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  1. 2015 NHL Draft thread

    I hope they draft Daniel Sprong, for obvious reasons! He's Dutch and moved to Montreal and a Habs fan.
  2. -- Permanent Floating Music Thread --

    Foster the people 's new album just came out. Arctic monkeys album must be one of the best of last year, theyre great live btw.(no big show but them they play good)
  3. Prayers for Tim Bozon

    Great news!
  4. Habs going to the Olympics

    They didnt qualify
  5. Nov. 29th, Habs vs Capitals, 5 PM

    Yeah man, nice goal!! Afternoon games, Hoorah!!!!
  6. Habs vs Oilers, Oct. 22 7:30 pm

    But really? If you need to get your motivation out of a comment like that, then there is seriously something wrong with your team.
  7. Euro 2012 thread

    No thats not the problem, the Ego's where the problem. In south Africa it was a team, and now things were boiling over. Little groups inside the team, players not getting along. Its a big mess and it is still continuing in the press. And our D has been the problem in africa as well, its not the best part of our team.
  8. Rangers vs Habs, Jan. 15, 7 PM EST

    Nice Seinfeld Classic
  9. -- Permanent Floating Music Thread --

    My favorite is Gold on the ceiling, but the album is just brilliant, not a bad song on it!
  10. Official MLB Discussion Thread

  11. Canadiens @ Jets GDT Worst GDT Ever

    No Jon, but cant watch the game. I need a good stream or so cuz my tv feed is gone!
  12. -- Permanent Floating Music Thread --

    Yeah, they never made it to be a FM station, the money you need to pay to get one of those was enormous. You could listen to them on radio and cable. But the mothercompany executed them cuz according to them they had no future. Weirdest thing, they were still growing, highest marketpart was reached this year. Im really gonna mis it cuz it was part of my daily ritual.
  13. -- Permanent Floating Music Thread --

    My favourite dutch radio station is running its last day, its being cancelled. Tough tough tough. I loved listening to it, cuz of its freshness, great alternative music and always the 1st to play new music, weeks or even months before all the mainstream stations put it on. Going to be a supermassive black hole (to put it in Muse words)
  14. Random Fun Fact

    very funny!
  15. Tragedy in Russia

    Just heared it on the radio, bizarre, im speachless.