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  1. Hudon open to being traded

    Even with his defensive issues I think Edmonton would be foolish not to trade for him. He'd be the fourth 5th highest scoring forward even though he's only played 23 games... 650k salary and an RFA... not sure why they wouldn't pull the trigger. Hitch might Ty Rattie him... but he'd be better than some of those guys they are running atm.
  2. I just want everyone removed who thought a dcore without any puck movers... was something you can do. If that was Berg, Julien, assistants w/e want anyone who thought that out. They blatently showed they are out of touch with the modern game.
  3. Montoya traded to Edmonton

    Get a pick Neimi/Montoya are a wash w/e.
  4. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    Im personally just shocked hudon hadnt scored more. Regularly impressed by his play. Same with Lehkonen... but my eyes could be bad as I regularly think Small Paul is the best hab on the ice :))
  5. Markov leaving and giving us an elite center won't save this dcore
  6. Not sure how anyone can say habs fans are overreacting. we have no transition dmen at all. Probably the slowest and worst Puck Handling score of any potential playoff team. In what world is this a situation we can win with? We have a limited window before our prospect puddle means we have to full rebuild.
  7. Fire Bergevin

    I am on the fire Bergevin train after this one. Team had a massive weakness in transition (major reason why our offense was dogshit) now we have absolutely no defenseman who can fill that role for more than 15 minutes a night? Guys who either cant stay healthy or in the lineup? Great. Is Schlemko going to be leading our breakout? Streit? Good lord help us if they for check we are done :)) Hears hoping Davidson turns into a God.
  8. Because team Canada knew the trade was coming and wanted to add fuel to the fire. Obviously.
  9. Permanent Trade Proposal Thread

    Louis LeBlanc Jared Tinordi Jacob Dela Rose Zach Fucale Those would be the bigger names off the top of my head. Guys who went to shit with lef
  10. Non-Rocket Habs Prospect tracker

    Glad we don't have to see Johnston again. He was horrible even at the AHL games I watched.
  11. Not only first round picks. 1st and 2nds post McD/Patches/Subban draft Danny Kristo Bust Traded Louis LeBlanc Bust Traded Jared Tinordi Bust Traded Nathan Beaulieu Traded for 3rd Sebastien Collberg probably Bust but Traded in Vanek deal to nyi Dalton Thrower Bust in echl Jacob Dela Rose max a 4th line grinder Zach Fucale played most of last season in echl Sergachev Traded Still hope for Michael McCarron probably a 3c but could be a 2c if Jesus helps Mikhail Sherbak kid does look sick Noah Juulsen people like On Montreal Galchenyuk for now Arrthuri Lehkonen looks good as a 2nd liner Since Lefebvre took over the AHL team (with Beaulieu gone) we have NO players who have made the transition. Our only two prospects since the 08 draft both skipped/ignored AHL.
  12. Whoever trades for Beaulieu has to protect him over another guy who they might lose to Vegas... his value is going to be hit in that situation. (Plus n8 is most likely going to be a bottom pairing guy and hockey people know it)
  13. Wish we gave Davidson more of a shot... only one year older than beaulieu
  14. Drouin could be complete dynamite and it won't do shit for our cup chances. We have a God awful d core. We're still relying on a now even older Markov, a Beaulieu who has not displayed offensive creativity and continues to give the weakest giveaways I've seen on our lineup. Weber still will be strong but he has no partner. Hoping go God Petry can find it in himself to become a credible 2. The lack of breakout passes hurt my eyes... maybe drouin can carry it out? Oh and we are banking on danault being great again... otherwise we don't have a two way center to help them. Positives: Gallagher should be better, love Lehkonen, if we keep Radulove... him and Drouin will make hockey exciting to watch. We also have the best goalie in the world... if they take away the trapezoid he can be our breakout pass (We better be getting a wicked two way center or ,preferable a Dman who can move andnpass)
  15. RiP the memory of Hasek </3