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  1. Anyone have thoughts on Slaf? No special teams time limited his minutes or did he get bumped down to the line with Evans?
  2. So injuries to start the season as far as we know... Dadanov, Dvorak, Drouin, Anderson, Monaghan and Suzuki all game shape? Matheson day to day lower body injury Armia out 1-2 weeks Heineman thumb out 6 weeks Edmundson skated today no timeline yet Byron likely done Price done So we go in carrying two extra forwards for now?
  3. Mailloux is starting in London isn't he?
  4. I thought his injuries had crippled him?
  5. Hahaha no I just normally hear games played as the marker 😛
  6. No more nuance than that? No '20 games up he can't go down'? Just next year he can't eh?
  7. About Primeau, how close is he to losing waiver free status?
  8. Has Evans not been out played this preseason?
  9. Seeing Tatar with the two young Slovaks makes me hope the Habs can have a preseason game in Slovakia next year. Would mean alot to those two and from a team perspective be a good way to lock down a generation of young Slovak fans!
  10. I hadn't taken it seriously I just wanted to make it clear I didn't think Norlinder and Fairbrother would start the season with the Habs lol. Harris plays a more conservative game (I think) which will lend itself to making the team. Barron would benefit a ton from playing a big role in the AHL. He has missed alot of time. The season before the pandemic in the Q he had some blood clot issues.. then pandemic.. he needs games and minutes. He has offensive upside and should be encouraged to explore that. I feel his ceiling is higher than Harris.
  11. My comment was mainly tongue in cheek but on the actual pairings I think you'll see Matheson-Savard as the top pairing. Though I understand wanting a vet with the young guys.. Barron would die with Matheson as a partner.
  12. But that basically is our NHL defense this season 😛
  13. It's a shame that we don't have that arena culture here. Saw a preseason Mooseheads game which was full of UK navy guys off their boat. Was the loudest game id been to!
  14. Really didn't like that late hit by X in the Ottawa game. Hope he cleans up the dangerous stuff.
  15. I mean realistically the worst case scenario it's contract Armia. Which isn't the end of the world. Significantly more upside to it. So I'd say it's a sound bet.
  16. He's one player I don't see staying in the hockey world in any real capacity.
  17. He's not the long term answer for sure but as a likable low ego vet to help young goalies transition to be starter? Sure. It's hard to imagine he will get overpaid. Plus if the contracts too long... he goes on waivers and mediocre goalies are always getting claimed.
  18. I kinda wish capfriendly would just have a *assuming folks are on ltir* tab. Instead of having to go into armchair gm and move everything around.
  19. things I noticed with Hoffman's stats is he had the lowest Sh% of his career (minus his last year in Ottawa which... Let's just say he was distracted lol). Also he had the lowest offensive zone start time % of his career. Maybe we st Louis can change his usage a bit to up his value. Maybe a Drouin-???-Hoffman lineup and give them offensive zone starts?
  20. Considering his advanced stats indicate he is one of the worst passers in the league... Any improvement would likely help 😛 On GHT120's comment, I meant a one-timer is a possibly more approachable skill to improve through repetition than something like "defensive awareness" or passing/vision. Both major weaknesses of his that would require a lot of work. In my brain I was thinking him battling on the boards boards, passing it around the boards than drifting back out to the hashmarks. Just a play you could see happening every game. I'm not saying it would define his offensive strategy.
  21. I feel adding a one-timer wouldn't be the hardest dimension to add? I feel adding defense won't happen so might as well diversify his offensive threat in the cycle?
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