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Habs vs. Bruins | Game Thread | Game 5


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Originally posted by Fanpuck33

Ah, I figured you were watching.  Forgot you are in Australia and likely can't watch the games.

Haha, you're telling me - I think I've sent about 200 emails over the past year to ESPN asking them to cover more Montreal Canadiens hockey.

Nope, I have to rely on TSN.ca, Canadiens.com and ESPNMotion for my visuals.

Anyway, 4-1 now, PPG by Koivu

It's 11:15am in Australia right now

[Edited on 2004/4/16 by TheAussiePosse]

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Boston Bruins

"This team will self destruct in 10...9..."


Hold up, hold on, and hold off :hlogo:

What's the chant the Bruin's crowd are saying?

[Edited on 2004/4/16 by TheAussiePosse]

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I say this after a PP goal by Rivet (great guts by Kovy without the helmet to screen).

Tonight we have done a pitiful job of moving the puck in our own end. It is great to celebrate this game, but still, with the sloppy movement in our end, on Saturday, Boston will jump all over us. We need to be able to clear the puck better and keep control of it.

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