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Can Rene Bourque turn his game around? How?


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I think Bourque's concussion history is the main problem with him, outside of a will to show up half the time by nature. He stops skating and starts looking around, and can't even seem to get the puck off the boards or accept a pass cleanly. Too bad because he seems like a nice kid, last year's sucker punch by the shaved ape from Tor. was the beginning of the end for Rene. I'm sure he would like to get out of Mtl, seems like he's playing like a guy that wants out of the spot light..... Done in the NHL? Dunno, but I'd say almost done in Mtl......

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Can he turn his game around....how about he tried to pass the puck on the tape for a change. He doesn't make the right decision, when he dumps it in, it's either too hard or too soft for his fellow linemates to recover. It's almost like his mind is elsewhere 9/10 plays.

It's too bad, when he brings it on one of those odd evenings during the season, he plays competitively.

I doubt that he'll be able to bring his A game as a Habs player.

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I had no prob with Camalerri being traded....the way it was done and Bourque :1vomit::wall:

That said, the trade also brought Holland & the draft pick that netted(pun intended) Fucale so we might win the trade despite RB.

What can Borque do to turn around his game? Get traded again ASAP.... draft pick? minor leaguer? Bag of pucks? Don't care, just want him gone. What a waste of potential



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There are worse players than Bourque. Briere for the longest time hasn't done anything.

I'd wait for Rene, and pass the Briere to someone else.

The Nattinen call up is somewhat puzzling....we are missing Chucky and his playmaking ability and MT bring up Nattinen, hmmm.

At least he has 6'3" size and can pin players along the boards.

Going to be a good game tonite against the Maple Leafs, go HABS go.

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What I can't understand is why MT hasn't planted Bourque in the press box for a few games. If they did it to DD and he has responded to some degree then why not RB? I've stated before I like MT's plan for making players earn their ice time. Bourque seems to be coasting and playing the perimeter. It's time to do something with him. I wonder if MB or MT have sat down and had a Gainey/Kovalev type conversation with him?

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