick again this year.
  9. Sorry, but you seem to make my point, in that they are all not driven to succeed and many talented players flop because they dont want it bad enough, which is fine, KHL needs players and McDonalds need berger flippers also. So why waste a top pick, if a cup/Hall of Fame is not their ultimate goal. Especially when other prospects are just about as skilled and "Hard-Worker" is one character trait used by scouts to describe them (as with Forsberg and Galchenyuk). Same goes for borderline NHLers, such as Darche, Kostopoulas, LaPierriere who would crawl through glass for their teammates and just to stay in the league they wiork their ass off every shift of every game. When many Russians are the opposite and have all the talent in the world; such as, Kovalev and are #1 star one game and invisible for next couple, i can do without floaters, such as Kovalev, Jagr and Cammalleri types. And sure the Eastern Euro/Russian stereotype may be unfair and my comments may seem "Cherryish", but just spitballing why i would hesitate to pick one specific russian with 3rd pick, thats all.
  10. Not crazy over just U18s, but have been high on him all year and i think you and others kind of soured on him in 2nd half? Maybe for good reasons, but other than being young he has a ton of potential i think. Dumba has said he recognizes his defensive liabilities and has tried to work on and still racked up 20 goals and 57 points. Not to argue, but Red Deer is no powerhouse neither and is hard to miss playoffs in WHL, but Red Deer did. I still would likely prefer Galchenyuk (but flip a coin), but i just see Dumba as another huge fan favorite and exciting player, as Subban was when he first started. And you can just never have too many good d-men.
  11. And we all know storm troopers are never too blame eh and i am not quite sure what that has to do with Grigorenko being a sketchy pick, but interesting trivia i suppose. Basically all i mean is that, Grigorenko may be top 2 skill wise, but it wouldnt surprise me to see him fall to 10th due to Russian KHL factor and i am kind of hoping Timmins steers clear of, but he is alot more familar with all prospects than I and if he did draft him, i would trust his judgement for sure. Russians have a reputation, due to players like Radulov, who skip town for the big bucks or for players like Yashin and others who whine, sulk and "defect" when suits them or simply cant pass up on $$. Dosent mean all can be trusted, Markov, Datsyuk and many others are super and great team players. But to waste a high pick on a player who gets lured away by KHL, becasue he dosent want to ride the bus in the AHL and make only $65-90,000, would be quite a shame.
  12. As i have said before, i am quite ignorant of exactly what a GM does / is responsible for and track record/management qualities of most of canditates. But, I originally had just dismissed McQuire as a blowhard, but does that mean he wouldnt make a good GM?, in hindsight, his ego/TV personality may not mean he wouldnt be a success as Hab GM, as irritating he may be to many Habfans. Should see how all shakes out within next couple weeks.
  13. But Murray and Dumba are 2 very different players and Dumba likely is more offensive, gritty and exciting, whereas Murray is a Larsson-type; NHL-ready, good all-round but i just wouldnt use a top 5 pick on the Hedman's, Larsson nor Murray type d-men who wont add offense as well. Just personal choice of avoiding more defensive (all-round) d-men with high pick when, a Maatta/Reinhart or another can be had in mid 1st round. With more KHL crap, like Burmistrov being offered KHL contract and Kostitsyn and Radulov being a bit unprofessional/unfocused, i was a bit leery about Grigorenko russian-factor before and given his "takes shifts/games off' and playoff unsuccess, no one would really risk picking him at 3 would they? Especially given the top quality of those ranked all around him. I mean Radulov still seems like a me-first player and seems to be just the latest in growing line of russian gong show contestants/picks.
  14. MIght be strange and lack hometown forwards, but i will bet after all the top quality d-men and top euro/russians in the 1st round, you will still find many canadian kids, like Laughton/Sissons/Troock and at least a couple dozen of others from just the CHL alone, whom all project to be solid NHLers as per most drafts. Is reason i still think will be bout average when all said and done and looked back at down the road. So by your list the Habs, if grab BPA, be picking Murray (as per Bob McKenzie list as well and he(TSN)are batting 100% correct for 5 years running, for ranking the #3 who is taken at #3) And you had Dumba at #5, but that was before his showing at U18s, would you say his stock is higher or still #5? I would take the chance and have Dumba as the top d-man (and a flip of coin for him or Gaalchenyuk at 3rd pick), even though Murray is better at present and safest pick.
  15. Even if that is how to judge, i see some in the 70s to 90s that seem promising for sure, whether more than normal or less i ait got a clue?
  16. Sorry, am from Saint John and a pet peeve. I see him rushing, coughing up puck and still getting back in time,which as Subban found out, cant be done vs pros without costing goals. But as with Markov who started out as a forward and Habs turned him into d-man, defense can be taught/learned at a later stage and Subban has improved greatly over past 2 years, but the AHL year was needed and will be for Beaulieu as well. Which is why, if he cant defend at AHL level, move him up front is one option (likely never come to that but). But with several defensive d-man also turning pro this year, should work out fine.
  17. Re-read and recall article, points out how viewed/percieved by others. Galchenyuk/Reilly seem to have recovered and both still top 10 and likely both close to top 5. And several others likely wont fall too badly due to injuries. As for the couple overhyped players who fell like Ebert, there are some other prospects as always (like Collberg/Teravainen) who have moved way up to fill those spots. But by and large most top 10-15 guys are still in top 10-15. So seems to be another average class to me and as was last year with Rattie/Jurco/etc, there will be some skilled scorers and other solid role players still to be had in 2nd round.
  18. Great to see your prospect profiles, well done. I hear more and more, that this year's draft referred to as thin, but it seems will have same quality players available in 2nd round as were last year. And in 1st round is just heavier to defense is all eh? So by and large, will likely be an average draft class.
  19. St.Johns; NFLD has no major junior team, an AHL team yes. Saint John N.B. does have a solid QMJHL junior team. Beaulieu has sketchy defense, but he has what cant be taught, offensive talent and great skating. Now we just need to keep fingers crossed that his defense is not MAB weak and more like Subban, which i think is likely the case.
  20. You could of had Scotty Bowman with George Halas and Vince Lombardi as assistants and the Habs would have missed the playoffs. If you add up the production from 79, 13, 11, 14, 21 (irregardless of why) and the salary spent on those players, no team could win when $25-30 million gets you only 40 or so goals, pretty simple, plus Eller/Gorges/Leblanc had no training camp and spent all summer rehabbing, plus had several rookies/sophmores playing key minutes. if you want to blame Cunnywoth and think Martin got the short end of stick, so be it. History now, no sense beating dead horse.
  21. Burke is an american and Samuelson is also, but i was just tossing it out there, almost impossible to guess correctly with a draft after the first few spots, but would seem a fit is all. I can pull for/guess, Habs to take Bozon at 33rd and Luke Sutter to still be available at 55th and maybe Coda Gordon at 64th and Steven Hodges at 94th, but likely 1:100,000 to get even 1 correct? 1st round is a bit easier but still a crap shoot.
  22. You got a point and Martin Hockey may be being used, and that is why it is so freakin boring and as entertaining as watching paint dry. At least Philly Pitt series was fun to watch, too bad it is over. But thanks god the Blue Jays are playing OK and still fast and entertaining junior hockey to watch. I will pull for Sens, but not even likely watch them play and they will be likely be golfing tomorrow anyways.
  23. Edmonton vs Moose Jaw has had a rink full of scouts for past couple games, now that Morgan Reilly is back and up to speed, he certainly shows flashes of Coffey-like play. Several GMs like Stevie Y and the announcers thought Bighead Burke was also at game, checking out Reilly as well as Griffin Reinhart and others. Reinhart can skate for a big guy and should go right around 10th or so and Reilly may be quite appealing to Burke at #5? Henrik Samuellson has been looking very good, much more entertaining hockey than that trap-crap the NHL is showing. Samuellson seems to be playing his way into 1st round, big body, can skate OK, back checking, has some offense and threw a sneeky dirty elbow, which his father or Craig Ludwig would of been proud of. I can just picture Burke drooling, but i dont think Samuellson is a big scrapper?
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