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6.5mil over 6 years for Gallagher

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3 hours ago, xXx..CK..xXx said:

I agree with you and I am the Domi supporter but the one negative about his game that seems to be backed up analytically is his lack of defensive ability. How that translates into being a center long term has still yet to be determined.   Columbus needs him to be that center, however the Habs have found themselves in that situation before as well, and it never necessarily meant that the player would remain in that role. 

I am optimistic about Domi in general, but I’d say while the chance he spends a good chunk of time at center over the next two years is over 50%, it’s far from 100%. Short term, it is 100%.


Even when Montreal was trying Galchenyuk and Drouin at center, praying they'd succeed, they at least had guys like Danault and Plekanec. Columbus has absolutely nobody capable of being a 2nd liner. Jenner and Foligno (who only plays center in an emergency) are 3-4 years removed from being more than 3rd liners. Kevin Stenlund is the only prospect in the system that looks the least bit NHL ready at center. PLD is better than anyone Montreal had during those years, but Montreal always tended to have two decent 2nd line centers, while Columbus really only has one guy thanks to Wennberg turning into such a bust. 

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