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  1. Might as well call this the "Beaulieu Show". I wonder if they'll keep him for 5 games and then send him to junior. Not %100 sure about the rules on that.
  2. It'd be awesome if the Bell crowd starting signing it on a good Cole night.
  3. Back in October 2008, this was stated:: "Alexei Yemelin is the best defenseman not in the NHL" - Pierre McGuire. I hope this is true and a reinforcement of his skill. Mind you, as The Chicoutimi Cucumber stated there still exists the concern about adapting to the North American game and rink size. And there will also exist opinions by people who can't stand McGuire and that any endorsement from him is bad news. I hope he's right and I have to think there is potential for him to make the cut and be a deadlier force than that of a 2nd rate rook. Cross 'em fingers!
  4. So, here we go - just about. I am very excited about the upcoming year. I'm a little sad about losing Tom Pyatt. He made the Gomez deal look better. Not that Pyatt was going to be the guy who made or broke us but against Boston in the 1st round along with Ryan White - that line drove them nuts! As far as the rest of the core goes, I'm happy. Hopefully Kostitsyn stays with Eller this year (Jacques - read this!) and they rediscover the magic they had on the same line again. If that happens and it's consistent and assuming line 1 nor 2 have issues we will have 3 dangerous lines and a solid
  5. Agreed (the sequel) Very happy with the current state of the team. Lots of money in the kitty
  6. Gorges should have filed. I don't blame him. His NHL market value is 3 million floor. 4 or more ceiling. We've all seen the human eraser take it away against 2 attackers down low (double teamed) and he takes it away and distributes the puck or carries it out again and again. Night in, night out! Maybe he does it in his sleep. He's also punishing with his checks since he tends to finish them with a powerful hip so opponents fall. THN called him the 6th best defensive D in the NHL 2 years ago (Liddy was number 1) and Gorges hasn't lost a beat after that assessment. Too bad he can't hi
  7. I have no idea who Gauthier is really targeting. Looking at the UFA list is depressing. I like Byron Bitz. Frolov is nice addition. But, beyond that I think Gauthier is going to go the trade route or promote. We have serious money left as far as the trade deadline kitty goes.
  8. I've been moving so I haven't had much of a chance to post on this. I love this signing. After Brooks Laich was reupped by the Caps, the 2nd best RW (and can play LW) was Cole. I'm not worried about him being injury prone. He had the vertabrae issue in 2006 and he had I think an MCL problem but has been dependable beyond that. Now we have 2 power forwards (arguably 3 if we include AK46) What's not to like?
  9. Now to find out if I'm lucky or a curse. This is my 1st post season post. Je vais manger mon poulet et de pommes de terre repas! GO HABS GO!
  10. Well that was a fun 2010-11. Brewer now (awaiting final confirmation) to Tampa Bay. After Boston and Philly did their moves and considering our ailing D I just wanted to wish everyone a happy summer and hopefully we can win the cup in 2012. See you at the draft.
  11. Did not tune in at all. Boston lost last night - here was our chance to get closer to them but I had a feeling - when we catch a break and the B's drop one we cannot seem to seize the opportunity. Oh well. January has been a good month. And I say we can beat the Flyers in the playoffs providing Carey grows a Patty Roy 1993 spine! And we know Gauthier is going to pull a trigger on something. It may just make us more complete like the Flyers
  12. Regardless of Saku's return, the (Mighty) Ducks have always been a thorn in our side in Montreal. I`m having bad memories of Ron Wilson on the bench during the Kariya era (insert puke emoticon here)
  13. Habs win 7-1 over what appears to be Junior B Ottawa team. Queue the pink slip(s) I'd buy that for a dollar
  14. Was there a 5 on 3 there? I missed it or something. Now 6-1. This is a drubbing
  15. And the only bona-fide asset they have is Karlsson. Alfie is getting to the twilight phase in his career. Fisher is always a sparkplug but he can't be the go to guy. Gonchar/Ottawa is a bad marriage. I said that when they signed him and let Volchenkov walk.Here comes a Senator 5 on 3. Uh oh. At least it'll be interrupted by the intermission if they can avoid getting scored on
  16. If the Sens are gonna about face like the Flames did now is certainly the time. But the way they are playing...well, yikes. They look totally demoralized and flat as a unit. I have no faith in them doing so
  17. It'll be 1 year to the day on February 8th when Gainey stepped down. If we agree with Bob McKenzie that Murray should get out in time before the deadline to improve the team and give the new GM time to properly prepare for the deadline and the draft I have to conclude the news on a change MUST COME SOON! Not that I want them to (obviously) but the Sens have to win this game IMO! 5-1 now
  18. Something has got to give with Clouston or Murray. Over the last 3 loses by Ottawa I figured I'd hit refresh on TSN or some other site and hear about the axe but still nothing. How long??? Could tonight be it if they drop this one?
  19. White looks like an AHLer out there. Go figure Hopefully he gets going in the 2nd. I guess there's always that little adjustment period to overcome
  20. Pyatt scratched. White is dressed tonight as per CJAD 1-0 Habs. Pouliot
  21. At least we had these injuries occur now, not on March 30th. Not much of a consolation I know but I gotta see a silver lining. As for the refs, it's not just this game. Pretty well every 82 games of every team has garbage reffing written all over it. What is a penalty in the 1st isn't in the 3rd or vice versa. The NHL reffing system wreaks - always has realy - always will. The 2 ref system is stupid anyway. Two interpretations. One says icing, the other says no icing. I think a solution would be to team refs together from day 1 to day 180. That is, if John and Bob are paired for game
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