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The letters of DOOM


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Higgins had the A at the start of the season.

BOOM, he suddenly sucks.

He gets injured... Komisarek inherits his A...

BOOM, Komisarek struggles like he never has before.

Koivu is absent, Kovalev gets the C... he's hot hot hot...

K gets back, Kovalev gets his A back.

BOOM... Kovalev falls asleep at the wheel.

And last and foremost... Markov... yes he has lots of points... but he's never made as many turnovers as this season... and these ain't apple turnovers (pwah ha ha)

What did he get this season? a A.

What happened?

BOOM he turned over the puck.

Do we have the Mike Modano syndrome??? our leaders cannot handle the letter on their jersey!? :(

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when he was captain, he didn't suck as much.

I like how you never stick to the thread and just point that one little detail and show how smarter than everyone you are. :clap:

Your paranoia just never ends, does it? Even outside of HWL you think I'm out to get you. What kind of headspace are you in if you think that someone thinks s/he is better than you just because s/he disagrees with you?

I neither agree nor disagree with the brunt of your post. There was one thing I disagreed with, so I replied to it. What would you rather me do, quote your entire post and say that I am neutral about all of it except for one part? Here goes:

Possibly interesting topic. I don't know how to feel about it. I have no strong feelings either way. If forced to pick whether or not I agree or disagree, my gut is telling me maybe. I do, however, disagree about Kovalev being "hot, hot, hot" at any point this season.

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Quoted from the main HW page:

It has often been stated that Alexei Kovalev's performance while Saku Koivu was injured was an improvement over his play the rest of the season. During Koivu's absence, Kovalev tallied 11 points in 17 games, for a PPG average of 0.65. His season average? 0.70 PPG.
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