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GAME#82 - Habs vs Panthers - 7:30 - Friday April 29, 2022


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2 hours ago, The Chicoutimi Cucumber said:

Caufield is a beast. I don’t know that I have ever seen a player go from outhouse to doghouse so quickly, or be so radically transformed by a coaching change. Hard to believe he will not be *at least* a reliable 30-goal man. Frankly, I think he will make Pacioretty look like a pile of puke before his time with us is done.

I have to believe that, too. He played on a 49-goal pace (!) with St-Louis at the helm. Now, goalies will study him, as will opposing D, so it won't be as easy, and I'm not expecting him to score 50 a year. But certainly 30, and maybe he could be a 40-goal guy. Which would be awesome indeed.

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38 minutes ago, revvvrob said:

I don’t know that I have a bad attitude about Weber. 

I loved him as a Hab and didn’t mind losing PK to get him (Tho I wish we could have had both!). 

he was AMAZING last playoff and was a guy I’d have proudly worn his jersey. 

I just think his vanishing from last year final until last night showed the opposite of leadership and it tainted my view of him a bit. 

i think overall I agree with CC and others.


here’s what I would have liked:


He IS still the captain of the Habs for the 2021-21 season 


I would have expected him to appear at opening night. 

I would have expected at least ONE appearance mid-season, maybe at a spot where the season was lost and he could encourage the troops as captain, maybe when Gorton or Hughes or St Louis was hired. Sometime.


And then finally at the end of the season as he did. 


3 visits in the season from the current Habs captain in what was one of the most, if not THE most difficult season in Habs history. 

I don’t think that would have been too much to expect. 


He had three visits with the team - two on the West coast (Vancouver and Seattle) plus last night.  I also disagree with the assertion that he's still the captain.  There was no captain this season.  The fact they didn't strip the captaincy from him doesn't mean he's truly still the captain.  Philly did that with Pronger the year after he shut it down, they left the 'C' on him out of respect but ask anyone around the team that year and they didn't have a captain.  It's the exact same for the Habs.


Weber's also limited in the sense that he can't speak publicly about what's going on with his injury situation as Hughes alluded to today so his appearances have largely been behind the scenes as they should have been.  He was in regular communication with his teammates throughout the season as many players have indicated so it's not as if he hasn't been around at all.  For an injured player with no future with the team or hope of playing again, that's more than a lot of others in his situation would have done.

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One thing I really like is that there seems to be a genuine love for, and appreciation of, playing in Montreal among this group of players. https://www.habseyesontheprize.com/latest-news/2022/4/30/23050179/highlights-quotes-from-montreal-canadiens-end-of-season-press-conferences-kent-hughes-media-st-louis


It could all be PR bullsh*t, of course, but it feels genuine to me. And that’s impressive coming out of a truly wretched season like this one.


Abetted, perhaps, by the Cup run of ‘21, the Habs seem to have turned the page decisively on the old narrative of Montreal as a soul-destroying place filled with unbearable ‘pressure.’ Core pieces like Slick Nick, Bilbo, and Romanov seem to be positively embracing it, while vets like Gally and Allen eloquently reinforce the narrative. 👍

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