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  1. No, 4 mill over two years. Thats what Carter wants however(3 mill per year at 3 years) and I praise Nonis for not giving in.
  2. Thanks. B) I'm hopeful Nazzy won't go anywhere and I'm pretty sure Nonis won't move him now. I really think you have to look positive here because almost everything here is different. Brand new coaching staff, we actually have a franchise goaltender and we have a lot more depth than last season. Our youth is improving and creating that depth. They're are a lot of questions too with Reid, Santala, Pyatt, Chouinard and all our star players coming back from injury filled seasons. We'll have to await the results but I'm really confident Nonis knows what he's doing and will do what it takes to make this squad compete next season. So we'll see I guess. Also, best of luck to the Habs this season!
  3. Agreed. Walker will be great for the Canes too.
  4. I give up..... you all will see what the hell I've been pointing out........ and jets?????? our D is softer than molasses? Your telling me that with: Mitchell: Rock Hard defensive dman Ohlund: Solid two way dman who hits hard Salo: Who can handle his own and is 6-3 215 lbs Bourdon: A young hitting machine( reminds me of the young Jovo..... he stinks now excpt his offensive game) Bieksa: This guy is tough.... He can fight and hit and same with Nathan McIver Brown: You should know he's a solid depth dman who can play physical Krajicek is the only one who can be considered soft on our defense................ As for Cooke, Morrison and Naslund... we may have lost against Calgary but that line was awesome. Morrison plays better when Bertuzzi isn't around. Played 20 minutes a night and was a warrior. Cooke took Berts spot and crashed the net with consistency while we all know what Nazzy can do. They were all injured for most of last season. When Cookie is needed he can produce. Pyatt agreed to a lower contract because Nonis promised he's get more playing time and with his first chance at being a UFA, this is the right situation for him to come in and play well. Santala and Reid played well in Europe so we'll see how they fair here. In fact they were our first 2 moves of the offseason. Our players aren't junk. If ours are junk then so are yours. We're going with a younger team that fights and plays as a TEAM. It was mentioned on Team 1040 around the time of the Pyatt trade.... probably not true. Not sure but there was an annoucement of a press conference and they got info from certain agents to figure what it was for and thats what Buils's agent said apparently. Noronen won't land us much. From the looks of it, management will keep him and he should be signed around 800k. Anyways, we have an abundunce of young guys coming up. Reid could THRIVE in the new NHL. He wanted to come back once he saw MacDonald and Gionta having success. That's what he said. King's had great success with the Sedins and Balej looked good with Kesler.... Schultz is also ready but Jannik Hansen will be a force in a year or maybe he makes it out of training camp. Look at Buffalo... they got success from their team in Rochester. That's exactly what will happen here and we'll see how it goes.
  5. Naslund-Morrison-Cooke D.Sedin-H.Sedin-UFA Pyatt-Chouinard-Kesler Burrows-Santala-Linden Ohlund-Bieksa Mitchell-Krajicek Bourdon-Salo Brown/McIver Luongo Noronen Pyatt has signed a 700k 1 year deal. Sean Brown is expected to be re-signed for the leage minimum. Also, Nonis IS in the market to grab a UFA RW'er(Young, Kozlov, Carter, Sykora, Nolan) now. Who it is, I don't know..... We have guys like King, Balej etc etc but Jesse Schultz is believed to be ready.... Maybe Reid? Management believes they are almost or are 100% sure that one of our prospects are ready to play with the Sedins. Out of that group only Bieksa played a part of the year with the Moose and McIver could make the defense over Bieksa. That's really it with maybe one or two forwards from the Moose making it. So basically how is our team the Manitoba Moose? Like I've been saying our team is fine for friggin sakes!
  6. Put Toronto in the 9th spot... that way they don't make the playoffs and they don't get as good a prospect....
  7. I agree with everything you just said except the Nonis major rookie mistakes. Hindsight is 20/20 and Nonis added dmen, a position of weakness to give Burke's group ONE LAST SHOT...... the team screwed it up and it allows Nonis to know it's time for a change. He did his part but the team didn't do theirs....... It was in no way Nonis's fault. Beruzzi needed to go. Ask TBRC and BTH how much I defended Bert but even I agree he needed a change. The guy created way to many turnovers and didn't backcheck hit or anything. Constantly losing the puck and not going to the net...... I'll miss him a lot but we got a franchise goalie, a position where everyone including people like you fans(not pointing fingers at you in particular ) criticized our organization for lacking. Nonis wanted to build from the net out and Tambs knows a lot of Luongo through Hockey Canada and seemed very high on him and it all amazingly happened.
  8. He took a paycut to come here. Dallas and Minnesota were offering 4 mill+..... that's his price. He is an excellent defensive d-man. I've seen him a lot and he's done a great job against Bertuzzi and Naslund. Eats a lot of minutes, shuts down star players and very consistent. Burke was a good GM and I miss him, but there were reasons they let him go and one was they were afraid to lode Nonis to another team. Burke absolutely sucks at drafting players and he lost us Umberger...... when he went to Anaheim he uses Murray a lot as he brought in all the young guys. He wouldn't look so great without all that youth Muraay brought in..... especially the luck he got to land Bobby Ryan. Nonis in the past 3 drafts has REALLY turned the emphasis on youth and drafting around. He has shown that he will do what it takes to improve the team and make it competitive. So far he has done quite well. Burke was just too stubborn. The only time where he actually did something in his tenure besides the Sedin draft was the 03-04 deadline when he got Rucinsky and Sanderson. 02-03... all he added was Brad May.......... The Luongo deal wasn't a mistake. Nonis put his stamp on the team. We're starting with a whole new approach. That team had had it and I'm sure Burke could have stayed away from the cap with Naslund, Morrison, Jovo, Bert, Ohlund, Cloutier and brought the players necessary to make the team well rounded. Your looking at a few names gone most likely.... Nonis is giving the team depth and so far I like our team MUCH better than last season. We're going to see a few of our young guys come up and Vigneault knows what all of them can do from his past season which is another advantage to having him coach this squad. A younger squad that works hard and plays as a team. Last year Crawford couldn't get them do anything. Like I mentioned way above, Alain is perfect for this team.
  9. Last years squad was Burke's team. Nonis gave them one last shot and they messed up. So Nonis begins building his version and therefore a new era. He first rids the team of Crawford which was a smart move and brings in the perfect coach for this team in Vigneault. After that he moves a guy who really needed a change in scenery in Bertuzzi and lands u one of the best keepers in Luongo. You guys can say what you want but he's worth it. He has rid the team of Bertuzzi, Ruutu, Park, Jovanovski, Allen, Baumgartner, Auld and Cloutier and brought in Luongo, Krajicek, Mitchell, Chouinard and Pyatt and he is far from done. Vigneault demands he best of his players and rolls four lines. Crawford just hasn't got a clue how to do that anymore and sucks at getting the team to hold leads. This is he type of coach we needed. As for RW'ers, Matt Cooke will fill a spot most likely. For all you Morrison bashers, when Bertuzzi was suspended in 03-04, Morrison stepped up. He is a better player when Bert in't around. The line of Naslund, Morrison, and Cooke was excellent. Unfortunately last season all three had s injury filled season. Nonis and Tambellini know what they're doing and are confident they'll ice a competitive squad. They're looking for comeback players and one could be Owen Nolan. As for our team right now, I'm not worried really. League minimum guys? We have rookies coming up making around that amount. Our guys from Manitoba have been excellent and now playing Vigneualt up here, things shouldn't change. Brandon Reid is one guy to look out for. He could follow the steps of Andy MacDonald and there is Tommi Santala who Nonis thinks could be a solid addition to our bottom 6. He adds Chouinard and Pyatt. Pyatt could possibly surprise but I'm not holding my breath. Naslund-Morrison-Cooke D.Sedin-H.Sedin- Pyatt-Chouinard-Kesler Burrows-Santala-Linden Ohlund-Bieksa Mitchell-Krajicek Salo-Bourdon Luongo Noronen That's with guys like Jesse Schultz, Jason King, Rick Rypien, Mike Brown, Jozef Balej, and Nathan McIver ll looking to make the jump in training camp. Outside shots are Mason Raymond and Michael Grabner but my darkhorse is Jannik Hansen. I don't even have Brandon Reid in there. Nonis is giving up on Carter which I feel doesn't really matter. His backups are Nolan and Sykora though I doubt the latter. On defence it's Hill who has stated he wants to come here and Danny Markov but here too I doubt the latter. On that salary commitment sheet at TSN, it has Linden at 1.52 I believe and his option hasn't been picked up. It'll be for half that. Anyways I think that gives you enough info, but if you got questions, just ask. Also I didn't need time to think about this, I actually had to go and had no access to the computer last night lmao. I'm a homer but I know what I'm talking about...... we're taking risks and I don't mind it. Like I said, Nonis is not done and he and Tambs know what they're doing. I should also mention that Carter needs the Sedins, not the other way around. The Sedins have gotten betetr every single season and I don't expect anything different. Carter is after money and I could care less if he doesn't come back.
  10. I quickly check and see this lol. I'm in a rush and will update you tomorrow, but I will tell you we're fine.... B)
  11. Captain_Stealth


    I hear the GM in LA is so bad, they might have to fire him. Anyways I'm been VERY busy any have only sent my lines in once yet I'm doing WAY better than you. Next sim, I'm iniating Plan A which I've been saving.*evil laugh* On Detroit..... he's pretty active and replies quickly. Just really quiet.
  12. Italia win. Wasn't the greatest match but I had a feeling Italy would win. Stunned with what Zidane did.
  13. She's not even here. She's probably asleep and you're in here waiting as if you were a nerd slave........ You really are funny ALEXTREAM
  14. Ahhhh, so it was Muller. Though in that pic, it kinda looks like Arnott lol. What's with all these names? Captain Planet? Captain Crounche now? What have you guys been up to while I've been gone?
  15. You know....... he's right Stream. With BTH, he's having problems with his life. He met a man named Ning and you know what happens after that. B) BTW, with Arnott in Nashville, you should change your avatar lol.
  16. A guy like a veteran who has experience. Like a #5-6 maybe 7ish. A veteran type who'll come cheap. The thing many people don't seem to realize is we also have guys like Tommi Santala, Brandon Reid and co signed as well for the bottom two lines. I don't think we need it but I ain't even sure if Nonis is going to move anyone to free up any space. He IS going to trade for a winger(maybe d-man) and he'll get what he needs. Linden, if he does come back, will be in the 600k-700k range. We also have guys like Moran, Schultz, Balej, King, Brown and a few possibilities like Hansen to surprise in camp. Another thing is, Nonis has also stated that he prefers the trade route over UFA. We're fine and Nonis will do what he has to do and this team WILL be competitive. I'm not worried at all. Where did I say btw, that we were going to sign many more guys?
  17. Nonis has done an amazing job so far. He actually has done 3 drafts and so far he has selected some guys who are actually looking pretty decent compared to Burke who drafted crap regularly. Nonis has drafted Cory Schneider, Luc Bourdon, Michael Grabner, Alexander Edler, Daniel Rahimi, Jannik Hansen and Mason Raymond. Those are the promising guys out of the group so far and it's probably the deepest group we've had sadly but still looks good. As for last season, Nonis gave Burke's group 1 more chance and they group failed even though he made some trades. With Crow here, Noronen was never going to get a chance. Carney did pretty well as did Brown but Weinrich was crap. Really, the season was lost to injuries. Salo hurt for the entire stretch, Ohlund and Allen playing hurt and Jovo coming back with 4-5 games left in the season. Naslund and Morrison played pretty much the entire season with groin/hip injuries and Cooke same thing(borken job and sprained ankle or w.e). He was out almost all season basically. Of course Cloutier was injured and we stuck Auld with WAY to many games(crow's fault). Bad luck. Bert wasn't a cancer though. With the moves so far, Nonis looks very good and he is certainly not done. Very possible for another blockbuster coming(Naslund could be gone). We are in a tight spot but we'll be fine as we do have the rookies coming up. Nonis does know what he's doing and he will make this team competitive as possible mark my words. With Bryan Allen signing a 1 year deal in Florida, don't be surprised if he returns to the Canucks the following season. Thought I'd state that. B) But yea, our D isn't bad for this point in time, Jets. Just inexperienced. Luc Bourdon and Lukas Krajicek with guys like Mitchell, Ohlund and Salo with Bieksa and Nonis is looking to add another guy. As for up front, the Sedins HAVE gotten better with every passing season and Carter fit the bill with what they needed. Jason King is healthy again so don't be surprised to see him back with them. They might try Schultz or Balej this time though. We shall see.
  18. It looks bad doesn't it. That's what you all think........... Naslund(6.0) - Morrison(3.2) - Unknown D. Sedin(3.58) - H.Sedin(3.58) - Unknown Cooke(1.5) - Kesler(0.9) - Unknown Burrows(0.5) - Santala(0.7) - Linden(0.7) Others: Green, Reid, King, Balej, Moran, Rypien etc(all basically making minumum) Ohlund(3.5) - Bieksa(0.5) Bourdon(0.85) - Salo(1.5) Mitchell(3.5) - Krajicek(0.8) Luongo(6.75) Noronen(0.9) Kesler, Noronen, Krajicek and Linden are all guesses. Reid is most likely on the team as well as King. Balej has a shot. The only thing we need is a top RW and we have about 3 mill to sign a RW and have 2 mill in cap space after that. However, Nonis has said trades were going to be made and it's very likely now that a major one is coming but we don't know what. Something around Morrison is the guess(Nazzy is also speculated he might go but I highly doubt it) along with a trade for Clouts. We shall see. BTW, Luongo and the Sedins all have structured contracts where Luongo will be paid 6 mill the first season but not sure about what the Sedins will make the first season.
  19. On the Mitchell signing, I thought I'd say that I told you so when I said Jovo was leaving and Mitchell was coming.
  20. Not really much happend. He's just playing in your home city now.
  21. Bertuzzi is NOT a cancer and NOT a hothead at all. All this was the media trying to create BS. I've been confident in Nonis all along and I know he'll do everything in his power to sign Luongo and if not, he is still an asset that many covet highly. Our defense isn't as bad as it seems. We have Mattias Ohlund and a VERY(and I mean VERY) underrated guy in Sami Salo. With Luc Bourdon poised to make the club next season along with Kevin Bieksa(who I feel CAN replace Allen) as well as a strong possibility that Mitchell will sign here and add Krajicek to that mix. Like I've said, Jovo is done here. I'm quite sure of it but we'll sign someone else if not Mitchell. As for our attack, it's obvious we've become soft up front but, Carter apparently is ok with the hiring of Vigneault so we'll see. We have the Sedins who have gotten better every passing season as a healthy Nazzy and Mo gives us a solid group of scoring forwards. As for the rest, Cooke being helthy will be another good thing along with Kesler, Linden, Burrows and it looks like Nonis wants to add some skill with Brandon Reid and Tommi Santala(Kinda what Detroit did with guys like Samuelsson I guess). There is still a lot more to come here in Vancouver however.
  22. Nope. Allen 4th overall in 1998. Our 1st rounder who Burke choose.
  23. You couldn't be more wrong.... Auld IS a starting goalie. This is a guy who came prepared to be a backup for the season and early on suddenly finds himself as the starter. With Crawford as coach and the fact he actually likes Auld(he's thrown guys like Hedberg and co out), Auld was made to start pretty much every game for the rest of the season. He played somewhere from around 62 of 67 games and stood on his head countless times keeping us in games and making game saving ones. Our team was horrible last year in the fact of injuries and inconsistent play, but it was Auld who gave us the chance to make the playoffs. That's a lot of pressure to step in and play as much as he did and VERY rarely be given a break. Our defense and backchecking was horrid and he was without a doubt the season MVP here. In the end, both teams got pieces which improve their clubs. Florida adds a (Keenan type) hard hitting young d-man, a starting goaltender who can still win them games as well as a dominating power forward(easily the Canucks best player outside of Auld for the last quarter of the season). We finally get a franchise goalie and a young offensive d-man with potential. The 6th rounder can't hurt. Also, for those wondering about Jovanovski...... I'm pretty sure he's done here and will sign in Florida(funny how this works out). Not worth the $$$ he's going to get.
  24. Doesn't put us up there yet and unfortunately the less intelligent nucks fan will start creating bs which I cannot stop. But not all of us are dumb like them so don't call us as a whole stupid(canucks .com is ruled by em). So ignore them.
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