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    Kypreos: Plekanec is one of the top centres available right now. Bergevin: I just signed one of the top centres available right now. What more do you want?
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    You want loyalty buy a dog.... Now where did I hear that in the off season 🤔🤔🤔
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    Nah. I don't think anyone cares about an offhand remark like that. What will hurt him is -the fact that the team is garbage and appears to have no elite young prospects and no serious plan for fixing this, other than improvisational patchwork -if you're a FW, the lack of puck-moving D, which sets you up to fail -a possible rep for treating players poorly - e.g., Serge Savard's comments on how they mishandled PK - or else a coach with a rep for being an uptight old-schoolie and can no longer point to on-ice success as a mitigating factor. Another version is this: if I'm a UFA, I look at the Drouin/Galy situation and say, 'wow, here is an organization that isn't putting guys in a position to succeed.' -the fact that Montreal is a horrible place to play when the organization is incompetent. So even if I weren't particularly preoccupied with winning, I'd still be leery of signing there, because I know I'm going to get harassed on the street by frustrated fans. All that being said, as long as the Habs overpay, they'll get the guy they want a decent percentage of the time, just like any other organization.
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    Here's a question, players know now that Bergevin isn't loyal. With comments like ... If you want loyalty buy a dog. Will that hurt him trying to sign ufa's?
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    I can’t believe we are even having this discussion
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    There is NO ground for debate on this. It's elementary asset management. If MB doesn't trade Pleks he is even more of a dribbling moron than I'd imagined.
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    I don't think Pacioretty would drop much, but he certainly wouldn't become better. We got plenty of options at left wing and there's nothing he provides as a leader to make him too valuable to lose. Why not get something good in return for him? The only thing I'm hearing from folks is nostalgia because he certainly was no hero for us in the playoffs. We tried, it didn't work, move on.
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    The problem I have with trading Pacioretty for a center is that we are all looking for that elusive top 6 center, who on our team may turn out to be the the equivalent of a top line center. Furthermore, we are looking for an offensive centerman who could balance the team out based on an apparent abundance of wingers. The issue is that our coaching staff would prefer our top line center to be just as defensively responsible as offensively. We’ve seen that with Galchenyuk and Drouin. I have only a shadow of a doubt that had we not been through years of this with Galchenyuk already, his skill set is competent for a top 6 center, especially on a team that needs one. We could effectively end up trading Pacioretty for a prospect centerman who turns out to be no more effective defensively than Galchenyuk. What’s the point? Even in Boston, Bergeron has been a Selke candidate or winner, year after year. While he has scored 30 goals in the past, Bergeron seems to be finding even more offense this season now that Julien is gone. It worries me that expectations from a center acquired for Pacioretty won’t be fully realized on this team. We can claim that we have an abundance of wingers, but we also could have been a team with a skilled Galchenyuk as our first line center. My thought is that any bonafide center who comes in a return, unless it were a Tavares or a Thornton (neither of which would happen), will have the main focus of Julien be to hone in on their defensive game. If it is a young center prospect in return, the trade has potential to be a disaster as we’ve seen what has happened to Drouin and more specifically Galchenyuk during Julien’s “training” routine. Of course, if we simply trade Pacioretty for something that also involves a solid defenseman or defensive prospect in return, the idea becomes a little more refreshing. I simply am not convinced that any center prospect we trade Pacioretty for would turn out to be much different than some of the skilled centermen we already have on the team, even though they aren’t used as such. Galchenyuk is still listed as a center in many places and Drouin and Galchenyuk were both drafted 3rd overall. What traded prospect is going to have more potential?
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    This is really going to oversimplify things but the way our team has been built for many years, the key guy has been Carey Price. I am fully aware about the theory around here that in a playoff series “many goalies can match Price’s level and negate the Price-effect”. While I don’t fully agree with it, if that’s the case then he is indeed the one who should be eventually moved in order for us to not simply be able to “patch up” any issues. The Leafs had Sundin but I am a believer that having Price is a reason why the Habs can never truly be a full rebuilding team. Re-tooling is fine but it’s a very general term, as I can guarantee the Habs will “re-tool” from the trade deadline to the off season. I also fear to say on here that having Price is reason enough to believe that with the correct configuration up front and re-tool, we should be able to compete in upcoming seasons. Of course the glass half empty view is that in a good year “Price hides all the team weaknesses and so management can get away with putting together a mediocre team”. If all these negative views have truth, then Price may actually be the proper player to set free. I am of the positive view that we can compete in many given years because we have him. Because of that viewpoint, I should be considered a Leaf-like fan, apparently. To sum up, I believe Price is a key factor on the polarizing viewpoints of this team. I am of the belief that with him on the team, we should have the potential to compete in any given year as long as our management team puts together the best team possible in front of him. I didn’t feel as though they did that this season. I also feel as though Price certainly had a down year himself, which is a whole other conversation. If Price can be negated by other goaltenders come playoff time and cannot help this team remain legitimate, why keep him? (I don’t want him traded) Pacioretty can be a part of the puzzle but Price is the keyest of cogs, in every respect.
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    We have our tickets for the game on Wednesday. We're excited to go, we'll be ten rows up behind the Avs attack twice end, so we'll get to see Price (hopefully) up close in net for a couple of periods. My son just wants to see Montreal play, and I'm glad we can do that for him. It helps that through his hockey association, tickets are about a 40% discount off face value. Last year, one of the equipment guys gave him a Habs cap signed by Galchenyuk, so we'll try and get there early again to get near the player tunnel. It's also his last year of 8U (mite), so he gets one last chance to skate during intermission in a couple of weeks. It'll also be his first time suiting up as a goalie at the Pepsi Center.
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    Julien: "Well Gally, looks like you'll be out about a month" Gallagher: "Ya coach, but don't worry I'll be back strong and ready for a playoff push!" *loading shotgun* Julien: "uh huh... hey, have you ever seen Old Yeller?"