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  1. I'm liking the Hossa idea a little more now ... yes Sundin is a great player and i'm sure any habs fan would love to have him on the team as well. If Chipchura is ready for that 3rd line role then Sundin won't help as much as Hossa. I like ForumGhost's idea he's got going there but this is how I would like to see it AK, Plecks, Kovy Higgins, Koivu, Hossa Lats, Chips, SK Begin, Laps, TK EX = Grabs, DandiNO Markov, Komi Hammer, Steit Gorges, O'Byrne EX = Bouillion Price Halak 3 solid scoring lines with a good bang and crash line .. 4th line is the shut down line if need be as well as the crash in your face line. 3rd line is good defensively but would still be considered a scoring line. I like having SK's speed and paly making ability with a guy that will crash the net and a big centre that's defensivly responsible. It would also give Lats a chance to push more offensively with those two. 2nd line is pure speed, make a couple moves and get it to the net. 1st line is what we saw before .. puck control and playmaking.
  2. HAHA yeah when he was in LA it was a "high class mullet" cause he used gel ... hopefully he goes Feathery and Lethal in TB oh and to answer that question AC ... it's not that he's an improvement ... it's a publicity stunt ... one of the new owners coming in is a producer from LA so maybe he's feeling a little nestalgic haha I just thought of something else ... maybe John Bucigross and EJ Hradek will be his assistant coaches
  3. Acutally better than any rookie can get now ... because he was drafted in 04 ... before the lockout and the new CBA took place.
  4. Just rename Tortorella to Melrose and I'm game !
  5. maybe it will benifit the Habs .... maybe TB will suck so bad that vinny leaves and signs with the HABS and the bolt completely rebuild.
  6. True but it's not like he's been away from hockey the whole time ...but it's a risky idea for TB
  7. This rocks ! TSN On a side note ... the main reason this rocks is my Japanese roommate will now have to re-grow his Mullet. He used to rock it when Melrose was with the Kings and said he would never grow it again unless Melrose returned to coaching. I used to bug him about it all the time for years ... now it seems my day has come !
  8. He was drafted out of high school in Minnesota and I believe he went to the U of Minnesota ... so I think it's a pretty good guess ! haha. To Habit - I think he has just a good chance of cracking the Yotes top 6 as any other team ... No matter where he goes to play, he's going to have to earn that right to play top 6 minutes. Or he'll get top 6 minutes in the AHL
  9. I don't think he want's to come to Montreal ... reason being is he rejected a contract that would be more than he can make in the open market. He was drafted the year before the lockout. Now I believe he's subject to the CBA rookie cap now. I'm pretty sure he wants to play somewhere like Minnesota ( his home town ) ... not Pheonix
  10. Reminds us all of how precious life is and how it can be over just like that. Sad day for hockey and for the Bourdon family.
  11. Don't get me wrong ... some of the tracks they put in are great.
  12. wow .. talk about old memories ... makes me wish they used this kind of music again and not all these "up and coming" bands like they do now.
  13. That happens with other people as well and Mark Bell is far from a celebrity ... it's cheaper for the state to keep non-violent crimes out of the jail an into work programs ... cuts the cost of housing him and overcrowding the jail.
  14. #6 is Mission Impossible #1 is it Raging Bull ?
  15. The only one I know for sure is #3 which is Forrest Gump #2 Coming to America ? the rest I have no idea
  16. Why keep all those UFA's ... the list is so freaking long !
  17. Oh we're talking about Lahti ... I thought this was another Fabian Buttstrum thread ... my bad
  18. If room on the disk is a problem then they should do away with the European Leagues, it's and NHL game so make it one and if you want international teams make another game and call it something else. I'd rather have a good in depth NHL game than the ability to play with Euro teams and International teams.
  19. I believe that was me Other than scoring on a regular basis ... he's always working hard and doing the little things teams need to win games.
  20. Sammy acutally put up really good #'s when he got to carolina. I think playing with Staal help a lot ... as long as he stays on the side of Staal this will be a good signing ... if you really think about it .. the only other time he had good seasons is when he played with a big centre, namely Joe Thornton. The Habs and Hawks didn't have that kind of centre to play with him.
  21. Well it's never been about where the players are from ... it's where the team is based out of ... when Anaheim plays LA they don't play the Canadian anthem. It just so happens that Hockey has teams in Canada and the US ... if it had a team in Mexico too then they'd play the Mexcian national anthem as well where ever they played or at home. I don't know for sure, but I'd believe that when LA played Anaheim in London at the beginning of the year they played the British national anthem. I don't see a reason to get rid of that tradition ... besides where else would you even sing or hear a country's national anthem other than a sporting event ?
  22. Ok why would the NHL ( to it's core is a buisness ) want to go to a market where people already buy the product they sell ? Canada loves hockey .. everyone knows that. If you get people that normally don't buy your product to buy it .. your buisness grows I don't think people realize that it's going to take a long long time for hockey to really grow in the "non" traditional markets. You can't expect for a team to pop up and all of a sudden have a million new fans ... it takes generations to grow ... Fans in traditional markets like montreal can almost to a T say that there father/mother/grandparents/great grandparents etc loved the canadiens ... there hasn't been enough time for that to happen in places like Florida, Atlanta, etc.
  23. All of those teams have had crap management and terrible teams to watch for years ... unless fans feel like wasting money I'm not suprised they're at the bottom of the list.
  24. Well now it's Kessler ... so he better change it and get used to it ! yeah I would love to see Pronger get his A$$ handed to him
  25. oh I think Pronger is a dirty biatch but when did the players stop policing themselves ? Why does the NHL have to crack down on goons ? I didn't see the rest of the game but did anyone go after Progner for his "vicious" hit ? Did Kessler bleed ? was he injured ? did his sock get torn ? I've seen high sticks and elbows do more damaged and either get suspended for less games or nothing at all. Btw I love hearing that Chris Simon is all bent over this whole thing.
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