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  1. Funny how games look different. Found Tourigny very interesting. Roy to me really felt above the rest the team. Meanwhile, I only noticed Smilanic when he was giving the puck over and Ortiz was particularly sketchy imo. Though I agree with everyone that Mailloux was all over the place.
  2. My idea wasn't them both at the point. Was to have a qb on the back with Souray with Caufield playing closer on the other side. Regardless I agree that having the traditional weber/Souray pp setup doesn't work. I just don't think that means a player with that shot isn't useful on the pp.
  3. Maybe if you had Souray on one side and a Caufield on the other. Then the d can't cheat as easy but you'd ideally want the point shot to be able to do a good seem pass. It's just about diversity of looks.
  4. Yeah, he may have a rough rookie year adjusting to the speed (as many dmen seem to).
  5. The whole bit about him not handling the puck well in his own end under pressure.. at the ohl level.. is a tad more of a concern I'd say. Considering he has more of a size and skating advantage there.
  6. In my mind... we really got a 2nd for Hoffmann unretained before the season even started! That is a huge win. Everything else is just gravy on top... Petry will get a return of some kind. Win there. DeSmith will either outplay Allen or get claimed on waivers. Pitlick was likely just going to sit in the A or get claimed off waivers too.
  7. I was oddly focused on rooting for him. Saw him in the Mem cup and loved his game. Bummed injuries have taken such a toll.
  8. You said you didn't understand why Hoffmann was targetted as much as he has. I just said some reasons people do. Felt your comment was a tad hyperbolic going with the 19 year old 😛
  9. It's not a 19 old Roy that he's taking a spot from. It's 23 Ylonen or 24 RHP. RHP probably will start the season in the AHL because of Hoffman existing. He'll need offensive minutes to boost value when one of these heading into their prime could prove themselves instead. He doesn't really help his teammates produce. He doesn't do anything on defense. Plays with the intensity of a slug. Basically just bad modelling for a player like Caufield who's best weapon is also his shot.
  10. Yes but we aren't contending and don't have contracts that will really test our cap. My point was people won't be hating on him too hard because it doesn't really matter. he will still work incredibly hard and be a great leader on the third line till he can't play anymore. Meanwhile guys like Armia and Hoffmann are overpaid, don't bring intangible elements, and are preventing young guys. I just hope we don't turn on Gally over his contract when we aren't even competing.
  11. Honestly... I don't know how much Gallagher's contract will actually impact us. We have like 6M free now... 10M next year... Cap goes up dramatically after that.. then by that point I imagine he's on ltir if we are being realistic.
  12. Or Terry Ryan... Man 90s was a rough time for Habs drafting Newfoundlanders in the 1st round!
  13. For what it's worth I heard on some podcast before the draft that he was someone they thought he had the 'steal of the draft' potential. Can't remember if the person saying it was someone whose opinion matters but yah. I'm also fine with the Reinbacher pick though 😛
  14. Also on Backlund.... I remember hearing that he really wanted the captaincy and that could be a deal breaker. Maybe he was told no?
  15. Toffoli was vocally a Sutter guy. Also Lucic was in talks to come back earlier then now told to talk to others. The Sutter guys are leaving. I expected Toffoli out. Backlund is a tough one for fans I'm sure but he probably just wants a shot to compete. Him leaving would likely be tied to Lindholm staying or not. I'm curious if Hanafin was a Sutter guy. Don't recall hearing anything but I think he was just priced out. It's just a bad combination at once.
  16. Can a team retain salary for part of a players contract? Like the first out of four years? Or is it all or nothing?
  17. I guess I meant... I wonder if they move these guys then flip what they get for guys with some term. Akin to what Vancouver did with the Horvat - hronek asset switcheroo
  18. So just for placing names in my head. Both of Fantili and Carlsson would go 1oa in the slafkovsky draft Would Smith be? Mitchkov is 1oa talent but non on-ice hockey issues for using a big pick on him.
  19. On Winnipeg. Lots of people are saying rebuild... But with Connor and Ehlers could they just be retooling on the fly?
  20. I agree. Just was curious if maybe Hughes would go for a guy he knows. We just don't know his tendencies yet.
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