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  1. Boy, I'm really excited about this pick. The problem is, as soon as I heard his name, I thought of his father, and that's putting the bar very high. For those of you who didn't see his father play, he is one of the toughest (if not THE toughest, seriously) player I have ever seen play (in 23 years of dedicated hockey watching!). Here's a sample: After a good 30 seconds of Tinordi and Smith throwing bombs at each other the announcer goes: "and for those of you who are a bit faint of heart, I remind you, Mark Tinordi has a broken nose... but no fear whatsoever". If the apple didn't fall too far from the tree there, Jarred will be amazing with Subban. Very exciting!
  2. His name is max paccioretty, he's actually a first rounder, and right now he looks very promising. He's huge. He's made the US junior team. He's over a point per game in his rookie season in the NCAA. He's made the all rookie team. Apparently has a very good attitude... That trade was big for the habs.
  3. Can someone tell me why he has only played 10 games?
  4. But guys its Higgins!!! Our future captain, Komi's best friend, the lockeroom leader, the guy that does yoga in the summer (hehe), the guy that says he wants to be a 40/40 man, the guy who grew up loving the habs, the guy with the huge hart that always gives everything, the one with immense potential, etc. Sure He's going through a ruff patch, but He will bounce back. He is part of this team identity, its dynamics. The habs are becoming a good team because they are becoming exacly that: a team. They are geling as a team, and I think that that is the most important thing a team can have in this salary cap era. And Higgins is a big part of that, in fact, he seems to be at the very centre of what sparked this general attitude. I would not trade him for Hossa
  5. Latendresse – Brière – Kovalev Shanahan – Koivu – Ryder Kostitsyn – Plekanec – Higgins Bégin – Lapierre – Ferland Grabovski Markov – Emelin Souray – Timonen Komisarek – Streit Bouillon Huet Halak
  6. On the bright side, if the knights get eliminated (not that i'm wishing for that), we might see the all-belarus line sooner then expected (in Hamilton that is, Kostitsyn - Grabovsky - kostitsyn) That line should be very fun to watch
  7. Sorry but thats very incorrect. Kost made a backhand-saucer-pass, throught traffic, that went right to the tape on pleks's stick. That pass was amazing.
  8. Ok, it's not that he has no skills, I remember the amazing saves he did night in night out for those 2 seasons, he was very skilled, but maybe he doesn't have the skill level to compete in the new NHL. I don't know if you guys talked about this, but many goaltender coachs have said that théo plays in reaction to shots, and that his technique is very poor. Now if they say his technique is poor, they have no reason to lie about that. And I agree, it's obvious, at least this season. And that thing about playing a reaction game, that also makes sense, since the nhl is now faster, maybe that split second he lost makes all the difference. Furthermore, he has lost his confidence, and he won't get it back here IMO, he doesn't seem to be a mentaly strong person, and Montréal is the hardest place to find confidence back. But I hope he does find his confidence back. I think, the only way he will find it back is by playing somewhere else.
  9. Bulis the habbie : Anaheim did not get Selanne for free. They signed him for a cheap contract of 1M and now he's above a point-per-game (I think). He was rumoured to come to Montreal and said to the press that he wouldlike ot play beside his friend, Koivu. That's where I got hte idea that Koivu (especially with his new contract) would attract some Finns. BTH, when I said for free, I ment that they didin't have to give anything in return (FA signing), bad choice of words on my part, obviously he has a salary.
  10. I would love to see Theo leave so Huet and Dany could share the goalie duty till Price is ready, and so Bob could get back that 5.3 million lost on the habs's salary cap because of that !#@##!@!@#$**! Josée. Given his huge contract and lack of skills, would any GM want Theo? if so, who would and which player, realisticly, could the habs get in return (appart from Habibulin)? If not, would he clear waivers? I'm thinking Tkachuk (11g, 12 a, 16g), since he has such a huge contract (7.6 league max), since he's 34 and somewhat of an idiot, since St-Louis is having a fire sale, and givin the fact that Josee is still young and could bounce back in a different environment. Ok this one is not so realistic
  11. Hey this might be true :king: ... Koivu probably is a magnet for other fins. But not Jokinen (even if it would be proof that there is a god), cause the price would be to high. Florida would want some combination of young guys and draft picks. Personnaly, it would not go higher then Ryder + Komisarek for Jokinen. I not even sure I'd pull the trigger on that one. It might be better to wait and sign him in the summer if he doesn't sign long term with a new team or Florida, wich is almost certain to happen. Selanne in a habs uniform his much more likely to happen and would make a great first line. IMO, since the ducks got him for free (if I remember correctly), and since he's 36, Burke might let him go for a 2 rounder.
  12. I like your idea for the third line Québécois. That would probably the best third line in the league. But I wouldn't touch the fourth line. That one IS the best fourth line in the league right now. All is needed is to put Zednik in Soudstrom's spot Perezhogin - Koivu - Kovalev Dagenais - Ribeiro - Ryder Zednik - Bonk - Bulis Higgins - Bégin - Plekanec The only weak link is Dags. Damn latendresse would of fit in nicely in his spot
  13. Dags or perezoghin? I was one of dag's fans, but from what I've seen in the last two games, I woudn't touch the first line: Perezoghin - Koivu - Kovalev Zednick should go on the second line: Zednik - Ribiero - Ryder Third and fourth would be: Bulis - Bonk - Sundstrom Higgins - Bégin - Plekanec F##k size and cheking, speed kills, this lineup is great (except for Sundstrom) :ghg::/):que::can::king::ghg:
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