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  1. and what other french speaking GMs are around that you know of?
  2. Pierre seems to have all the answers for the Habs, I would seriously give him a chance. And he speaks french
  3. do you really want to know the answer?
  4. he knows this organization inside and out, why not? who else is actually available that can make prudent decisions and be accountable for them?
  5. I actually think Pierre Mcguire wouldn't be a bad GM. A hell of an upgrade in the interim for dumpster diver.
  6. follow nhltrashtalkers on instagram, I'm sure its coming
  7. where is Sherbak in terms of development? can be be put on a line with Lehkonen next season?
  8. rangers are not 4 lines deep, but lets take this time to thank cowboy Bob Gainey for trading Ryan Mcdonagh for Scott Gomez.
  9. If you think the Rangers can beat the Caps/Penguins you are cut off tonight
  10. I wouldn't give up on #27 yet, but I would give up on #11/#67 first
  11. you're likely bang on with this comment, it was Weber influencing Radu knowing how hopeless of a team he had surrounding him hoping he could boost the team, which he did. Imagine the Canadiens without Radulov this season? But at the same point, it's hindsight 20/20. You get rid of Subban who could have been an all star D man for several more seasons than #6, Weber has maximum 2 good seasons left in him.
  12. one thing we can all mutually agree on is that Marc Bergevin has let us down as a General Manager. PK Subban is laughing somewhere tonight and I am so happy that he is. He was NOT the problem. He was a real LEADER and embraced CHARACTER in the dressing room. I am not sitting here bashing Shea Weber but that could be one of the worst trades in franchise history. Bergevin must have been using an analytics algorithm hoping these players would pan out. Flynn, Mitchell, Danault (not his fault for being put in a role he wasn't meant to play), Davidson, Ott, Martinsen. The only plus side is Radulov but who knows what he's going to do after having the season he did. I would say this team needs to implode and build from the ground up. Players like Bryon and Lehkonen are terrific positives for the future but we have to figure out what to do with Gallagher and Chucky before they regress. Major decisions need to happen this offseason.
  13. post is old, but maybe he should've had a FN snickers or two because he WASNT HUNGRY
  14. not like Davidson would add much to this total.