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  1. Feb. 26, Flyers vs Habs, 7:30 PM

    in defence of Schlemko, 2/4 in shootout is 50% probability, not many shooters are above that percentage league wide + who actually wanted them to win? these 3 point games need to come to an end though!
  2. Habs vs Tampa - 7:00 EST

    The only team that may be slightly interested in hopes of rekindling his prior success is Chicago. Otherwise it's a pretty stale market for depth goaltenders.
  3. Habs vs Tampa - 7:00 EST

    Lindgren shouldn't be part of the tank, why ruin confidence in a broken system? You may be 5% of the forum that doesn't want this team to finish horribly in the standings at this point...I am in the 95% that wants just short of a firesale + MB gone + Geoff Molson stepping down. Niemi should start 90% of games til the end of the season.
  4. Habs vs Tampa - 7:00 EST

    Has Niemi won back to back games at any given point this season?
  5. Feb. 20, Habs vs Flyers

    I must admit, the Habs are notorious for giving up goals to NHL newcomers and wins to goalies that nobody knew of until they were in the program. According to daily face-off, Georgiev is 12-11-2 with a .908 SV% Hartford (AHL)
  6. Feb. 20, Habs vs Flyers

    Regression happens even with snipers, his value could potentially fall further, then what? He might be 2nd line at best material by next season, Bergevin needs to pull the trigger at the deadline if the yield is right.
  7. Feb. 20, Habs vs Flyers

    Really? What about Humpty Dumpty?
  8. Feb. 20, Habs vs Flyers

    THT! in case you dont know what this stands for: (TANK HABS TANK). and hopefully, bye Captain Useless & "Mr Olympian" Carey come next week
  9. Habs vs Bruins - 7:00 EST.

    I think based on the fact that this will be the 3rd meeting in 3 weeks, the Habs got a good shot for redemption as the underdog at home tonight. Predicting a 5-3 win over the poo bears. Anything can happen when rivalry teams meet, and Carey Price's Saturday night record is pretty stellar despite the downtick in performance.
  10. Nov. 15, Islanders vs Habs, 7:30 PM

    Greek philosopher quotes and hockey... seasons gotta be done right?
  11. Who blinks first Molson or Bergevin???

    Why would Boston want to get rid of Julien if he was such an elite coach? I don't think it's a coincidence that they're lighting it up with Cassidy behind the bench with virtually a similar roster. This whole "french coach" BS needs to stop; why can't the coach have siri translating the whole time during the English portion of press conferences?
  12. Is Pacioretty A Real Leader?

    Heres to hoping that he turns it around so his player value rises; because if Bergevin were to send him out of town, his price would be at an all time low. The off-season makes more sense if a trade were to occur. Taking responsibility for everything that is going wrong is not necessarily a good thing, especially to the wolves of media in Montreal; secondly I don't think his personality fits the mold of captain characteristics. It was a mistake nominating him captain, he already had high expectations to be a consistent 30+ goal scorer, the added responsibility likely plays a factor in the regression of his production.
  13. Who blinks first Molson or Bergevin???

    When are people going to start saying that Bergevin should have not hired Claude Julien as head coach? Recycling past coaches never works for any team!
  14. Is Pacioretty A Real Leader?

    Please elaborate on how you feel he is an off-ice leader.
  15. Is Pacioretty A Real Leader?

    FYI: I started the first thread that generated a lot of interest, so now it is up for debate again. Pax is the focal point amongst a lacklustre season; cannot say he is a scapegoat due to the fact that he floats, and his comments to media proves that a trade is pretty much writing on the wall should Bergevin not be fired before. Thoughts?