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  1. Has anyone else been wondering why Montreal was not considered for an NHL hub? I know the caseload has been high but TO also got hit hard. It’s got the coveted eastern time zone and a dedicated practice facility. Tons of hotels and restaurants that can be rented out. Doesn’t entirely add up to me.
  2. Interesting. Maybe a low ball trade offer too. Give up Mete. He gives good minutes. Manageable cap hit.
  3. Drafting is a difficult process. Mostly because we don’t have a good measure for all the variables that go into making a good hockey player. That is, a + b multiplied by c, less factor d equals success. We probably don’t even know what all the variables are! That being said, what trait would you look for in a hockey player that gives him the edge. Maybe it’s something that is widely discussed already, maybe not. For me, it’s grit or resilience. The ability to get knocked down, shit on, pounded mercilessly and still get up and compete like nothing happened. The ability to shrug it off and keep chugging. Here’s looking at you Gallagher.
  4. I’ll be honest here and state that all Habs fans should be experts by now at filling the hockey void between trade deadline and draft day/beginning of free agency. How do you plan on spending the next four brutal months?
  5. Was checking for a pre-emptive sitting of one of our Habs. Nothing brewing yet I guess
  6. By my count, we can afford 7 more losses on the season. Lets get a few more goals here.
  7. I feel like Domi needs to celebrate another galchenyuk trade by potting one for the good guys.
  8. The toughest stretch of our remaining sched could be this week. Lets start with a bang.
  9. I expect all Habs players to be in Beast Mode tonight.
  10. Let’s win this game and the 15 after it.
  11. so what’s the over/under on how long we actually last in this playoff race? 😎
  12. The Athletic did a deep dive on MTL’s numbers and we’re a good - but unlucky team. An entire wholesale to me seems bitterly nihilistic. I would stay the course, make smart moves at the deadline. Keep Petry, move Kovalchuk and other UFAs. Sometimes good teams have bad years. We are not a bad team.
  13. Does Romanov’s contract allow for a spring time cameo?
  14. Just when you think it can’t get any worse. Please I hope management doesn’t do anything rash
  15. He looked really good and is absolutely critical to our LD core.
  16. Somebody please bring a fire hose to this game. I’m hoping it’s Price and Domi
  17. That is the best western Canada trip that I can remember.
  18. At the Cowboys casino, post game. Boys.... Ca va bien.
  19. At the game tonight. Should have worn my CH suit
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