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  1. I am not expecting to happen, just thought it might be a pretty equal swap?
  2. Hey, for a cool $8m/year for 5-10 years and a few 1st round picks, likely can have your wish of "the Weber" this summer.
  3. Would a trade of Subban for Columbus's 1st pick (of course be Yakupov) be a fair swap. Columbus gets a top 4 flashy roster player, easy to market and play alongside Johnson and Habs get a big offensive weapon and combine that with a 2nd top pick of a centre. Who both, more than likely, could step in in 2013-14.
  4. i used to find Cherry funny when i was younger, now it is just sad, or he was a fews years ago when i last heard him! Thank god for RDS-HD!
  5. That was one sweet hit by Yemelin, i think Malone was almost sick after that one, he just hammered him. But as Cunnyworth said, Yemeln might of waited for a bit better time for pay back. Any psych expert will tell you anger is always rooted in fear. And a fearful guy like Malone can very easily sucked into dumb penalties and the Habs shot themselves in foot once again and couldnt score, or hardly even get a shot on 5 minute penalty, but any competitive team, like a Detroit, would of made Tampa pay for Malone's childish tantrum. Have no worry, he will be looking over his shoulder the next time Yemelin is bearing down on him and wont want to be embarrassed like that once more. And Malone if not a big bodychecker, so i think Yemelin has little to fear from him. I disagree withe the "take care of him" attitude (other than to goad him into dumb penalties), it is an outdated, Don Cherryish and unnecessary tactic, laying the body on em every chance you get is the way to go. Works in all international competitions/world juniors, NHL playoffs and still have exciting hockey without the brainless acts by the Jody Shelley's of the NHL. Just my 2 cents.
  6. To play 20 minutes/game and be on special teams also and maybe to help give Bulldogs a chance at playoffs? And what is matter with ensuring top 3 pick, what else they got to play for? I am for trying to get top 2 pick if at all possible.
  7. Holland continues to roll along and up to 97 points now.
  8. Hope the young guys all get a regular shift and lots of ice time and the 4th line gets lots of rest on bench, as none are in future plan past April 7th i doubt? Also be nice to see Cole and Pacioretty both sneek closer to 30 goal plateau.
  9. Sounds good. Just hope Oilers, Sabres, Carolina keep on doing well for next 5-6 weeks and should be assured of a super pick no matter what. See how March plays out with the CHL having only 9 or 10 games left in regular seasons and i assume Galchenyuk will be back for playoffs. See how he,Grigorenko and Faksa perform then.
  10. If you think he would do just as well without his sidekick, he should be preferred over Grigorenko, only because of the 'russian factor' and my guess is that Galchenyuk has much less of a chance of being a malcontent or prima donna, or however you want to catagorize the Kovalev type of player. Am i stereotyping, for sure, but i just havent read anything on Galchenyuk such as, "takes shifts and sometimes games off" as i have seen for Grigorenko. And maybe is can be attributed 100% to his ankle injury or scouts bias?, but i fear it is between his ears. But he still seems like could be a Malkin-type clone and could be the ubertalented superstar that Malkin is (exactly what Hab franchise needs desparately) and not the headcase/egomaniac an Ovechkin seems to be? anyways, keep on posting the hyperlinks sir, good stuff
  11. A disgrace is something that is not related to the competitiveness of a sports team per say. The reaction to an anglo coach could be in that catagory for sure, or booing an injury to opposing player, without question was. The blue jays are not a competitive team for 20 years , but would i call them a disgrace, not a chance. 20 some MLB teams trot out minor leaguers in September regular season games every year just for the experiance, is that a disgrace?, is playing 2nd stringers in NFL when playoffs are toast, a disgrace?; or are these just smart accepted planning tactics for long term success? Did you think the Habs were a contender in Sept? With zero all star forwards and no real additions to the offense (Cole was expected to get 20 or so goals if lucky) and a young d-core? I think that is where you may have gone wrong and had unrealistic expectations from the outset? At best many hoped they would sneek into playoffs, but by X-mas most could see that 3 months of losing hockey had dug too deep a hole and was not gonna end well in April. The dignity part is just "out there", i am fine with Leaf, Bruin and Canuck fans poking fun at "my team" this year, cause it is just a sport and supposed to be fun entertainment isnt it?, and i prefer being a "Good Sport" about it all and not take it too serious, if you see that as undignified so be it.
  12. Other than the russian factor, i am all for Grigorenko, but Roy is a bit crazy isnt he? But it would make for entertaining press conferances to have a french Tortarella flying off the handle every week or so. Would be the total opposite of Martin and who knows he may be a good coach??
  13. That is a deal i wouldnt make, maybe Plekanec, 2nd rounder and Weber for Getzlaf. Or Plekanec for Stastny straight up. Screw the trading top pick away idea, cept if trading up to #1, another quality pick like Price will do the team wonders.
  14. Quit beating around the bush and tell us how you really feel will ya! Sorry, i just dont see it as quite that bad and this season is over. It is spring training now. Might as well just play Palushaj, Geoffrion, White, Diaz, Weber, Yemelin a ton, call up Engqvist and Shultz and give them some experiance. Play Budaj more and see what he has.
  15. Quite a title for forum, "Disgrace of a Team"? Holy crap, that is a bit much isnt it? The sky will not fall becasue the Habs have an off year. I know you are likely just venting a bit, but even in this shitty season, i see lots of positives and cant wait till next fall.
  16. Be very hard to tell much, in the 10 practice games he might get in, But will be nice to see him back for sure.
  17. 2 more years of Kaberle, sweet eh! I am joking a bit, but overall i am glad he is signed for 2 more, sure he is a bit pricey and a bit soft, but you cant argue with his offense and the experiance the young d-men will need next fall, especially if Tinordi/Ellis or Beaulieu get called up. And Spacek and Cammalleri were 2 i have crapped on for past 2 years, so am quite pleased both are gone. I guess no one wanted to trade for Gomez. Anyways, hopefully Moan will now sign for a fair salary?
  18. seems about right, still Grigorenko's supposed inconsistant play, noted by Bob McKenzie, scares the crap out of me. And i would almost take Galchenyuk over him, but can he produce the same, without a Yakupov on his wing?
  19. i agree, who knows maybe Habs will sign him in summer? I know, 1:1000 chance of that but would be fine with me if resigned him
  20. i suggested earlier that Holland may be a notch above Kristo and he will top 100 points, which is just sweet for a 7th round pick. Hope Cammalleri was worth it Calgary, haha. Holland, Bournival, Ellis and Tinordi may all start in AHL next year but wouldnt be a surprise to see any or all called up as injury replacements throughout season. And i still have reservations whether Gallagher's game will translate to pros? At times he dominates in junior, but dosent necessarily mean NHL success. I hope they all rip it up in Hamilton as does Kristo and future appears brighter (than last couple of gong show games for Habs, but is just practice now i suppose)
  21. Poor Cammalleri, so hard done by in Montreal, i am sure he must just rippin it up in Calgary is he?
  22. regarding Diaz? Chris, are you Mike Milbury? sorry for insult and am just kiddin, but a bit quick to write a rookie off arnt you? He wasnt invited to All Star game by accident. You think Diaz would clear waivers, if he had to?? Not a chance. AK46 is a solid 20 goal guy who forchecks and if no big offers are out there for him, i hope he gets resigned ASAP.
  23. Sorry to disagree 100% and which jury would still be out? Segain by himself is a better all round player than "Kess" and Hamilton is a big cant miss d-man. It is almost in the MIlbury catagory of dumb deals for a non-playoff team to make. Kessel is a good scorer for sure, but other than that, he is Cammalleri-like and as soft as it gets.
  24. As Cucumber pointed out, you and most seem to be exaggerating the negatives at present, which is fine and maybe correct; but i think all 3 deals done by Gauthier lately are all for the better and you wont sway my stance on that, time will tell if Bourque and Kaberle are bums, but both are doing fine right now (in my opinion) on an offensively challanged and non-competitive team. These final 20 games are just for practice anyways, same as September MLB games for non-playoffs teams. Trade all spare parts and play the crap out of all the prospects.
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