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  1. 1st round: 3 (3rd pick overall) - about 80% odds of being a top 6 F 2nd round: 4 (35th), 7 (38th), 25 (56th), undetermined (59th-62nd overall - Cap's pick - depends on how far they go) - each about 10-12% odds of being a top 6 F/top 4 D/#1 goalie, 30-40% odds of cracking the NHL for at least 100 games 3rd round: 4 (66th) - about 7-8% odds of being a quality NHL player 4th round: 4 (97th), 9 (102nd) - about 4-5% odds of each being a quality NHL player With that many picks, Montreal is almost guaranteed to be picking some future stars this year. The odds alone suggest about 3 high quality NHL players out of Montreal's draft picks. Trouble is, there's almost no way for even a competent organization to develop that much talent at once. Will we see some picks traded before the draft?
  2. As far as coaching/management goes, I'm going to buck the trend and say they're nowhere near the worst this team has been, even when dumbass Michel Therien was coaching.. I grew up watching this championship team self destruct after Serge Savard was fired. This team has never fully recovered from what Houle & Tremblay did to them.
  3. And with tonight's goal, (6 in 16), Max is back on pace to break 30 for the season, as usual.
  4. Since I posted snark and then went away for a few days, I thought I'd add comment now. In 11 games, Montreal has absolutely destroyed the competition in control of the puck, but been thrashed on the scoreboard. I think 660+ minutes of play is more than enough to demonstrate how play is going on the ice. This has been consistent, game after game. Yes, Carey Price is looking a little bit like André Racicot out there. But the simple fact is we've taken more shots on opposing nets than any other team in the league, and we're not scoring. I keep seeing hockey analysts saying, "abnormally high or low shot percentages will end up evening out over the long haul." As MoLG said above, the quality of the shot cannot be quantified in statistics, no matter how you try. And this applies at both ends of the ice. You can outshoot your opponent 60-15, but if you had 3-4 tough shots out of your 60, and they had 7-8 out of their 15, they're going to win, every single time. Possession stats cannot easily indicate the quality of the scoring chances allowed or taken. I get why they exist. It's impossible to watch all 1271 games in a regular season of the NHL. Hell, I probably only watch about 15-30 games in any given NHL season. Most of those will be the team I cheer for. The "Eyeball" test requires attention most of us do not have time to perform. If you can quantify play into numbers that can be crunched, you can analyze play to a degree... it's true. But those numbers never tell the complete story. What gets me are NHL analysts and commentators crunching these things and treating them like they can discover some deep hidden truth if they twist them inside out in enough detail, and these are guys that are actually paid to watch all 1271 games in a season. I don't get it.
  5. Montreal has absolutely incredible Corsi% and Fenwick% so far this season! Amazing team going all the way...
  6. Apparently nobody wants to give him what he's asking for the term he's asking.
  7. If this is because he has some other deal in the works that will add significant salary, maybe I get it. I still wouldn't like it -- Bergevin has utterly forgotten loyalty. You should always try to sign players who want to play for you and have the ability to contribute at a reasonable price. But I'd understand it. Cap space is finite. I just don't think we're going to see anything monumental coming down the pipe to explain not filling up the cap space.
  8. The irony is, without Therien to put Desharnais in roles he isn't suited for, he could have been an asset to the team.
  9. This would have been a good idea. However, it would have been complicated as all frak. Players earn their income for each game wherever the game is played. So 50% of your tax burden goes to your home state/province+country. The other 50% depends greatly on your schedule. Florida may have low tax burdens (no idea, just an example), but Tampa and Miami have to play a lot of games in Toronto, Montreal, and Ottawa - so they'd have to have an compensating salary cap advantage over a team in another division. The calculations required would make accountants and tax lawyers among the most sought after professions in the world.
  10. It was said with a fair bit of hyperbole. I do remember the 60ish point seasons, quite well. The point was his resurgence this year was uncanny. He compensated for his loss of speed with perfect positional play. His feathered passes were uncannily accurate. He was the epitome of hockey smarts. If he stays healthy, this is the type of player who's going to play into his 40s and remain effective.
  11. Weber is in the prime of his career, right now. 31 is not old in the nhl. 34-35 is where the big decline usually starts... unless you're Andrei Markov and you have the best season of your career at 38.
  12. Hmm. we were using Emelin as top 4 last year (which I admit, is not ideal), and Schlemko is strictly an upgrade of Emelin across the board.
  13. We have 4 capable lhds, and only two rhds. (At all.)
  14. I suppose. But just remember how Emelin looked playing on his wrong side. It doesn't really matter. Severson is a longshot potential franchise D-man. He's not Subban, but I don't see NJ taking that risk. (On the other hand, I recall someone trading away a certain someone for Scott Gomez...)
  15. In this case, we're not losing galchenyuk for a third paring d-man though, we're losing our 1st round pick for a 22-year old third pairing d-man who can move the puck like mad and is already a 31 point per year guy in NJ. Basically, an upgrade on Beaulieu that is top 4 potential (and actually appears to be likely to get there, unlike Beaulieu.)
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