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  1. Like all of MB's moves, I think this is a small upgrade, but still doesn't address our greatest needs.
  2. I completely agree. Makes you wonder what would have happened had Julien been available last year.
  3. I don't hate the logo, but it's certainly meh-ish.
  4. Why would you jinx us like that?!
  5. I've hidden the offending comments, so this might seem out of context... but just a reminder that there is no tolerance for personal attacks.
  6. Exactly. The doctors probably told him that he'd be x% limited and would have to play through pain, and my guess is Patch (and most any other NHLer) didn't hesitate before suiting up.
  7. This. There's no need to think anything else is going on behind the scenes IMO.
  8. Thank god there's a game tomorrow. Turn the page! Hopefully this is the wake-up call they needed. If they shit the bed in the first tomorrow, I'm going to have some legitimate concerns.
  9. Fair enough. I guess it'd be more accurate to say that I'd be concerned if he'd been similarly snakebitten at the WC tourny as he had during the early goings of the season. From what I've seen he's still getting chances and shutting down the opposition... he just can't buy a goal.
  10. I'd be more concerned this season if Pleks hadn't had an amazing World Cup tournament. The points will come.
  11. Maybe I'm alone here, but I don't think Weise comes close to Byron's speed. I always thought he was a pretty average... well everything. And although he's a bigger body, I don't think Weise was as physical as some would make him out to be. Byron's pretty scrappy, IMO. I think Byron will put up more points and having him on the PK makes other teams respect his speed. I don't know if I'd call him an upgrade, but I'd definitely take Byron over Weise.
  12. Weber would understand that sentiment better than Subban.
  13. If I remember correctly, I don't think he's eligible to play until the 23rd.
  14. Isn't he still serving his 20-game suspension?
  15. I hear ya. I had a horrible sense of deja vu when I put Price on my IR slot on my fantasy team.
  16. A) 49-24-5-4 B) 1st in the Atlantic C) 5th in the NHL D) 254 GF
  17. I agree with Brian, Sergachev looks great when he's got the puck, but I thought he looked very uncomfortable, hesitant and timid defending in his own end. I don't think it'd hurt to have a few NHL practices with the big club, but I'm all for sending him back to the minors this season. As much as I want him to be NHL-ready, I just don't think he is.
  18. Sherbak and big Mike have looked good so far
  19. This. There was absolutely no cohesion or chemistry with any of the forwards. The team was just built wrong.
  20. Nabbed tickets for the St Louis game. Annoyed that it was the optimum pricing.
  21. It's perfect for the teenage angst that I feel.
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