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  1. if we could get Markov for 2 years 7 mill? I would sign that in a heartbeat. So will markie.
  2. I did not hear about the strippers, my gosh has the Pope been advised. That is trading grounds right there. Just look at the purse snatcher and what happened to him.
  3. Oshie signed 46 million over 8 years. The Caps have balls.
  4. I did not say he was worth it, I said that is what I want. I want the other stuff you threw in but I have to be reasonable.
  5. We can skip the pizza. but the rest is all good. You obviously do not realize how good galchenyuk can be. Also you have to quit consulting with you uncle Michel.
  6. Top line centre and a decent lh defenceman.
  7. I read an article this morning that a french writer says he spoke to Mcphee, who told him they were taking Pleks100%. Of course I can't find that article but it was on tsn.
  8. it is a great deal but I don't see jersey doing it.
  9. Yeah the whole department needs a make over. 1st fire Mark down Mark then fire the rest and hire the absolute best guys for the jobs.
  10. I truly hope you are right and they have learned their lesson. but..............................
  11. Ok the shock of the trade has worn off. They weren't going to protect him so ya gotta get something for him. Basically Mark had a gun to head and took the best option. Nate was always a little flakey but I really thought maybe he could get his head around this hockey thing. I don't believe the story about being in the truck with Kassian anymore than I believe Chelios s boinking t his name's wife.
  12. sounds like we dodged another mark down mark bullet.
  13. He will now trade Galchenyuk for a young puck moving defenceman. Who he will flip for a 4th liner.
  14. Mark down has lost his mind. The pressure got to him and his head exploded.
  15. This has got to be joke right? A 3rd rounder? where is the rest of the trade? Like maybe the 1st that comes with the 3rd.
  16. We need offence, we should not be trading our top goal scorers. unless sid or malkin re coming back or ov.
  17. thre are very few players I really dislike, but he is one of them. And Chara of course.
  18. interesting I did not know "the rest of the story" It definitely gives some clarity.
  19. Hey now don't forget we have CHaracter. ( I almost spilled my beer writing that)
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