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Gill to re-sign, Boyd/Dawes to KHL, Klubertanz to SEL

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I think you exaggerate Spacek's badness. He is still a useful #5-6 defensive veteran, just not at that price point.

I think that everyone is remembering him post-injury and not pre-injury. Pre-injury, he was a fairly steady defenseman. Certainly not awful. Post-injury, he was scary. A fully healthy Spacek is a serviceable defenseman... but most won't see past the cap hit.

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I should note that although Gill is 35+ at the time of signing the deal, this will not qualify as a 35+ contract like Spacek's because of the 1 year nature of the deal (which is now official if anyone's wondering).

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yes, even ol #6 aint that bad, i just cant come up with another equivalent player (#43?), nothing personal, as Spacek seems to have a good sense of humour and all that, but when he was out of lineup, the team did not suffer (just the opposite) and Hamrlik played much better without having to cover for his fellow countryman.

Anyways, now i just hope Markov and Gorges get signed soon and Yemelin is pretty much up to speed by the fall? Too bad the Wiz will not be retained, but maybe Nash/Carle/Diaz are all near NHL ready and can be cheap call ups, allowing for a top six LW free agent signing (Gagne)?

Comparing Spacek to MAB is really doing a disservice to Spacek.

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This means see ya Hammer.

The choice was hard to make but the main point there is that

only one year contract was the key.

One year to judge if Weber and Emelin could take full NHL duties.

Anyway great to have Skillsie back for PK purpose.

But a big thank you to Hammer, hoping he lands somewhere to have a

chance to earn a Stanley Cup.

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Farewell Roman. I liked him a lot.

Edit : Unless you want to pull a Paul Kariya...

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