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Senators @ Canadiens, Nov 22


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Guest Stogey24
2 hours ago, The Chicoutimi Cucumber said:

I don't believe Pleks will get traded. He eats tough minutes against the best opposition C. He's also a grizzled veteran, the type of guy contending teams tend to want to add at the deadline.


I don't believe Patches will get traded either. His contract is insanely cap-friendly and if we trade him away, we need to get another elite FW back to replace him. Where's the sense in that?


Then again, I couldn't see PK Subban getting traded either, so anything's possible, I suppose. But both Pleks and Patches are Good Boys who play by the rules - they don't do horrible things like set up $10 million charities without getting the organization's permission, or do big celebrations when they score, or low-five the goalie after wins - so my guess is they stick around


Plekanec and grizzled should never be used together.


He's done nothing this year. NOTHING 

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I might not have the numbers accurate but I read that Plek has like 34 points in 76 games. That said Therrien removed him from the powerplay in favour of Desharnais and he's been playing a more defensive role than last season. Still very disappointing and it made it funny that the Canadiens Twitter introduced Vegas to the NHL with a photo of Plekanec playing poker. Almost like they are baiting Vegas to pick him up in the expansion draft. 

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Like I say...Pleks eats the tough defensive minutes and takes the tough face-offs. Unless they think Danault can do as good a job, he will still be a Hab by season's end. Keep in mind that the Habs are "all in" this season. I think that rules out a trade. (Maybe in the offseason, if MB can find a taker for that final bloated contract year). 


I've been worried about Plekanec getting old for a while now. It leaves us, agonizingly, back in the "donut" dilemma of only having one legitimate top-6 C, with no obvious replacement on the horizon. :angry:

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