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  1. So will he stay overseas or just take games from Primeau in the AHL?
  2. I wouldn't mind not seeing Weal or Weise
  3. Fair. I think that your prospect descriptions on the site would benefit from some more critical comments. Or a section describing what flaws/restrictions they have. Most in the first round seem like glowing reviews but its hard to judge one vs another from them.
  4. I'm curious what makes you rank a few of these dmen above Justin Barron
  5. That was the question I poorly worded the first time
  6. Okay so if someone turns 20 a week after the start of the season they dont count against the overager limit. Hence why there are always a handful of 21 year olds?
  7. Quick question, what is the date for deciding overagers in the CHL? Is it start of season, January 1st or something else?
  8. Was at the game... Teasdale is such a force on the ice it is really exciting to see. He plays the game in a way that makes it very hard to imagine him not transitioning well to the AHL and NHL.
  9. Thats fair, I dont know the details of the OHL. So excited for Memorial Cup this year though! Lots to watch as a habs fan.
  10. Was at the game... by god Teasdale is a beast. He just dominates the play when hes on the ice and is always finishing his checks. ill say you have to be a little careful with backup goalie stats in junior. Mooseheads backup McLaren had 1.81 gaa and .930% this year (better than Gravel the starter)... because they pretty much only played him against Acadie Bathurst and St John (who both were beyond pathetic).
  11. His defensive game just jumped in the playoffs. Hes so much more active than he was during the season. Could be just the hype from being hot but it shows hes capable of it. Skating is not a concern for Lavoie. Even if this strong backchecking is a mirage. Edit: I was reallypro McCarron mainly because I saw him score two hatties in the ahl live.... Lavoie is a 100% different/better player.
  12. Saw Ducharme at the Drumonville-Halifax game tonight. Ex drumondville coach so not sure how much scouting he'll be doing... but I hope the habs are watching Lavoie's playoff run. By god if he slips to 15... he has been insane (been to half Halifax's playoff games). His goal scoring has been getting most the attention in the playoffs but his two way game looks incredible this run. He disrupts so much with his reach.
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