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  1. Didn't see it but TSN said on Sportcentre that Chipchura and O'Byrne have made the team...at least for the start of the season.
  2. Sounds like Gainey disagrees with carbonneau on what is best for Price...reading between the lines a bit. From today: http://canadiens.nhl.com/team/app/?service...rticleid=338239 "With the hot button topic being Price’s odds of making the team, Gainey discussed how talk of the top job in either Montreal or Hamilton being the only possible alternative for Price was perhaps premature. “Sometimes it’s tough for coaches to separate what is best for their current lineup and what will most benefit a young player’s development,” explained Gainey of the current battle between Price and Jaroslav Halak for the role as Cristobal Huet’s understudy. “For that reason, it may be my decision to make based on what makes the most sense for these players.” Those wary of thrusting Price into the spotlight are not alone, but Gainey and Co. are hard at work deciding who is ready for prime time. “It’s up to our hockey staff to decide what a normal growth pattern is for our young players,” said Gainey. “If a youngster say, skips from Grade 6 to 11, are there important steps that will be missed along the way? Can a given player handle that kind of a leap? Those are the types of questions we must ask ourselves as we look to best get these players to reach their potential.” As for what’s best for both Price and Halak at this stage of their careers, that all depends, according to Gainey. “Our goalie situation isn’t like New Jersey’s where you have Martin Brodeur playing over 70 games with a back-up being used sparingly,” said Gainey. “Our back-up will see action, and as for whom will fill what slot, that will be determined over the next week or so. “I believe a young goalie can develop either in Hamilton playing a lot of games, or here in a back-up role,” added Gainey. “We have two available goalie positions: the No. 2 job here in Montreal and the No. 1 job in Hamilton. Both have room for a goalie’s growth.”
  3. 6 days until Dexter. I am telling u guys...this show is freaky good. You will need Showcase/TMN to watch though.
  4. I think I read somewhere that Biron was injured. That's why he didn't get any ice-time. The one guy that I was surprised didn't play more was Valentenko. Also, I forgot to mention last week that Degon played fairly well in the Moncton game. He is years away but he seemed like a good player.
  5. I would actually be surprised if the Habs didn't unload one of these d-men within the next week. There are just too many and I don't want to see d-men playing forward again.
  6. Thanks for the kind words guys...there is nothing more that i would rather do than to see all the games live. Living in NS makes that a bit difficult though As for Fernandez. At first he didn't look very good but he got better as the game went on. He should have had the Higgins goal and he misplayed a couple pucks behind the net. Not his best game but he did keep them in it.
  7. Here are my thoughts from today. Really enjoyable game. much better than the game in Moncton :puke: First of all, I would be pissed if I were a Bruins fan...they were awful. They were missing passes, not getting the puck out etc. They do not look like a good team. S. Kostitsyn: Way better than I thought. This guy is better than Grabovsky. He is quite a little agitator also. On an icing call he nudged a Boston player into the net when chasing for the puck. He did get called for diving at one point though. Higgins: If he was not in game shape then he will be dominant. He was great tonight. Grabovsky: Fast and creatiive but not an NHL player just yet IMO. He is a decent replacement on a scoring line when needed. He needs to get stronger. A. Kostitsyn: Not as dominant as we have seen from him. He was good but not great tonight. O'Byrne: This guy loves to hit and he is great at it. He needs to make better decisions on when to hit as he caused an odd man rush which resulted in the 1st Boston goal because he missed his hit. He is pretty smart with the puck and I think he will beat out dandy for the final spot. He looks a bit lanky and if he fills out some more then he will be deadly. Dandenault: This guy was terrible in the 1st period but got better as the night when on. He looks desperate...like he knows his job is on the line. Komisarek: He wasn't his usual hitting self. Probably a bit tired...but still great. He is a definite leader...very vocal on the ice and in the warm-up. Streit: Played very well and played a lot. He played 25 mins against Ottawa the night before so he must be exhausted...perhaps they are showcasing him, lol Pleks: What can I say. He got the hattrick. Milroy: Career AHL'er Maxwell: Good but definitly needs time in the minors. Better than I thought. Halak: Good game, not a great game but he didn't have to be. Kostopoulos: a good energy guy. Did his job...but did have a bad turnover once. Hamrlik: Very solid d-man. He is very patient with the puck...you can tell he is very confident. He is completely different from Souray. He is not very physical but always seems to be in the right position. If he is going to man the point on the PP then the Habs need a new strategy. He like to float his shots in from the point which cause a lot of chances for rebounds and tips. The habs will need a couple bad asses to park themselves there for garbage goals. He was good at making sure the shot hit the net. Chipchura; He is really good at faceoffs but i was not overly impressed with him. He is not physical enough for the 4th line. He seems pretty smart and reliable though. Maybe he is tired. Ryder: He was ok, not great. Smolinski: played a good game. Good solid player and he seems to well liked by the guys. He always seemed to be talking and smiling with the other players. Lapierre: Good game. His roster spot is safe. Cote: Played a decent game but has fallen on the depth chart. A decent call-up if needed.
  8. Yes, apparently TQS has already shown highlites including he hit.
  9. I was at the game and will do a recap shortly. If you haven't seen the highlights yet, you have got to see the huge hit that O'Byrne made. It was a beauty.
  10. I will be going to the Halifax game as well. I am in section 6 about half-way up. Sorry Johnny...but Halak is playing that game for all 60 mins. Maybe your boy will see Huet at the bench.
  11. http://canadiens.nhl.com/team/app/?service...rticleid=337489 Fortier Subban Weber Cepak Piche Labrie Loverlock
  12. It appears to me that Conboy Kishel Wyman etc were not necessarily cut. Looks like the US College is making things difficult. You will notice Pacioretty, McDonaugh and Fischer are not there either...that is just not right.
  13. Maybe they signed him to replace Marleau....just kidding. Actually they are probably hoping he can play defense.
  14. FYI, Here are all the ads. I couldn't find them on ESPN. http://www.hockeybuzz.com/blog.php?post_id=9209
  15. Those ads are hilarious. Who said fighting shouldn't be part of the game! They are advertising the fighting because that is what people want to see.
  16. The Mikus they have is not the same guy the Habs let go. The Mikus they drafted is a d-man with the same name. The Mikus that the Habs let go re-entered the draft but went undrafted.
  17. not an offical release but here are the Flyer's new jersey as spotted on the season ticket packages.
  18. http://www.canucksandbeyond.com/index.php/...irth_of_a_logo/ I like the "fake" ones way better. These look comical.
  19. I registered. Looks like I will miss the draft but if it works for everyone else I can pre-rank my guys. I am traveling to Moncton to see the habs play that night.
  20. Thanks We need the league ID# to get in. The name won't work
  21. Since the Habs are unveiling their RBK jerseys on September 4th...I assume this is when the rookie camp begins.
  22. I think you guya are talking about the regular camp. The rookie camp is before that I would think it starts very soon. They are not participating in the rookie tourney but they are still having a camp.
  23. This is the proposed leaked one. I like them except for the little guy in the crest. http://www.canucksandbeyond.com/index.php/...nucks_uniforms/
  24. I may be in the minority but I am a fan of the new RBK jerseys. Here are Ottawa's official new jerseys. http://senators.nhl.com/team/app/?service=...rticleid=336188
  25. You were right, it was Swedish...I have become so fluent of all the world's languages I often forget the origin.
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