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  1. Pacioretty can play either side according to Timmins. Also, Kovalev will not be returning, last update was the Penguins called him. Mybe he'd take less to finish where he spent so much of his career (I know Sid would love it!)
  2. I'm impressed Chris. You are one of the biggest critics of the Habs size or lack there of and yet you approve of adding much smaller players. (unless I'm confusing you with another guy.) Gionta is the 2nd smallest in the league (Who is the smallest btw?)
  3. I love seeing peoples different ideas of line combinations, but I can't see Lats and Lappy being separated... they worked too well together.
  4. It looks great but you also have 2 guys we can't/won't sign in there Cammalleri /Gomez/ Gionta A. Kostitsyn/ Plekanec/ S. Kostitsyn Latendresse/Lapierre /Pacioretty D'Agostini/Metropolit/Laraque that is probably the most obvious way the lines will fall
  5. I'm not ready to give up on the Kosty brothers. Not that fast anyway.
  6. I thought so too, but then Gainey said in an interview he would be on the wing with Gomez. Cammalleri also said in an interview on Habs I/O that he will be a winger. Maybe he'll just take the important faceoffs and then go back to the wing?
  7. Well the team looks better on paper then it did yesterday, I just hope it isn't like the pre-cap Rangers where they always looked good on paper and not so good on the ice. I'm a bit confused by Gainey to be honest. Countless interviews before and during the draft Gainey said the focus was on a BIG #1 centre, not half a dozen small to very small players.
  8. I wasn't listing it as who's better... just as a replacement for the like minded player. Koivu the playmaker for Gomez the playmaker etc etc. Schneider is the exact same as Spacek for the record. Let's not forget Schneider had 17 points in 23 games for the habs, after having only 15pts in 44 games with Atlanta
  9. I enjoyed Knowing except for the last 5 mins or so. It didn't wreck the entire movie or anything but I would have been better to leave it up to my own imagination than to watch that ending.
  10. So as of right now... We lose: Koivu Kovalev Tanguay Komisarek Higgins Schneider and gain Gomez Cammarlleri Spacek Gill Saku = Gomez Tanguay = Cammalleri Gill < Komisarek Spacek = Schneider I'm happy Bob is the most active GM today but, Is it just me or do we need to replace Higgins and re-sign Kovalev?
  11. I think it's funny. TSN runs a promo for Cammalleri and how good he is just before breaking the signing and then slam him saying he was a product of Langkow and Iginla. WTF is wrong with these guys?
  12. 5 year deal 5:22 Sportsnet: Sportsnet has learned Cammalleri will get $30 million for five years from the Montreal Canadiens 5:23 darenmillard: we are breaking it.. hockeycentral 5 year deal.. money is at sportsnet.ca!!!!!! montreal gets a big fish... 5:25 darenmillard: mike cammalleri lands the montreal contract. 5 years... more than 5 million a year... kippy with the scoop..
  13. I like Gill at that price. Added some toughness on D atleast
  14. If Havlat has said to be willing to go the UFA route.... Hossa will the their next target.
  15. I'd give it to Markov. Kovalev had to be sat out.... nice leadership Bring Back Saku !!!!!
  16. Live chat today from 2 pm until 4pm EST. http://www.habsworld.net/article.php?id=1805
  17. Gaborik ... Out of the 3 he is the only true game breaker and pure goalscorer
  18. List 3 guys you want to see sign here. Try one top end winger, Dman and 4th line type. My picks are.... Gaborik Beauchemin Larose (love to see him with Lats and Lappy)
  19. Chat is open now and will begin very shortly. I assume Gainey helped this chat to be more in depth conversation.
  20. I don't think anyone here has a problem with Higgins going the other way. the fault in this deal is the "extras" that were far better then they had to be in this deal. McDonagh is a top flight D-man, wait for that one to bite us in the ass, it was in the same conference so he will have multiple opportunities to show us time and again..
  21. How is this worth not siging Saku for the same player... with double the costs.
  22. First line centre?!?! On what team aside from the Habs?
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