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  1. Would be great if they can develop a solid NHL starter (or two); but, goalie projection seems almost impossible to predict.
  2. Just like hearing stuff like this, Engels bit; "Lastly, Romanov may not have participated in a practice with teammates since 2021, but he’s probably been doing nothing but training in the States. I would think Ducharme would have to chain him to a seat in the press box to keep him out of the lineup against the Bruins, but we’ll see."
  3. Kostenko 2a Mysak 1g(18) 2a, 2nd star Xhekaj 1a Norlinder not in lineup, hope injury is minor minor minor. (Dr Recchi says must be a "UBI" of some sort, after slamming into glass like he did.) worth a read on young goalie https://www.collegehockeynews.com/news/2022/01/10_Freshman-Dobes-Takes-Charge.php https://www.habseyesontheprize.com/prospects/2022/1/11/22877397/analysis-the-positioning-of-canadiens-goaltending-prospect-jakub-dobes-ohio-state-goaltender-habs
  4. Yes, i think is very limited group of d every year, who get 1pt/gm or better in the CHL. (e.g. 2 years ago were 6 in the OHL)
  5. todays action; habsprospects.com; January 11 games Jokerit Helsinki at Dynamo Moscow 11:30 am Otto Leskinen - HC Riga at JHC Spartak Moscow 9:00 am - Watch online Dmitri Kostenko - Rögle BK at Frölunda HC 1:00 pm - Champions Hockey League Semi Final Mattias Norlinder - Niagara IceDogs at Hamilton Bulldogs 7:00 pm Jan Mysak - Arber Xhekaj - Arizona State University at Northeastern University 7:00 pm Jordan Harris - Jayden Struble -
  6. Are there many other contending teams, that DO have 1st pick or prospect(s) they likely would part with to add him and he is a fit?
  7. How good is this kid, likely just a 2 game hot start due to adrenaline after sitting all fall watching team play? And by April, should be <1pt/gm i would fully expect.
  8. Why? Poor pro-scouting/evaluation? Bit of bad luck tossed in? Would you peg his Hab signings overall; poor-average-above average?
  9. Dobes 2g on 40shots; the 6'4" kid is now 14-5 2.15 0.925% at Ohio State.
  10. Allen being pretty candid (is Machabee gonna tear a strip off him?), “We need to take things out of this season that are going to be positive, that are going to help this team and this organization next year ... ” And then Allen said, “Win or loss doesn’t matter at this point.”
  11. Mailloux 0pts but 6 shots, end of 2nd
  12. I wonder how big a gorilla on his back is after just 1g in 26games, after being impossible for him to ignore all the Calder trophy pre-season hype? (7th rounder 201st pick Harvey-Pinard 1g in 3 games, most pts/gm for all 2019 4th-7th round picks, of all 3 of them with NHL time )
  13. Harris/Struble 1a Farrell 1g1a Tuch 2g (4g 5pts in last 3gms)
  14. I just think Matthews is too darn good to be confused with Caufield, thats all and obviously we all hope Caufield fills the net for next decade scoring 30-40/yr.
  15. Norlinder 0pts, just 5:12 icetime? Farrell at it again, 1g1a in 2nd period Harvard up 3-0 Harris 1a 2nd period.
  16. https://www.tvasports.ca/2022/01/08/dg-du-ch-patrick-roy-a-ete-rencontre
  17. Exactly, i think every d-man loves to get a chance to forecheck or introduce themselves to the goalie a la Gallagher. Not likely good for his development nor will see it happen; but just for entertainment value & i wanna see the kid get a ton of icetime in general.
  18. https://awinninghabit.com/2022/01/08/montreal-canadiens-logan-mailloux-impresses-ohl-debut/
  19. If trying to squeeze out any positives from season so far, are not many flattering team stats in first 1/3 of season, other than Habs are 6th in hits. Romanov tied 7th in NHL with 106 hits, next on team Savard with 72. Seems Romanov is similar to a Emelin in the hitting dept, hopefully a bit of Markov-like puck skills develops in his game. (Maybe give Romanov some shifts on the 4th line and give him a chance to forecheck, or attack net, or just reek general havoc in opposing zone)
  20. Logan Mailloux 2a 5 shots in 1st game Struble/Tuch 1a
  21. Matthews scored 40g as a rookie and on a 45 goal pace his second, why would you expect Caufield to even be close to that? I predicted 24g this year and obviously he wont even do that.
  22. https://hamiltonbulldogs.com/article/bulldogs-acquire-arber-xhekaj-rangers
  23. habsprospects.com: MAILLOUX debut today. January 7 games Neftekhimik Nizhnekamsk at HC Sochi 9:00 am Alexander Gordin - JHC Spartak Moscow 4 Krylya Sovetov Moscow 3 (Final OT) - Watch online Dmitri Kostenko - three assists Flint Firebirds at London Knights 7:00 pm Logan Mailloux - University of Minnesota at Michigan State University 6:30 pm Rhett Pitlick - Arizona State University at Boston University 7:30 pm - Watch online Luke Tuch - Long Island University at Northeastern University 7:30 pm - Watch online Jordan Harris - Jayden Struble - Lake Superior State University at Bemidji State University 8:07 pm Arvid Henrikson -
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