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Komisarek HUGE!


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Wow, what a game by the rookie! At least two, tremendously huge blocked shots, at least two CRUSHING hits (one huge one on Sampsanov), and, correct me if I'm wrong, a huge plus three last night!

Kudos to Komi for coming out and playing so strongly both mentally and physically. Keep up the good work!

I really, really like his size, strength and attitude on the blue line!


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Komi's size was a great asset and he did what most other players hadn't done through the series, PLAYED IT SIMPLE. He had a strong performance with the exception that the lone goal scored by the bruins was b/c Komi did not take his position or his man and the tripping over Theo thing. Otherwise I was happy and he could have done so much worse!! I hope he builds on h is momentum


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komisarek was huge last night!!.....Everyone was sayin that the Bruins were so much bigger then Habs, and we were still leaving our biggest d-man on the bench?? It made no sense...And last night he proved he can play at this level at this time of the year!...


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Nexy year should be Komisarek's break out year in the NHL ... I expect the Habs to use him in all 82 (barring injury) games next season, in a significant role (#4-6 area) with PP and PK time.

With Quintal likely leaving, it opens up a spot for big Mike in the lineup. Mike is ready for it, if the habs decide to use him as a healthy scratch again I will be very disappointed, its time for his progression to goto the next level.

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