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  1. Great signing at that term/amount.. Murray is a physical speciman that brings much need grit and crease clearing ability to the back end...How many times have we seen opposing players in Price's grill, this past year? He is NOT a Hal Gill...He is meaner, tougher, and hits like a Mack truck..He may not be as swift footed as we would like, but he brings an element we are weak in..Especially, on the blueline..
  2. @dlbalr: The 3rd was Pierre Turgeon
  3. I have no problem with players celebrating goals as long as it isn't overly showing up the opposing team.. The Jagr Salute I had no use for..Completely stupid..
  4. That is too bad..I really liked the kid's potential.. I think he sees the writing on the wall, though, being sandwiched between Price and Fucale..Hopefully, Bergevin can land us another young/goalie prospect..
  5. Switch Gionta and Briere and it works.. I would rather Prust centering the 4th line with Parros drawing in..
  6. I have no problem with smaller players as long as they play bigger than they are. (See Brendan Gallagher) He needs to get some bite in his game to balance out that size issue because larger d-man eat him up in the corners and along the boards. Say what you want about Briere, but for his smaller stature, he will stick his opponent if they try and take liberties.(Doug Gilmour esque). I really am not a big fan of stick work in hockey, but the odd jab will send a message.
  7. I'm not giving up on Bourque, just yet...Gionta's time is coming to an end in MTL...The guy has had 2 major injuries to his arms and that spells trouble...Gionta has 1 year left and will be gone after this season, IMO.. I really don't get why people don't like Bourque, especially when the team lacks size and physicality in the forward lines.. I don't think Bergevin is done tweaking because I believe he does have something cooking in a trade, but if this is the team we are going with, I will be extrememly disappointed..
  8. I am relieved that Begevin didn't give David Clarkson, Ryane Clowe, or Vincent Lecavalier those anchor contracts.. Briere is making 4M, but its only for 2 years..Parros is below 1M and is an UFA at the end of the season...2 great contracts to let our youth develop while staying somewhat competitive...I still think Begevin isn't done on the trade market, though..
  9. Speculation is that, Briere is signing with the Habs on a 2 year deal unless there is a dark horse that makes a late push..I wonder of he is using MTL to drive up the price again? Little meat head..lol
  10. The only thing I can hope for, is that, Desharnais is on his way out the door..I can live with Briere if Desharnais is gone.. Briere is an upgrade on Desharnais..
  11. We can all agree that the Lecavalier deal was dumb, if you are in the Flyers corner.. But, with Ed Snider owning your team, rules will bent and shifted so he can do it.. #crookedleague lol
  12. When Leblanc was drafted, there were rumblings he had work ethic issues...I don't know how true those rumblings were..
  13. lol I hear ya..I'm contemplating replacing the Laraque name for Bourque's... Yes, I bought a Laraque jersey when he signed here..lol
  14. I actually like Matt Hendricks..He would sign for 1M...He would basically take Army's spot on the 4th line..
  15. He scored 19 goals in his 1st season in the AHL..What are you referrring to as "not impressive"? lol
  16. PHI is going to be a lottery team, next year..Who plays defense and goal? They have no cap space, now to upgrade, either...lol
  17. He's going to Philly, is the speculation..
  18. I thought I read he wasn't signed and would become an UFA (Justin Schultz) if he wasn't? Apologies, if so..
  19. Apparently, Kristo has character issues and it didn't sit well with Bergevin..
  20. Kristo may have been hard to sign..We only had until July 5th to sign him or he becomes a UFA... Don't knock this Thomas kid..He is good..Plays in the mold of his old man, Steve..
  21. We got a steal here, fellas..Christian Thomas is on the small side, but playes MUCH bigger..He is a clone of his old man..Gritty with a great shot and sweet hands..Kristo doesn't have the grit this kid has.. I absolutely love this trade.. The kid can be an elite goal scorer at the next level..He scored 19 in his first AHL season, last year..I think we see him in a Habs uni this year..Not make the team, but being a call up in case of injury..This kid is GOOOOOD.. Think Steve Thomas.. He's 21, so he can make the team, but I think he sees the Dogs, for a year, or so 1st..
  22. He's coming to MTL on a lower contract..My gut tells me he wants to retire a Hab..
  23. I am sure this was already said, but the only way Lecavalier becomes a Hab, is if, he takes a home town discount to finish his career as a Hab.. I have been following it a lot on twitter and it states he wants to stay on the east coast..Also hear DET is out.. I think he is contemplating signing here for a cheaper deal..Just a hunch...
  24. Some say McCarron was a reach, but wouldn't be upset if we picked Fucale at #25... Timmins/Bergevin wanted McCarron, but felt he "may" not last until R2 and didn't wanna take that risk of somebody snagging him.. Fucale dropped and we picked him at 36..Is there a reason to hate the pick at 25 when we got Fucale at 36 anyway? LOL Flip the picks, does it ease your mind? Who cares where they got picked, as long as we got them..
  25. Ummm..I could be wrong, but we were the 5th highest scoring team in the league, last year.. What we do need, is a grit/size...Some beef up front and on the back end..We lacked accountability and character..
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