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  1. End of second, the miracle come closer and closer
  2. From Spain, ¡¡¡GO HABS GO!!!! :hlogo: :hlogo: :ghg: :hlogo: :hlogo:
  3. Finally, UEFA accepted to suspend AEK-Sevilla match tonight. Sevilla fans at the door of Sanchez Pijuan Stadium Antonio Puerta scores one of the most importants goals in the history of his club, the overtime goal against Schalke 04 in semifinals of UEFA Cup 2006. With this goal, Sevilla was qualyfied to his first european final in the centenial year of the club. The goal was scored in minute 100 of the game (min. 10 of overtime) In memory
  4. ANTONIO PUERTA, 22 years old, defender from Sevilla C.F. and an international player with Spain, had a collapse on the field this saturday during de match between Sevilla & Getafe. The match was televised live for all the country, so the impact of this incident in everybody here in Spain is terrible. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CFc25Hym6q8 The last news about Antonio Puerta are very bad, he has no brain antivity and he is only living because he is connected to a ventilating machine. He will dead today or maybe tomorrow, acordind the media. Tonight Sevilla C.F. has a very important match in Athens vs A.E.K. for clasification to the Champions League. At this time, FIFA and UEFA don't authorised to cancel the match.
  5. Accordind to the spanish press, tomorrow will be an another rider involved in doping, colombian rider Juan Mauricio Solertested positive in stage 14 He's the leader of the mountain classification. With his elimination, Contador will be the leader in this classificacion too. He could win 3 maillots (yellow, mountain and youngs)
  6. Alberto Contador had a brain stroke 3 or 4 years ago, when he was 20, but save his life with surgery. I think he doesn't take any aditional medicine now. I hope he'll win the Tour tomorrow, he was attacking in the mountains everyday, this is the kind of cycling I like. A spanish guy winning the tour, it will be is a hard day in France :D :D
  7. Is not easy to understand for someone out of Spain, but fans of Real Madrid and Barcelona demands offensive football. In Madrid and Barcelona, to win is a exigency or an obligation, but people is not happy if the team wins 1-0 with a boring play and usually boo his team, win is not enough. 80% of the season, Real Madrid plays horrible al home, this is the reason why Capello is fired, fans don't like his italian defensive style.
  8. I thought Riga was top-scorer in Dutch Second Division two years ago. He came here last year to play in our second division and he scored 10-12 goals. This year in Primera he score 7-8, but most of them last moth, in the most important part of the season, and that means 3 key wins to continue in Primera. Those are the "valencian derby" goals Levante wants to ink another goalkeeper, they're talking with Abbiati, but is difficult to sign him, he's a Milan player and he earns a lot of money. Hope Kujovic will be our bench goalie. About Iceland, well, drive around the island in a rental car with Bjork and Sigur Ros music all the time, looking glaciers, vulcanos, geysers, mmmm, sounds good :rolleyes:
  9. I'm going to Iceland with two friends this summer, only 10 days, because it's really VERY expensive country if you compare it with spanish prices Well, now soccer, my dear team, Levante, will continue in "Primera" (spanish top league) next year, after beating 4-2 last week in our stadium Valencia C.F. ( the second club of the city, hehehe). It was one of the greatest days in all our history :clap: Levante agree 3 years contract with a serbian goalie, Vladan Kujovic, who was the last years playing in a dutch team, Roda. Do you know him, Dutch Habs Fan?, is he a good goalie? fans are a little afraid about Kujovic, because nobody knows him here in Spain. This weekend is the last game in the spanish league, if Real Madrid wins, he will be the champion, but Barça & Sevilla still have options too if Madrid fail.
  10. Pepe Reina is one of the best goalkeepers in Europe stopping penaltys, he is a great specialist. Congratulations Liverpool
  11. Oh my god, in the last second
  12. From València, Merry Christmas to all Habs fans around the world ¡¡Feliz Navidad!! ¡¡Bon Nadal!!
  13. Well, I don't hate Toronto people, but when I was in Toronto (only one day) some years ago, it seems me a horribley city, nothing different than another USA city, it had the feeling that I wasn't in Canada. When I was in Montréal or in Quebec, I feel like in Europe, specially for the people. When I was in Ottawa, well, 50% of that feeling, but in Toronto, I feel like in Oklahoma or Texas. Excuse me for my poor english, but I think you know what I mean wirh my opinion about the difference between Toronto and Montréal
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