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  1. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    Thinking about Karl Alzner... I was thrilled when we signed him. I saw him as a steady defensive ironman guy that would make our PK better, an elite shut-down guy. Things didn’t turn out that way, but is his value zero?! There must be some kind of creative sollution for the habs, for Alzner and the NHL to trade him to a team where he would be an asset. Perry was talked about, but is there no one else?!
  2. Who do the Habs take in the 2019 draft?

    DIVERSITY! Oldest in the draft 2019: 1. Arsen Khisamutdinov (21) 4. Rafael Harvey-Pinard (20) Tallest in the draft 2019: 3. Kieran Ruscheinski (198 cm) Shortest in the draft 2019: 1. Cole Caufield (170 cm)
  3. Had a good time. Seems like Lekhonen are finally getting the bounces he deserves. Also, is Petry playing with a soft stick? His shoots fly high, and it seems he has more power?
  4. At the Bell for tonights game! Have a good feeling. Maybe time for the powerplay to come to life?!
  5. March 23, Sabres vs Habs, 7 PM

    Max Domi! What a game so far!
  6. Habs vs Wings 730pm

    Give Weise some time. He was great last time. Maybe he thrives when under the pressure of playing in front of the most dedicated fans in sports. ... and if that’s true, this is a steal.
  7. Habs vs Wings 730pm

    How is Kronwall a cheapshot? (!) Anyway, for me this has been the most interesting season since the playoff-run-versus-the-Rags-year. Here’s a few reasons; Kotkaneimi proving me wrong, as I was hoping for Zadina. Jeff Petry is awesome. (Better than Weber) Drouin is showing glimpses of eliteness. Price is Vezina-good again. Danault is Selle-good. Paul Byron and Mete’s speed. Tatar is an imorove over Pacioretty. Didn’t see that one coming. Lekhonen and Armia looks to ”break out” anytime soon. If one of them reach potential this team looks like a team that could upset a better team in the playoffs.
  8. Gallagher getting the hattrick tonight? Looks sharp!
  9. Domi > Galchenyuk

    Was in Montreal two weeks ago an saw the Buffalo game at the Bell and I haven’t been this excited by Habs player since Kovalev. Max Domi is working hard, and seems to be at the right place at the right time. My new favourite Hab! Also Drouin is showing a more and more mature game!
  10. 2018 NHL Entry Draft Thread

    All seems to be OK with letting Zadina pass? Im a bit confused by this?
  11. Galchenyuk traded for Domi

    I don’t mind the trade. Galchenyuk never reached full potential with this team. Domi is cheaper, less talented, bit seems to work harder and thus giving the team a more ”stable” second line winger? And if this move is utilized to allocate funds to a elite center, then it could actually be beneficial. Yes, I still dream of a Tavares signing.
  12. Alzner Signs With Montreal

    I love this signing! Alzner been some kind of favourite for a long time. Now losing Emelin doesn't feel bad at all. Habs just got better, now it's just time to convince Markov to take a cut, and be a part of a team that can make it all the way. Then sign Radulov. Then solve the Galchenuy-case. If it will be by sign-n-trade or (Duchene?) or give him a last chance to play center with Drouin as linemate. And if it doesn't work figure out a trade as time goes by.
  13. Should the Habs sign Andrei Kostitsyn?

    Nope, we're better team without Kostitsyn. Toronto can have him. We already have two nice "projects" in Kassian an Holloway. Both thoose are good bets!
  14. Habs sign George "Bud" Holloway

    Yeah, I agree. I think you're undervaluing this addition. Holloway has been a top scorer in every team his whole career. Strange he never got the chance with the Kings as he lead the Manchester Monarchs in scoring during his two full seasons in the AHL. He did the exact same thing in Sweden. MVP one year. Three seasons. Three finals and two cup won. Same thing in Switzerland. Missed a few games, but had the same point-per-game ratio as the top scorer Martin Pluss. SHL, former Elitserien could be said to be equal to the AHL. NLA in Switzerland is slightly below, but not that far. If the Habs finds a way to get max out of Bud Holloway he will be a top six forward. As I said earlier. Give him a full season and I would expect about 15 goals and 20 helper from this guy. This is not a prospect, but a pro that's used to north american hockey.
  15. Habs sign George "Bud" Holloway

    Interesting indeed! Bud has been considered the best american player outside the NHL for many years. Followed him close during his years in Skellefteå AIK. 15 goals and 20 assist could be expected I think. Would fit both on a second line or third line.