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  1. Remind me again why Gary Galley has a job? He is not only a Habs hater, he bring zero insight to the game. This may have been discussed before but is there any way to sync the tsn 690 feed with the video. Galley would sound a lot better on mute.
  2. I for one loved Barron’s play especially when he levelled the Tampa player who hit Caufield after the whistle (Colton, I think) then smacked another Tampa player. I think he is going to be outstanding. You are right though it may take some more time. Harris and Barron should be where Romy is now but the time Romanov is at his peak. Hopefully, that will be with in the next two seasons.
  3. Every team that wins in OT has to get some bounces.
  4. What? Hope the Canes go deep!!!!???? I hate them with every fibre of my being.... well, not quite, but i do despise them significantly. Why, oh why would you ever wish the Saku-almost blinding, KK offer-sheeting, Trolling, *(&^%$#@!!!! Hurricanes good fortune?! I hope that they roll into the play-offs and Anderson reverts to his Maple Leaf "glory" days. I hope that they never win a play-off series again. I want them to be that almost great team that just can't win it all. I wish them nothing but frustration and anguish until their great core ages out. Seriously, that's almost as bad as hoping that the Leafs win a round. In fact, I fervently hope that they do not meet the Leafs because two teams playing each other can't both lose.
  5. I think for 99.999% of people who have watched the Habs this season that is obvious.
  6. I’m pretty sure that Hughes would not have included them unless he had to. He strikes me as a keen, even ruthless negotiator. I mean Darren Ferris called him a shark.
  7. Whoa, tough crowd. I would say that this is an outstanding return and I’m really pleased he didn’t go to Toronto.
  8. I expect Chariot,(1st & prospect) Perrault, Wideman (7ths) and Kulak (3rd) to be traded. A Petry deal will wait until the draft. And, Leks? He will be traded if a team comes up with a massive overpay which at this point would be a 1st plus imho. I think they should keep him unless the return is fantastic and dump Armia. Maybe Armia and Shea Weber to Arizona for future considerations?
  9. Not sure if you are over-rating Hudon or underrating RemPit but I never saw Hudon perform in the NHL the way the RemPit is now and I never saw Hudon being good enough defensively to be a viable 4th line option. Will Pitlick be able to maintain his current level? Probably not, but he has shown enough that they should keep him on a cheap contract. You say not a long term solution but I ask to what? If you are expecting him to score the way he has and anchor the 3rd line, disappointment awaits. If you expect a 4th line energy guy who can kill penalties and occasionally play up in the line up he may be a viable option. I actually am not arguing with your assessment. I just didn’t like the comparison. I see one player, Hudon, who never quite good enough and was unable to seize the numerous opportunities he had and another, Pitlick, who is maximizing his current opportunity.
  10. Your assessment may very well be correct but that comparison is not. Also, just because Rempit is not going to score at his current pace doesn’t mean that he will not be a useful 3rd/4th line player. I mean, did you envision MSL turning him into a penalty killer? I sure didn’t. I just think he has earned a longer assessment period.
  11. I don't recall Hudon ever: a, skating like that b. scoring like that c. exciting me with his play like that d. All of the above.
  12. If we could get a 1st, an A level prospect, van riemsdyk and a B level prospect for Petry then Hu-gort would be foolish not to take it. The only question: Is Chuck Fletcher that desperate??
  13. Yes, but to be clear, that is Engles opinion not mine.
  14. I take your point, but I used the word “sucker” in regards to Armia as I am hoping that they somehow trade him without giving up too many assets. Also, Lekhonen’s price point for re-signing has not been brought up in the media as a factor in the decision to trade him and it should be.
  15. I hear that it is necessary to trade Leks due to the salary cap. https://www.sportsnet.ca/nhl/article/canadiens-lehkonen-boosts-trade-value-in-playoff-style-win-over-senators/ I think if the return is outstanding, trade him. If not, why not give Arizona a pick to take Byron? And keep him. Even better, sucker some GM enamoured of the puck possession, grinding beast that Armia was last playoffs into taking him off your hands. If the Leafs can dump Ritchie at an affordable price there is no reason why Hugh/Gort should allow the salary cap to be the defining guide of their actions and I don’t think that they will.
  16. C'mon, Hugh-Gort have been at the helm for months... or at least, a month. They are far past the five minute exemption from criticism that Canadiens fans give a new coach or gm. Assuming of course that they liked the hire(s) and didn't start criticizing the minute the person was hired.
  17. This is not madness. This is brilliant. If St.Louis shows well the Canadiens will win some games, but not enough to impact our draft pick and they can sign him for the first couple of years of the re-set. If not, they have a full off season to conduct the search for a replacement. Right now, the Canadiens need a new, fresh voice with credibility and Hhof and Stanley Cup winner M. StLouis ticks all those boxes. Besides, who else that we would want was available mid-season?
  18. I would be surprised if he won’t. It only makes sense from a prospect management perspective.
  19. I think you are wrong based on the fact that Petry is still skating well. I think this is a focus issue which can be fixed. In any case, there is no sense in trading Petry right now at a discount: especially since we don’t have a replacement ready.
  20. My intention wasn’t to defend Bergevin but just to point out that Perry’s deal was reasonable when it was signed. I believe Petry started the season playing hurt and couldn’t handle his forced rise to our #1 D. I think he will be fine next season in a 2, 3 or 4 role. I think comparisons to Gomez are premature.
  21. I am sure that at least 25 other GMs would have happily signed Petry to the extension Bergevin did. I’m also sure that many of these same GMs will be trying to get Petry at a discount. I hope that our new VP and GM are canny enough not to sell assets at pennies on the dollar just to clear space. Although I’m not really sure why they would be in a hurry to dump Petry anways. One subpar season does not mean he’s done
  22. I agree. I would be surprised -and disappointed- if Gorton goes that far down the scorched earth path. I know that this is not a popular opinion but I do not believe that this team is as far away from being a contender as some people think.
  23. Sounds like the asking price for Jacob Chychrun is similar to what Vegas paid for Eichel. At the price point, maybe he would be worth kicking tires on for Anderson, the rights to Harris and our 1s next year fixed that for you.
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