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    The size issue goes not exist in today's nhl. Shaw, Lehkonen, and Gallagher are probably montreal's 3 best players at winning puck battles. Gallagher has said he wins those battles because of his size.
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    The Montreal Canadiens: more Fins than an aquarium
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    Considering the Habs are in St. Louis tonight, this could solely be related to that but Montreal has had two scouts at two of the last three Blues home games. I know Bergevin said he wouldn't go after rentals but I think he meant more of impact rentals that would cost a key part of the future. St. Louis has a couple of d-men I could see Bergevin being interested in if it's a low cost (Gunnarsson/Bouwmeester).
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    I never mentioned Suzuki. I prefer to see him at center first before making him a RW.
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