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-- Permanent Floating Music Thread --

Doktor Kosmos

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Hey, we're featuring that on Pump It or Dump It tonight.



Probably the song that I've listened to the most in 2012.

These days, I play Johnny Flynn - The wrote and the writt in loop.

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The Cure


Macklemore x Ryan Lewis

Kendrick Lamar

New Order

Vampire Weekend

The Lumineers

Hot Chip


Teagan and Sara

Big Boi

The Gaslight Anthem

The Heavy

Misteur Valaire

and on and on and on

Even if they won't play all on the same day, It feels good to live in Montreal for the summer. :)

No matter who they play with, I'll go on Macklemore's evening. Yeah !

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Osheaga 2014 :


Jack White

Arctic Monkeys



The Replacements

Nick Cave

Foster the People

J. Cole


Childish Gambino

Half Moon Run


Band Of Horses

Pusha T

Sam Roberts Band

The Glitch Mob


Hey Rosetta!

and many more.


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A music thread is there is...

If you guys like Macklemore.. Im your pusherman.. he's the tip of the underground iceberg..

This would be my pre-game-seven jam for PK..

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