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  1. I lived in Stirling for 5-6 years when I was younger. small world
  2. Me too. Bulls huh? I take it your in Belleville?
  3. Welcome to the realm of sicko's
  4. I don't think it's really starting over from scratch since we traded only 1 prospect that will actually play. The changes that did happen aren't really all that drastic if you aren't looking at the jersey numbers and names alone. Most of the players we either signed or traded for are copies of the originals to some extent. Gomez/Koivu = playmaker Cammalleri/Kovalev = Goal scorer Gionta/Tanguay = All around offensive Gill/ Komisarek = Physical d-man Spacek/Schneider= PP specialist QB Really the only true upgrades (aside from who we think is better head to head) are Moen and Mara
  5. I'll keep it short...... ######ing Trees that fall on cars after putting $800+ into repairs! ###### You!
  6. Nice article about all the young players posing for rookie card shots with upper deck. http://www.tsn.ca/nhl/story/?id=288900 My favourite is PK's ... "Montreal Canadiens draft pick PK Subban was asked to place a future value on his upcoming rookie card. After thinking for a second, he answered, "Hopefully it's worth millions of dollars, because that would mean I had a great career in the NHL. That's what I'm hoping for and hopefully it starts next year," said Subban."
  7. The NHL will never drop games down again unless it is by 1 or 2 max. Revenue comes from playing games and the Phoenix fiasco should have taught everyone that money is the most important factor in any decision the league makes.
  8. I watched The Killing Room yesterday. Good flick with a decent concept, it had a very The Cube feel to it. The ending
  9. Cool thanks for the info Jets ! On an unrelated note, I just picked up the Batman Arkham Asylum game (PS3) from Wal-Mart for $38.83. I would never have known about this price war if not for this thread.... Thanks a Bunch guys!
  10. Being that I rarely put my ps3 online, can you give me some specifics or more details on the SotC levels or what I have to do to get them?
  11. Like anyone would actually pay to see a "NHL B" team when 8-10 NHL teams can't turn a profit let alone fill a building.
  12. I really enjoyed it, although I need to find some more levels to download or something since I have completed it 100%
  13. I'm not sure that any of them are actually different to be honest. I watched it and there were subtitles if you don't speak french (none for Irving, as he is speaking english anyway) for someone who doesn't speak french I would buy the non-french version
  14. if your looking for mindless fun, try Little Big Planet. Cool game lots of stuff to do and should look good with your new HD set up (I don't have one yet )
  15. Geography not being a strong point for me, I don't think it exists anymore. I think it was lumped into one or the other... but then again, what the hell do I know? That was just used as a lazy way to say United States of America throughout history. Doesn''t make it right though.
  16. I think he was referring to "America" not American.
  17. Looks like there will be alot of hockey talk for the games so why not open it's own thread? Gold: Canada Silver: Sweden Bronze: Russia Americans: 5th
  18. the drugs you are taking for you elbows are way too strong..... See a doctor immediately
  19. I wouldn't wish something like this on my worst enemy. My deepest sympathy to the Theodore family.
  20. I'm sure if nothing else the PP will be improved. But then again they weren't terrible, 17 other teams couldn't do any better.
  21. Sorry for the delay, it was un-avoidable. Some of the questions were either not answered or were to remain off the record. Interview posted
  22. I saw District 9 this afternoon. It was pretty good... kinda left me feeling like I did after The Village though.
  23. I went to the habs site and watched all 12 of D'Ago's goals over again and considering the type of goals he scores I'm really quite amazed he doesn't score more often. Maybe this season will be a good break out year and he can avoid the sophmore slump.
  24. I'm sure Martin and Gainey have had this conversation before the ink was dry on his coaching contract. Martin is no fool and he'll give the players every oportunity turn the corner, but it is ultimately up to them. First thing I would do is sit Moen right next to AK, Mara next to Plex, and Gill next to Price in the dressing room and let them see what true team players are like.
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