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  1. If Ovechkin did want to come here I don't think Komi would have any problem giving up the #8 for him.
  2. I'd bet $5 that the father was testing it out on his computer and snyc'd his own porn collection on to his daughters new ipod by mistake. haha
  3. Yeah my buddy has it ... I'll try to get it back from him soon .. but if you guys get some Halo matches going let me know
  4. So PTG if your teacher came to you and said ... In order for you to pass my test and graduate, you have to shoot the Dean in chest ... Would you do it ? You'd have to right cause the teacher said so ... and it would be his fault not yours right ? Burtuzzi had a choice .. he made the wrong one ... now he's paying the price for his mistake. Even if Crawford said go out and injure him .. Burtuzzi could have said no. Crawford did not threatin Bertuzzi with any action. Crawford did not say Todd if you don't injure moore i'll stab your wife. Burtuzzi could have asked for a trade ... he could have when to the PA and filed a complaint .. he could have went to the league and filed a complaint. He didn't ... he made his choice.
  5. it's a hockey game ... not war ... a little bit of difference there. Nobody forced Burt to level Moore from behind. Burt could have very well said screw you coach and went and talked to the GM after the game.
  6. I keep meaning to join fellas ... just always forget or get distracted by Call of Duty 4
  7. It still could be possible that the LA Kings could claim him if no one ahead of them do. That would be interesting
  8. I don't think it would saddle Plecks and Kovy ... they've been playing well all season regardless of who's been on that line .. maybe it can jump start Ryder. Maybe Big #### will compliment Higgins and Koivu more than Ryder does ... maybe Big #### will play better on the right side ... maybe Ryder will play better on the left side ... we don't know .. it might be worth a shot.
  9. Some one mentioned in another thread of switching Big #### with Ryder ... wouldn't be a bad idea. it at least keeps Higgins and Koivu together as well as Plecks and Kovy ... those pairs seem to be doing great together. Basically Higgins , Koivu , Big #### Ryder , Plecks , Kovy Might be worth a shot at least.
  10. So how does this work ? is there a set schedule ? or just play when people are on ?
  11. He's in the article .. just his name isn't highlighted for some reason. - Over at Dartmouth, right wing J.T. Wyman, who is in his fourth year with the Big Green, has gotten off to a blazing start with seven points in just three games. Teammate and fellow Habs prospect Joe Stejskal has yet to find his way on to the scoresheet. The defenseman is in his rookie campaign at Dartmouth.
  12. I don't think he would be able to play if he was 30% body fat ... at least the NHL level. He'd pass out after two or three shifts.
  13. Yeah I believe that happened in a Kings game earlier this season ... basically you can't make any player changes so awarding a penalty shot with no goalie is just a waste of time
  14. how is Roenick a scam artist ? because he said he was going to retire, figuring that nobody wanted him on they're team ? SJ calls ( a legitimate Stanley Cup contender ) and says hey do you want to play and we don't expect you to do much more than be a leader and chip in here and there. Why wouldn't he jump on that ... especially since he hasn't won a cup ... and he pretty much took the league minimum to play.
  15. Selanne is UFA ... so basically he can do what he wants if he so pleases. Neidermyer on the other hand is under contract to play and basically is a no show. I know he's accomplished alot but if he doesn't want to play anymore then say it and retire. If not show up and do your job. I can't believe it's taking him so long to figure out if he wants to play the game, i'm "assuming" he loves.
  16. I agree ... but I think Forsberg's situation is alittle different .... he wants to play ... but only at the level he's used to giving .. he has major injury problems and is currently rehabbing ... I think if he was 100% healthy he would be playing right now ... as for Neidermyer and Selanne .. they're both healthy and will only play if they feel like it.
  17. All the Habs will get for Huet is draft picks ... I don't think the Kings would want to send any good young players ( especially for roster players ) for an impending UFA.
  18. So what if Carbo did call that time out ... and Florida still scored ... the media and Carbo critics alike would be saying he shouldn't have called the time out as it gave Florida's best players extra rest. Dammed if you do , Dammed if you don't.
  19. Does Carbo have to hold they're hands and tell them bed time stories as well ??? Begin is and adult ... he has two choices ... he can cry about it and play like crap next game and start a bad cycle ... or he can say WTF !! and play ten times batter next game so Carbo has no choice but to play him everyday. Same with any other player on this team. But espcially for the 3rd and 4th line guys. Carbo is creating a since of I better bring my A game every game or I'm going to walk into the Bell Center and find out i'm not playing.
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