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Habs Need to trade for a defensemen


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For this playoff run and in order for us to go deeper into the playoffs we are going to need to trade for another defensemen. I for one don' t trust Komisarek just yet for playoff play and I don't wanna see Dykhuis in their either. Then throw in that Souray is coming off injury and both he and Quintal play a fairly physical brand of hockey which could easily knock them out for a game or two or throw them in the box for a while. A few others are also injury prone so it's always better to play it safe then sorry come playoff time.

I definitly do not want to place my hopes on Rivet, Bouillon, Komisarek, or Dykhuis when it comes playoff time. I mean bouillons played decent as of late and for much of the season but he's never seen the playoffs he's a small defensemen that bounces off a lot of players and gets crushed a lot. He does lay out an occasional big hit and does make some good plays with his stick blocking passes but I see him laying on the ice more then Koivu.

I'm not saying the habs have to go out and trade for a superstar defensemen I just wanna see them go after a Vet who can log decent icetime and play good defensively. If anything i wouldn't mind dressing 7 defensemen. I'd like to see an Odelein or a salei come over here and play. It'd be awesome though if we got a player like Witt or Gautheir their players who could be on this team for a few years.

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It sounds like you described Sean Hill, and it isnt a coincedence that the Habs are rumoured to interested in him, solid vet who can play physical and logs lots of minutes. By the way, why did you not mention Patrice Brisebois or Andrei Markov in your post? They are a big part of the habs defense (behind Souray)

I think our D is alright, its at least as good as the leafs one. Was talking about it last night... check it out...


Souray = McCabe

Markov = Kaberle

Rivet = Marchment

Brisebois = Klee

Bouillon = Berg

Quintal = Pilar/Drake

Then we've got Komisarek and Dykhuis on the side...

Of course I'm not saying all those players are equal (I think the habs players are mostly better) , the "="'s are just for comparisions sake.

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the main reason i didn't post anything about Brisebois or Markov is becuase i'm confident they will get the job done come playoff time and i have been impressed with both of their games lately especially since Souray went down Markov has been huge. Souray, Quintal, Brisebois, Markov not necessarily in that order i see as our top 4 defensemen then we have guys like bouillon, rivet, komisarek who at this moment are 6th-7th defensemen who i wouldn't have that much confidence in come playoff time. Thats why i'd like to get a vet that can fill atleast that 5th spot in the lineup. I don't want a gonchar type i want a defensive minded defensemen whose been in the playoffs before and has had some success there. Also i'd be nice if he can log big minutes if needed saying that someone like the top 4 who should log 20+ minutes each goes down with an injury.

There are a ton of names that can fill these roles that should be available Hill stands out perfectly for that role but another guy i like is Odelein becuase i think he'd be the cheapest out of the available guys probably has more playoff experience them most guys too. He's a 5-6th defensemen that can log decent minutes not on a consistent basis but when needed. He plays a gritty type of game which we need and he's willing to protect the players when needed. He's definitly somoene i'd have more confidence in over Rivet/bouillon/dykhuis/komisarek. I'm sure there are plenty of guys that are available that are better but for some reason i just don't see this team going the extra distance to make that big trade. I see them only making minor moves if anything i wouldn't be to surprised to see them stand pat come trade deadline. Thats why i'm hoping for some sort of minor move for a 5th defensemen. A faceoff specialist can't hurt thats defensively responsible.

Basically you tell me right now that the habs go out and only get Eastwood and Odelein then i'm happy as all hell. Anything bigger and i'd throw a party. :devil:

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Why not Komisarek in the playoffs?

Why not give him the valuable experience?

I think that we should try to get a prospect, not Sean Hill. What about Bruno St Jaques in Carolina?

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The only reason that we are winning games right now is because the defense is playing really well and Jose has found his groove again....Bouillon has played very physically and chipped in some offense. This is the perfect season to get some of our younger guys some good playoff experience, especially Komi, Ward and Ribs. Thing is, you never know how any new player will respond to the playoff experience...some grow into amazing playoff performers while others fold their tents and go to the locker room....This is a great year for Gainey o evaluate some young talent because (1) the Stanley Cup finals are a stretch and (2) there are alot of experienced veterans who can help them

...Don't trade the future for a rental (e.g., Hill or Gonchar)...let the kids play!:/)

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Yes but be careful

Keep the young talent at least another year. Don't move Hossa, Higgins, Hainsley, Komisarek, Urquhart, Perezhogin, Beauchemin. and Balej.

You could try and move Traverse, Dykhuis, Dwyer, Perreault, Juneau, Blouin, Dackell, Kilger and throw in Zednik or Rivet with a combination of the above for a power forward and an experianced d-man and we may have something. Otherwise ride it out until after the lock-out. I wish Bob luck on this one. Not much here to spark other teams interest.


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Don't trade bouillon. He's developing into a really skilled player, and he can really hit for his size. sure, trade komisarek,dykhuis,kilger,dackell. trade bait is what they'll ever be with their lack of play of late. Rivet is a good player, and he's gritty, and can sure fight. same with quintal.

I wouldn't really care with what you did with brisbois...trade him or keep him. but im in for trading dykhuis and dackell and komisarek (personally dont think hes going to develope into much).

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Originally posted by habsfan88

Don't trade bouillon.  He's developing into a really skilled player, and he can really hit for his size.  sure, trade komisarek,dykhuis,kilger,dackell.  trade bait is what they'll ever be with their lack of play of late.  Rivet is a good player, and he's gritty, and can sure fight.  same with quintal.  

I wouldn't really care with what you did with brisbois...trade him or keep him.  but im in for trading dykhuis and dackell and komisarek (personally dont think hes going to develope into much).

Prepare to take alot of heat for what you just said. lol

I'll go easy on you though... I would not include Komisarek in the group of players including Dykhuis/Dackell/etc , Komisarek has alot more things going for him then those guys...

- He's young

- He's got great size

- He's not even close to reaching his ceiling (can get alot better)

D-men usually take years to develop (Look at Pronger as an example... Bet the Whalers organization wish they hadnt of traded him) ... I would not trade Komisarek unless the offer was mindblowing, and thats probably not going to happen.

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Komisarek represents the perfect prospect for a NHL franchise these days. He's got the size, one of the best set of hands to make the first pass, the desire to learn and, lets hope, a lot of talent to fashion him into one of the elite d-man in the NHL.

Let give him another 3 years to develop and see what the other teams through the league have to say about him.

The habs biger liability (afetr Komisarek at this point) during the playoffs is Rivet. I would use him as trade bait anytime to get a player capable of helping us for 2 or 3 years.

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Keep Komisarek.

Lets not be like the Leafs and trade away all prospects of a bright future. I strongly belive we are going to have some funs years really soon.

We got the youth (who are scoring). We got our General in Gainey who can and will lead us to the promised land.

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Don't even say the words "trade Komisarek!" I mean the kids ONLY downside is that he's not Canadian! He's 22 and playing defense regularly in the NHL! And, playing very well.....Everybody on the team, including the coaching staff, rave about his development thusfar and the fact that is a team player who works hard, likes to hit and wants to learn...

They'd better come away with something awesome if they trade him away! I mean AWESOME!

Huge upside! Who could even suggest trading this guy! :wall:

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As @Habinator33 said, the HABS should trade for a veteran D-man before the trade deadline. A guy like Hill or Odelein would be only in town for the playoffs and it's always better to have an extra, experienced defenseman in the lineup, especially in the playoffs. Right now they don't really need an extra man because Bouillon is playing great hockey. But if there's any injury or suspension, I really don't want to see Dykhuis on the ice.

I'd like to see Gauthier or Witt playing for the HABS but perhaps we'll have to give up too much for such a trade ...

Trading Komi would be ridicilous. He is by far the best defensive prospect for the HABS ... give him time, he'll make us proud soon. ;)

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You gotta remember that Komisarek started playing hockey when he was 14. That's a pretty late age for a blue-chip prospect.

So, he'll develop later than normal, even for a defenceman. He's also still getting used to the speed and size of the game.

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