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The Official CFL Thread


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I'm a little hangover, my enthusiasm will be back in a few hours !

Seriously, i'm really pumped. What a weekend of sports that was/is.

Saturday : Habs almost won against Washington and 1 hour later, Bute beat the shit out of Andrade. I watched all of this at La Cage aux Sports with friends.

Sunday : Grey Cup involving probably one of the best Als team I've seen in my life. I've rarely been pumped that much for a CFL game...

Did you mean hung over?

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Montreal looks effing terrible.

Or sounds, I guess, since I've been listening to the game on the radio. What the hell is it with the Grey Cup turning Montreal into a mediocre team? Has anyone other then Calvillo played in all of those Grey Cups?

Cahoon and Chiu are the only others I'm thinking of.

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