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  1. Marinaro tweeted that Petry dislocated the last two fingers on his right hand but the doctor was able to reduce the dislocation w/o surgery although he may need off-season surgery. Game time decision is probably on how is able to manage pain- hold stick and shoot.
  2. A lot of online chatter that is implying that the Jets are done. I hope that all the Habs are all thinking like Gallagher and want to put the Jets away without giving them a glimmer of hope.
  3. TSN Report said Oullet or Romanov. I shudder at the thought of a Gustavson- Oullet pairing.
  4. I don’t think I can handle my meltdown if they lose.😎
  5. We disagreed on this point previously, but now I agree—even if they win this is &@?!@&$!!!!! decision. I have gone from hoping that Durcharme be retained and Bergevin re-signed to hoping that they are both fired the day after the season ends. I wish neither man ill on a personal level but enough is enough. I’m not sure even a miracle come back in this series would change my mind at this point.
  6. At this point I think that they should let Tatar and Armia walk and only re-sign Danault if he agrees to an extremely team friendly contract. On d, they need to add some skating and puck handling. I know that these are shocking revelations to you all. Who knew that an almost complete lack of offended from the D would be a problem?
  7. I feel bad for Durcharme but Bergevin has to go and DD won’t be far behind
  8. Would not matter. If mtl can come back from this maybe all of the character stuff we have been told about actually matters and it buys MB some time.
  9. I have been patient and optimistic—now I’m done. It’s time to move on from Bergevin and get someone new with a more modern approach. Only an epic Maple Laugh collapse will change my mind at this point
  10. He has been quoted by Arpon Basu as saying that adjustments are part of the plan.
  11. It’s only a mistake or dumb if they lose. If they win it’s called savvy coaching 😎
  12. I mentioned on the last HabsWorld podcast that I was hoping that they would do this for Price. Not a bad idea for Gallagher either.
  13. Never mind the intermission. Why do Craig Simpson and Gary Galley still have jobs?! Inaccurate, biased and boring is NOT what I m looking for from that position
  14. I have no idea why Gustafson would be in over Kulak.
  15. I agree 100%. Where is the irony emoji when I need it?
  16. Focus is on Gustafson because Merril is a good skating, smart defender with a good first pass— exactly as advertised. Nothing to criticize there.
  17. I want to see Montreal play like that against Calgary starting tomorrow
  18. It’s all about goals, goals, goals! Sick of hearing about points when this team has trouble putting the puck in the net. Anderson is better than Domi because he scores more goals and he is a beast on offence and defence. Sportsnet Stats @SNstats Most Goals Per 60 Min at 5v5 This Season (min 30 GP): #LeafsForever Matthews - 1.67 #GoHabsGo Anderson - 1.65 #GoHabsGo Gallagher - 1.50 #GoAv
  19. I agree. Couple that with the lack of roster flexibility and he is in an unenviable position. I would like some changes on the PP eg remove Weber and Drouin but other than special teams, and to a degree, ice time he has little to no options. Here’s hoping that they use that last recall on Caufield starting Monday.
  20. Fresh legs, good. Ouellette, bad. Neeeed.... Caufield, unh, must.... clear......cap space.... Habs smash puny Flames!!!
  21. I figured once Laval was on hiatus from games due to Covid and weird scheduling that we would see Caufield on the taxi squad sooner rather than later. It just remains to be seen how long until he is in the lineup. I’m hoping Saturday.
  22. With the exception of Price, and Gallagher, it could be argued that none of the failures had the talent or will to meet the expectations. I think the plan was to call up Caufield after the Rocket’s next two games. Now that they are postponed, I suspect he might be on the taxi squad very soon. I would keep him on the taxi squad and let him practice with the team for a few weeks before putting him in the lineup but I am sure they will want to get him some games before the playoffs.
  23. Bergevin must have a strong belief in the power of our locker room and our illustrious captain to reform someone like DeAngelo. Although it would have been a strictly one strike and you are out deal like Kassian, I'm still happy he is not associated with the team and I fervently hope that they don't revisit this option in free agency.
  24. Montreal gets Eric Gustafson from Philly for a 7th round pick with 50% salary retention.
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